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Hannah Basson

  • 'I, Daniel Blake' accurately portrays what we see in our consulting rooms

    Hannah Basson's comment 26 Nov 2016 8:29pm

    Although I had already read comments from people saying the film was so true to life, I was still shocked to hear so many crib-sheet lines from JC+ workers that I had heard quoted by patients so very often. The film really was like the stories I hear in real life.
    I think the most common comment I hear is how humiliating patients find the whole ordeal, patients of all backgrounds and walks of life. And they all feel it is deliberate, to grind them down in to backing off and giving up

  • GPC advises registrars not to practise due to Capita performers list error

    Hannah Basson's comment 14 Sep 2016 10:27am
    follows fast on the heels of their
    Delivering NHS Paperless Digital Systems conference

  • GPs told to refer patients to private sector in bid to cut local trust’s waiting times

    Hannah Basson's comment 19 Aug 2016 8:15pm

    In addition ... not to refer any patients at all to eight specific specialties ‘for the next three months in the first instance’.

    The eight specialties with a complete bar ..... and rheumatology.

    So what of Standards re referral time??

  • GPs must put protocols in their proper place

    Hannah Basson's comment 27 Mar 2016 7:26pm

    simple objective tools are being increasingly introduced. They are testing ground for apps instead of real GP

  • Junior doctors to withdraw emergency care in escalation of action

    Hannah Basson's comment 23 Mar 2016 6:16pm

    6.05 thank for stating what many of us have saying all the time. Now get patients to watch the amazing Philippa Whitford explain all in terms easy enough for the govt even to understand

  • Junior doctors to withdraw emergency care in escalation of action

    Hannah Basson's comment 23 Mar 2016 5:28pm

    will consultants cover? will that not be safer? less tired staff?

  • Budget for seven-day GP access doubled to £750m, announces Treasury

    Hannah Basson's comment 25 Nov 2015 3:39pm

    1. Sundays won't get the uptake. Evening and Saturday clinics have fallen by the wayside in OP AHP clinics due to poor up-take in the past. Imaging up-take on Sundays does seem to work. Looks like patients will attend appt's that are limited in time and thinking, but with consultations they want proper week days.
    2. Beware of ISTC-style goings ons here. If GPs don't make this work, you can bet the private sector are waiting in the wings to divert NHS cash away from the already-set up practices. ISTCs were a clever way of wasting money whilst ensuring the public didn't notice further privatisation.
    3. 7/7 surgeries are not for the benefit of the patient. There are a number of other ways to ensure patients can be seen any time. This is about employers. I have noticed a reduction in the numbers of patients being allowed paid (or any) time from work for appt's. A growing number feeling so work-insecure, they daren't even mention ill-health.
    In conclusion - GPs are being set up

  • Why I think shared medical appointments will work in the UK

    Hannah Basson's comment 11 Nov 2015 7:18pm

    This sort of stuff already happened some years back with newly diagnosed diabetics and rheumatology patients etc - but with a mix of health professionals - what was missing was the GP!! Happening lees with trusts not releasing their reducing numbers to do 'non clinical' ventures and with professionals all working for fragmented trusts/companies etc..
    Perhaps could use GP app - lots of folk staring at a wall with GP app being screened on it, taking questions. Dr App could treat them all like cattle of the same breed with the same, limited, issues. Rather like the govt treats patients now. A robot could go up and down the aisles doing BP's and cholesterol checks and hand out vouchers for gym classes and boring food. the App presentation could be interspersed with ad's from vaccine co's and HMOs.
    Oh no, wait, that is what's going to happen

  • Practices forced to repel CCG’s push for hospital takeover

    Hannah Basson's comment 11 Nov 2015 1:35pm

    Sanjeev Juneja, you wrote "Glad they can't auction England to private providers"
    They already are - via TTIP -

  • Can Jeremy Corbyn save the NHS?

    Hannah Basson's comment 16 Sep 2015 8:50pm

    Not sure its an absolute 'no'. But close.
    Cant repeal the 2012 Act - not possible with all the secondary legislation.
    JC has, however, put his name to more reasonable, more pragmatic and much cheaper-to-enact Pollock NHS Bill.
    Heidi Alexander is an unknown quantity but has experience in the Lewisham campaign.
    Blair accelerated privatisation but internal market was introduced under Major - God I remember the day almost! Bloody computer codes and reducing patients to 'episodes of care'. Blair did introduce ISTCs though and , no, they did not improve waiting times - that was the money put in to the system that did that. The stats showing ISTC take-up were of ALL private care and included imaging and all the services that the NHS has always contracted in. What ISTCs did was subtly introduce the concept of tax-funded private provision. This was part of rolling programme of bringing in insurance-based system as per 1982 National Archives document from Cabinet office of 'Longer Term Options'.
    I recommend it as a rather unsettling bedtime read - its not that long and includes other delights such as plans for education.
    Perhaps then you may find a link between academies and FT status!
    Perhaps I'm cynical and been in NHS too long

  • ‘Any system that helps GPs to reflect on their level of antibiotic prescribing is helpful’

    Hannah Basson's comment 21 Aug 2015 2:28pm

    Nicely done, NICE. Simultaneously deflecting the public's increasing concern over how meat is produced so cheaply whilst undermining general practice.

  • Practices suffering 'significant and unpredictable' disruption due to privatisation of support services

    Hannah Basson's comment 13 Aug 2015 7:39pm

    Ah yes, Capita, 'the Ninja privatisers you've never heard of'.

  • Personal health budgets scheme forces mental health centre closure

    Hannah Basson's comment 12 Aug 2015 8:55pm

    Colin Leys, April 2013: "Aside from whether patients welcome the cash payments there are wider issues that need addressing, namely whether the scheme strips cash from the NHS and so weakens the service for others; will it be a subsidy for private care; and who steps in if the money is spent before the year is up?"
    Open Democracy article
    Wake up and smell the coffee

  • It's do or die for the health service

    Hannah Basson's comment 08 Aug 2015 5:32pm

    "The obvious conclusion in the face of the refusal of government to invest enough resource to meet its own definition of reasonable demand is that our politicians must begin a debate with the public about curbing that demand"
    Or how about a discussion on the £billions wasted each year running the artificial market place inside the NHS that govt's have built upon and upon over the last few decades in order to do away with a national system altogether? All that has happened, including the media and govt misrepresentation of GP surgeries and other services to alter the perception of health and how it should be managed, was laid out in govt committee papers in 1982.

  • Hospital-based GP practice begins attracting patients with long-term conditions

    Hannah Basson's comment 04 Aug 2015 8:11pm

    Yes, it does seem rather good. However, it is also important to remain slightly cynical; setting up GP surgeries attached to hospitals where this is a high likelihood that patients needing a specialist will be seen at that location (ie working against the secondary legislation of Health Act law which promotes competition) is another step toward an Americanised system where the patient goes straight to the hospital and there is no family practice.

  • GPs and consultants unite to show health secretary NHS already runs seven-day service

    Hannah Basson's comment 20 Jul 2015 7:35pm

    1. NHS still one of most efficient in developed world by cost per capita and by % GDP
    2. That's your perception - mine is an increase in folk not getting right treatment right time due to reduction of sister services eg adult soc care, mental health etc.
    Changes to how pt's reach A&E are the reason for A&E issues, not the patients. Media of course highlight the usual suspects until they seem like the norm.
    3. as above

  • GPs need a radical new union

    Hannah Basson's comment 04 Jul 2015 11:00am


  • Capita to be sole provider of GP support services

    Hannah Basson's comment 23 Jun 2015 6:30pm

    Wow, considering who they have vested financial interests with, is this not a giant conflict of interest?!
    Plenty of doom and gloom on Open Democracy's OurNHS.
    Am considering going back into head-in-sand mode for next ten years.
    Tell me when it's all over

  • Should I report a patient I suspect of benefits fraud?

    Hannah Basson's comment 17 Jun 2015 9:27pm

    Do you think it is okay to grass someone up for benefit fraud but sit back and say nothing about the billions in tax avoidance by companies we direct patients to running ISTCs and pharmacies and children's services.............?

  • Five things I learnt when a car crashed into my surgery

    Hannah Basson's comment 13 May 2015 8:21pm

    ...and I thought this was going to be my local surgery!

    Must be something in the air!