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A faulty production line

Hayley Johnson

  • BMA 'considering all options' in response to junior doctor contract imposition

    Hayley Johnson's comment 11 Feb 2016 4:59pm

    "Joe McGilligan11 Feb 2016 3:29pm

    Why is no-one asking the question who in their right minds rejects a 13.5% pay rise?? "

    Because this is fundamentally not about pay. Its about patient safety. Its about not allowing a clueless government implement pointless changes that will harm patients. They could be offering a 400% pay rise, and this 7 day NHS would still be problematic if its going to be implemented on a shoestring, without proper planning, and without a good basis in reality.

  • GP contraceptive services cut as councils target public health budgets

    Hayley Johnson's comment 10 Feb 2016 1:32pm

    It always makes me sigh when fellow pharmacists turn up here with the us vs them attitude, and vice versa.

    It should be clear to anyone with any common sense that cost cutting measures like these aren't going to end well in the long term. Frankly anything that impacts primary care is all of our concern, regardless of what profession we're in.

    The less energy we expend in-fighting, the more we have left over to direct where it is needed.

  • Pharmacies ‘discouraging’ patients from GP flu jabs

    Hayley Johnson's comment 14 Oct 2015 4:57pm

    Well, this is awkward. Because we have Pulse, here claiming one thing, and C+D over there claiming the opposite.

    Is it maybe possible that certain individual pharmacies AND certain individual practices are up to no good, but such a minority of both doesn't represent the wider profession of either.

    Is it also possible that everyone stops throwing anger and accusations at each other and instead starts throwing it higher up the food chain to where the actual blame lies.

    It's in the government's best interests to have warring factions, as it distracts from what's really going on here. In the current climate, we need to be standing together, not being manipulated into this petty to-ing and fro-ing.

    We're squabbling away, and it's exactly where they want us.

  • NHS offering £50k per year for US physician associates to practise in underdoctored areas

    Hayley Johnson's comment 28 Aug 2015 3:59pm

    I'm completely confused by the PA role if I'm honest. Surely GP-lite supporting roles are better fulfilled by pre-existing, regulated HCP roles (nurses, pharmacists etc).

  • Pharmacy care saved hundreds of GP consultations a month

    Hayley Johnson's comment 12 Aug 2015 4:43pm

    "They are very black and white and don't understand the grey areas in medicine."

    Any evidence for this statement, or is it purely stereotyping?

    I'd suggest that we have a very good understanding of the grey areas, as well as an understanding of how constrained we are by licensing, funding etc. A properly funded, well organised minor ailments scheme should and could be an amazing asset to any primary care scenario. Sadly, negotiations for a national minor ailments service have been quietly dropped.

    This us vs them attitude is extremely unhelpful. Whilst I'd encourage skepticism at every opportunity, it's plain old, begrudging cynicism that I see here. For every "ooh that mean pharmacist sold one of my patients a cough bottle that didn't work" I could reel off a million bad GP stories, but that would get us absolutely nowhere.

    So, emotions to one side, and let's bring in the evidence.

  • 3% of callers received NHS 111 error messages due to high demand

    Hayley Johnson's comment 19 Jan 2015 2:43pm

    "at least 1000 calls" doesn't sound like a "very small number" to me.

  • Younger adults ‘less satisfied with GP services’

    Hayley Johnson's comment 23 Dec 2014 2:36pm

    Anon @ 2:05pm

    "People who can't get appointments are just people who can't wake up at the appropriate time, and stay on hold until they get through."

    Umm. At the time I had problems getting appointments, I was getting up at 4:30am and returning home at 12:30pm...

    My main problem with my surgery at the time was non-urgent, but important, appointments. Same day appointments are great if you can rush off to one at the drop of a hat, but not if you need to find a locum to cover your absence.

  • Younger adults ‘less satisfied with GP services’

    Hayley Johnson's comment 23 Dec 2014 10:41am

    Anon @2:52pm

    The problem with this is that you're not always acutely ill when you need an appointment. Cervical screens, contraception, reviews etc.

    As a pharmacist, I used to work 12-16 hour shifts (Mon-Sat) in a 100 hour pharmacy. If I needed an appointment, I needed to arrange locum cover with plenty of advance warning. My surgery at the time (open Mon-Fri 9-5, closed Wed afternoons) refused to allow arranging appointments in advance. This made it virtually impossible for me to actually manage to see my GP, ever.

    Luckily I have a job with better hours now, and a much more flexible practice. Unfortunately not everyone has the ability to leave work for an appointment whenever it suits them, with very little notice.

  • NHS England orders practice to stop sending leaflet detailing GP workload pressures

    Hayley Johnson's comment 03 Dec 2014 11:07am

    I can't see what the difference is between this leaflet and NHSE- endorsed schemes encouraging people to see their pharmacist, MIU etc...

    Except for that this leaflet explains the reasons why the problems occur, and implies that it may partly be NHSE's fault.

    Cynical of them, then, to demand that it is not used. Its okay when its their idea, but if its someone else's initiative, and it paints them in a honest light...

  • GPs struggling to tackle weight loss issues with patients

    Hayley Johnson's comment 26 Nov 2014 11:14am

    Lorna- i wish you were my GP. What a wonderful attitude :)

  • GPs must find an alternative to CQC inspections - or watch their colleagues walk

    Hayley Johnson's comment 21 Nov 2014 1:59pm

    I completely agree that "patient satisfaction" may be completely unreliable when it comes to rating a health care professional's efficacy. What of the patients who trot in wanting antibiotics for a viral infection, and leave feeling annoyed for not getting them?

    Often a good health care professional will make decisions that are directly at odds with the patient's intentions (probably helped along by Dr Google and the Daily Mail). Patients can have a quite skewed idea of risk, and merrily demand things that would be unsafe for them, then proceed to be annoyed.

  • Letter: Copperfield, the NHS needs pharmacists

    Hayley Johnson's comment 14 Aug 2014 5:48pm

    Shurleea Harding:

    I trust you have evidence to back up your claim that there have "been far far too many reports of abuse." as compared to GPs.

    All pharmacies will have in place a chaperone policy.

  • Paracetamol ‘no better than placebo’ for acute low-back pain, claim researchers

    Hayley Johnson's comment 25 Jul 2014 4:39pm

    Steve Scrutton:

    I agree with anonymous's previous comment: it seems rather ironic for a practising homeopath to wonder how something could possibly be used in advance of robust evidence.

    There is, at least, prior plausibility that paracetamol may work as an analgesic, given it does actually at least contain paracetamol. You know, of the sort that can work on the real life prostaglandins that science has proved exist. Seems a lot more robust to me than using sugar and water and hoping that all of physics and science are wrong just to prove homeopathy right.

  • GP to sort? I don’t think so

    Hayley Johnson's comment 17 Jul 2014 1:37pm

    oh, the tales of woe I could tell of the vast communication gulf between the GP and pharmacist.

  • Practices to provide phone access even when closed for training under NHS England revamp

    Hayley Johnson's comment 17 Jun 2014 1:15pm

    I've never known a pharmacy to close for training days....

  • What not to do - dermatology

    Hayley Johnson's comment 11 Jun 2014 5:34pm

    Hmm. The advice for avoiding aqueous cream is partially based on a study including six people with healthy skin. tenuous at best.

  • RCGP hits back at GP 'four-hour lunch' claims

    Hayley Johnson's comment 10 Jun 2014 3:36pm

    Speaking as a pharmacist who used to regularly work 16 hour shifts with no break (and not even a desk to sit at to hastily eat a sandwich), I can sympathize with GPs who are working long hours. I always greatly envied the ability of my surgery to have "training days" etc- If I ever needed a Drs appointment, or to leave the pharmacy for a meeting, or was even sick, I had to make sure that I knew in plenty of time to be able to arrange a locum.

  • Mr Hunt, why have you let so many NHS GPs burn out, retire or emigrate?

    Hayley Johnson's comment 30 May 2014 4:01pm

    Beautifully written. Sadly the same could well be said for the pharmacy profession too, as well most staffing groups in the NHS, I suspect.