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Independents' Day

Le gow

  • Locum GPs forced to claim benefits as work dries up

    Le gow's comment 21 May 2020 3:57pm

    People are getting far too personal on here.

    Locums have to realise that their position inherently means there is no job security.

    Partners have to realise that locums were well paid with less work and of course they would stick with that.

    What I dislike is the entitled that some locums have that somehow the system owes them work. And the partners who feel that locums were taking advantage of partners. We're all adults here.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but RCGP isn't run by a cabal of government quislings

    Le gow's comment 26 Jun 2017 2:48pm

    The college needs to realistically assess why so many GPs are angry and losing faith.

    The college is hopelessly outdated and simply doesn't try and connect to the grassroots movements.

    Until I see the college doing more to engage on basic terms with their members (and more importantly, non members), I and many others will think of it as an ivory tower.

  • In his own words: Professor Steve Field

    Le gow's comment 07 May 2017 9:37pm

    "What tangible benefits have there been since the new GP inspection process was introduced?"


  • Stop denigrating GP locums, 'livid' GP leader tells NHS England

    Le gow's comment 05 Apr 2017 5:22pm

    there'll be a fundamental change to supply and demand when this legilsation comes in. I doubt it will stay for long.

  • What do I do if a patient forges a sick note?

    Le gow's comment 16 Nov 2016 9:37am

    Fraud is fraud.

    And worse, its directly involving you, your signature and your GMC number.

    This for me is an instant removal from list due to crime being perpetrated, fraudulent behaviour and breakdown in relationship.

    Any other response is not acceptable.

  • Private companies see profits double while NHS waiting lists increase

    Le gow's comment 30 Oct 2016 10:58pm

    Anonymous | Pharmacist27 Oct 2016 11:18am

    GPs privately funded, true.

    However they cannot charge renumeration at market rates nor set the terms and conditions of their own work. I'd call these two pretty essential for true private work.

  • A patient won’t see a ‘non-white’ GP

    Le gow's comment 19 Oct 2016 8:23pm

    not sure how "non judgemental" you can be in this situation.

    For whatever reason, a patient is requesting a different doctor due to the basis of skin colour.

    There is no good explanation that isn't fundamentally racist.

    My patients get an immediate off if that happens.

  • We need to teach GP trainees how to be partners

    Le gow's comment 19 Oct 2016 9:00am

    partnerships are learn on the job kind of things - it is very difficult to teach. There are so many aspects of it which represent not only knowledge but aptitude and attitude as well. You can dedicate an entire VTS training on it but it still wouldnt be enough

  • GPs told to refuse third party script orders in bid to cut medicines waste

    Le gow's comment 12 Oct 2016 7:49am

    good for the NHS, bad for GPs.

    sounds like most of our workload.

  • £500m savings plan set to shift workload to GPs amid trust merger

    Le gow's comment 12 Oct 2016 7:41am

    I completely understand the CCG's position.

    If there's an all you can eat buffet provided by someone else, why would you be willing to feed people yourself?

    Whether the GPs in the area will do something about it, that's a different question altogether.

  • Jeremy Hunt 'wants to boost GP morale by awarding more gongs'

    Le gow's comment 08 Oct 2016 11:06am

    As Napoleon once said

    "A man does not have himself killed for a half-pence a day or for a petty distinction. You must speak to the soul in order to electrify him"

    So I'm delighted to hear that Jeremy Hunt is proving his worth yet again with another excellent suggestion. A gong... I'm sure that'll more than compensate for another 12,000 GPs.

  • Partners faced with £800,000 potential liability following practice closure

    Le gow's comment 04 Aug 2016 4:46pm

    Anonymous | NHS Manager04 Aug 2016 2:02pm

    a one sided view of notional rent.

    dont forget that for many years in the 80s the interest rates on mortgages went as high as 15%. A notional rent these days only seems economically viable due to the ridiculously low interest rates. Property was not always destined to rise in value and no one could have forseen the house price boom of the 90s and 00s.

    It makes perfect sense that if you want GPs to work along the contractual basis that they do now (capitation per person), you should make provisions for the premise that they operate from. Given the above, the notional rent is a reasonable option and allows thrifty GPs to make some profit by being sensible with their buildings management. Otherwise NHS England should just nationalise all GP premises and look after them fully. NHSE cannot have it both ways.

  • Farewell UK, I am beginning afresh

    Le gow's comment 08 Jul 2016 4:26pm

    sad to hear but good luck.

    many of us may yet join you....

  • Brexit is the only solution

    Le gow's comment 22 Jun 2016 4:04pm

    I completely disagree.

    none of the issues you've mentioned, Zishan, have anything to do with the EU!

    the issues with the NHS, introduction of CQC, budget austerity, cuts to social care, poorly thought through workforce planning and increasing workload dump on primary care are the responsibility of the reigning government and no one else.

    Leaving the EU will make any difference to the above, and may in fact, make things worse due to the impending economic shock.

    An argument that Hunt and Wollaston as people that we dislike are for remain, therefore we should brexit - is simply not an effective one. Don't forget that Boris Johnson made a very scathing attack on Junior doctors in the spectator during the peak of the JD strikes, and Gove is the original architect of the tough inspector regime, demoralise and then privatise.

    Finally immigration works both ways. As an immigrant myself, as well my EU wife (also a GP) with 36% of the NHS medical workforce immigrants too, I cannot help but feel the "abuse" of our welfare state is simply incomparable to the advantages from immigration.

    Dont forget that the MAJORITY of the UK's immigration comes from OUTSIDE of the EU, and that at within the EU we have mechanisms to recuperate costs from the countries.

  • What should Pulse do about anonymous comments?

    Le gow's comment 21 Jun 2016 3:41pm

    Peter - with a username system there is nothing stopping you from sharing your real name either as part of the username or in your biography or part of your signature

  • What should Pulse do about anonymous comments?

    Le gow's comment 21 Jun 2016 2:29pm

    definitely should have a system where anonymity can be guaranteed, but a continuity of debate could be had - eg a username system, like that in the Guardian BTL comments or something like Disqus

    I would also like to see an overhaul of the comments system so that we could make specific replies to people or have discussion threads.

    It would help to have some kind of internal reputation system too.

    Just having "anonymous" seems to be a bit too easy for pointless flame wars, eg in the latest "partners vs locums" discussion

  • Brexit could spell disaster for general practice

    Le gow's comment 21 Jun 2016 10:05am

    Ismat - I dont remember voting for David Cameron or Jeremy Hunt. I dont remember voting for Simon Stevens, or any of the thousands of civil servants in the country looking after some of the most important assets - bank of england, the army, the transport network etc.

    These people are hired usually on some kind of merit based scheme. If we had a civil service based on popularity then we're all screwed!

  • Revealed: The only region in Britain where GP workload is 'manageable'

    Le gow's comment 17 Jun 2016 5:52pm

    this partner vs locum debate always seems to degenerate into insults. Its kind of petty.

    The average partner earns around 100k, and these figures are taken from NHSE database.

    After superannuation and so one, the amount is significantly less. Of course there are many part timed partners. I would still think locums do not so bad.

    However the ability to come home and help my baby go to bed outweighs any potential monetary advantage partnership may offer me, coupled with the incredible amount of stress and personal financial risk involved.

  • Brexit could spell disaster for general practice

    Le gow's comment 17 Jun 2016 3:15pm

    Anonymous | GP Partner17 Jun 2016 2:41pm

    I agree it is hard to predict, but your last spiel sounds dangerously like an advert for UKIP.

    the EU is responsible for about 50% of our trade.

    you are either in the single market or you're not.

    If you want to retain the single market, you have to accept EU laws and pay to be part of it - Norway is out of the EU and in the single market, still has to adopt vast majority of EU laws AND pays more per capita than we do towards EU contributions. And interestingly, Norway has to abide to free movement to worker rules too.

    Furthermore you talk about the right of our elected govt to spend money on whatever. Im sorry, but have you seen the elected govt and their attitude towards healthcare? The EU at least provides protection for worker's rights, for junior doctors hours and so on.

    Soverignty is one thing, but shooting yourself in the foot is another.

  • NHS workers asked to walk or bike to work to cut carbon footprint

    Le gow's comment 16 Jun 2016 2:37pm

    I think the NHS managers are doing a fabulous job reducing the carbon footprint.

    After all, there's nothing more effective in reducing the footprint in the UK than driving all the docs and nurses abroad.