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A faulty production line


  • #GP news: BMA warns of 'secret' plans for severe cuts

    Lilly's comment 30 Jul 2017 9:38am

    As long as we keep busy with small local and national politics, the global ongoing financial crime will go on. Please watch "Conspiracy UK - The secret of Oz - discussing the concepts of money, debt and taxes" to understand why keeping us confused and busy talking about small politics including the fate of the NHS allows the crime to carry on. If we manage to focus on sorting just this one single issue which is of global importance involving global finance, all else will fall into place. There is a movement about this in Europe every weekend but media not interested in spreading the truth unfortunately. Also: Century of Enslavement is a good video to watch. We might then be able to save the NHS if we understand what we need to focus on first.

  • RCGP reviewing whether MRCGP exam is ‘fit for purpose’

    Lilly's comment 28 Jul 2017 11:26pm

    Does it really serve the patient safety principle to discard from training 100 doctors every year and then go round looking for non medical professionals to fill the gap? If anything, this seems to be the very purpose. Is CSA fit for it? It certainly is.

  • RCGP reviewing whether MRCGP exam is ‘fit for purpose’

    Lilly's comment 28 Jul 2017 10:34pm

    Well in the view of RCGP, EU doctors are obviously more suitable to practice straight away as they undertake a full 3 months period of training in a boot camp before joining. Fully trained doctors marked competent for licensing by RCGP trainers however are not, if they don't pass CSA. This says it all.

  • RCGP reviewing whether MRCGP exam is ‘fit for purpose’

    Lilly's comment 28 Jul 2017 6:35pm

    Well if non-medical professionals can practice but those who marginally failed CSA can't, what can possibly be considered as a reasonable purpose achieved by the system? How is the fitness for purpose going to be assessed we'll probably never find out. Hasn't RCGP quite clearly already failed it's purpose by all methods of measurement? Don't we already know what the result of this assessment is going to be? Oh well, it really looks like nobody is genuinely touched by any common sense. Failing MRCGP by 5 marks makes you incompetent to practice as a GP while non-medical professionals are sought after in order to put things right. Is this not in itself a system failure?

  • Fast-track training could salvage potential GPs 'lost to the profession' says GPC

    Lilly's comment 09 May 2017 5:33pm

    I have completed my 4 year GP training, as some programs are in Scotland, without obtaining CCT because of CSA failure; during the whole of this time I was commuting to the south coast of England where my husband lived. It felt emotionally disabling and draining and was consistently asked to demonstrate how I addressed my work-life imbalance and how I proved I was fit to practice, which I did manage to do without a problem; so I was marked competent for licensing in this and most other areas. I did feel trapped though somehow because every attempt to transfer was declined and my husband couldn't get a job in Scotland. I went through all 4 CSA attempts feeling somewhat halved - words cannot describe; on one occasion I was marked 70 out of 75 pass mark, on a day when I was also late due to a public transport disruption. Not in my full capacity to prove myself in exam that is sure. I asked permission from my deanery to reapply to training and was declined, not by anybody involved directly with my training and no reasons were given. I simply cannot understand why, when my trainer who for obvious reasons would be best fit to express opinions about my performance marks me competent for licensing and while he thinks that no more than 6 months of training would bring me to standard, why would I suddenly become unfit to even reapply to training? How can this be possible?