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Barry Moyse

  • Jeremy Hunt reappointed as health secretary

    Barry Moyse's comment 12 Jun 2017 12:10pm

    Who is Labour's shadow health secretary again?

  • More than a quarter of GPs work beyond safe hours every week

    Barry Moyse's comment 17 Jan 2017 10:18am

    I'm a hated part-time GP that's ruining the NHS. I work "full time" hours as a 3/4 partner.

  • GPs told to stop prescribing for minor illnesses

    Barry Moyse's comment 23 Nov 2016 3:50pm

    And I think it's funny (or would be if it were not so tragic) that governments have spent 30 years infantilising the public (if in doubt see your doctor) but now suddenly expect everyone to look after themselves. Yesterday I had to speak to a lady who'd done her bit and gone to the pharmacist. She'd been sold some ranitidine and then read the leaflet which said "no not take if you are diabetic without consulting your GP" which she duly did. The pharmacist had not asked about other medication or conditions.

  • GPs told to stop prescribing for minor illnesses

    Barry Moyse's comment 23 Nov 2016 3:45pm

    I am a GP in Somerset and know, like and respect Ed Ford. All this means is that the GP-dominated CCG board has agreed with the PAMM committee which has GPs on it to remove certain medications from the CCG formulary. There is nothing about GPs being told not to prescribe if they think it valid and appropriate. Other posters are correct: if they are serious about this certain drugs should be black listed as Prescription medicines but HMG have not the guts preferring that we carry the can. The minister, in the recent Westminster Hall debate on gluten-free products, during which not a single MP agreed with the changes, was mealy mouthed about the need to save money but concerned about a "post code lottery" and promised to investigate and report back to the House in six months. Great support there.

  • Save GPs left as 'last man standing', GPC tells NHS

    Barry Moyse's comment 22 Nov 2016 1:47pm

    Regarding our friendly pharmacist saying that GPs were happy to take the profits on state-reimbursed mortgages, I am afraid that he or she is on the money. Our much respected (now retired) NHSE CEO said at a study day before he went: "the DH will remember the good times for premises." NHSE will not take on leases but vanguards, ACOs, acute and community trusts are doing so. It's all part of the plan.

  • Vulnerable GP practices have received less than half of £10m support fund

    Barry Moyse's comment 18 Nov 2016 12:59pm

    It's all part of the plan. As an NHSE manager said at one of the GPFV roadshows down here, "It's not about shoring up practices to carry on." What can be seen about some of the funding streams is that the lion's share is to employ change managers and to have meetings. We need more meetings in the NHS.

  • Practices to pay £23 pensions 'admin fee' per employee

    Barry Moyse's comment 10 Nov 2016 4:52pm

    But folks, the fee is expected to drop year on year owing to "efficiency savings" at NHSPA. There will be advantages too, giving us greater ownership of a system we now have to pay for. What could possibly go wrong with that? However if we really don't like it I am sure if we all make reasonable responses though the consultation exercise the DH will weigh up our views and change their minds. After all, that's what NHS consultations are all about, isn't it? I must go now, it's getting dark and I have to put the landing lights on for the pigs.

  • NHS managers 'exploring' GPC plans for 15-minute appointments

    Barry Moyse's comment 28 Sep 2016 3:49pm

    Just moved to a partnership with a well established 15 min appointment system. It is wonderful after 24 years of 10 min appts and, when I first started, 5 mins (although that job lasted 3 months before my moaning got me unceremoniously sacked). They will (partly) fund hubs because they want trad partnerships to fail hence the drive for "scale and pace" - never liked them much, nor Cannon and Ball either.

  • Hunt brushes off concerns around GP mass resignation

    Barry Moyse's comment 22 Jun 2016 5:25pm

    "The GP Forward View we announced does indeed announce and involve a multibillion-pound increase in investment in general practice, and an increase in the proportion of NHS resources going to general practice."
    Over the whole country, over five years, "backloaded" to 2019/20 (election year) and if you believe in it at all. None will come to practices except where it supports working a scale and MCPs. NHSE have spoken about there being fewer "delivery points" for primary care and have no interest in "saving" practices that stand in the way of the new tomorrow. This will of course turn out to be less effective, more expensive and offer a worse service. Thank goodness things are getting better and better every day!

  • Four practices set to close leaving 10,000 patients displaced

    Barry Moyse's comment 07 Jun 2016 3:53pm

    Conspiracy theories abound. I doubt that NHSE are planning these closures, but if that's the way it is, so be it. From their perspective it simply clears away the dead wood to allow new, exciting ways of working. They'll let us know what they are when someone else has worked it out. There will be no rescues. Why rescue something that's in your way?

  • GPs should initiate gender dysphoria hormones in 'exceptional circumstances'

    Barry Moyse's comment 01 Jun 2016 12:31pm

    But Dr Dickson said that 'this principal' cannot 'be a bar to doctors taking on new responsibilities or treating unfamiliar conditions'.
    Shouldn't that be "principle"?

  • QOF has led to no significant improvement in mortality rates, says study

    Barry Moyse's comment 18 May 2016 11:01am

    No effect on mortality? Not surprised. We all die eventually.

  • 16,000 patient practice on short-term contract as six APMS providers pull out

    Barry Moyse's comment 06 May 2016 10:30am

    Louise Patten, chief officer of NHS Aylesbury Vale CCG said that the retirement of the contract ‘was a chance to commission a service that is more aligned with the Five Year Forward View.’
    Precisely: they want trad GP to die whatever they say about "jewels in the crown."

  • Two-thirds of GP appointments 'don't need a doctor'

    Barry Moyse's comment 12 Apr 2016 12:03pm

    Apparently "£1.1 billion could be saved" if the urgent care work of super-practices like Lakeside Healthcare in Northants was applied across England. Each urgent consultation there is 1/3 the cost of an ED visit. How many more times? You would only "save" real money if you closed or downsized all the EDs. And as if that's going to happen!

  • Two-thirds of GP appointments 'don't need a doctor'

    Barry Moyse's comment 12 Apr 2016 10:49am

    And who comes with one problem these days? Yesterday a man of 33 asked about his cough and sore throat (for 3 days), asked for his BP to be checked, told me about his bad back (for 3 years), showed me a seborrhoeic keratosis and asked for a diabetes check (strong FH). He was utterly unapologetic to attempt all of this in 10 mins - why should he be? I managed it in 15 mins because I've been around for 30 years. Good luck to the noctors.

  • GPs retiring early due to pension pots limits, says NHS England official

    Barry Moyse's comment 01 Mar 2016 10:39am

    Is NHSE so thick that they don't see that decreasing pension pots, reducing tax relief, increasing MDO premiums and CQC fees let alone all the other nonsense is actively encouraging older GPs to quit? Either they know full well and are lying or genuinely don't understand what is so obvious. Which is the scariest of these? A friend of mine was a firefighter for 30 years and told me that, towards the end, he and his cohort felt they were just regarded as a nuisance. At nearly 54 I feel the same way.

  • GPs to be trained in 'leadership' and redesigning services

    Barry Moyse's comment 23 Feb 2016 11:17am

    "Former GP Dr Angus Cameron led the development of the strategy."

    Says it all.

  • GP indemnity fees spiral out of control with 26% rise last year

    Barry Moyse's comment 22 Jan 2016 2:01pm

    Has anyone else noticed a trend? Centrally managed FPS making cash flow erratic, expenses higher, profits down, spiraling MDO fees, seniority withering away, CQC costs to be paid for by increasing our fees, pension pot limits and probably tax relief to be cut for higher earners. No brake on workload. I reckon Mr Hunt wonders why so many of us are still here?

  • Practices face £35k funding swings as NHS reviews funding for deprived areas

    Barry Moyse's comment 22 Dec 2015 10:47am

    The idea that CCGs is deprived areas will gain from those in more affluent ones is all very well. However in Somerset, bound to be considered a nice place to live (although practices are having trouble recruiting) we have pockets of deprivation equal to anything elsewhere. My present practice is in the drugs, alcohol and mental health centre of town for example. The nearest I have experienced to it was working in Thamesmead in the 1980s. My point is that CCG areas are not homogeneous.

  • GP or parent? The days of mollycoddling our patients must end

    Barry Moyse's comment 22 Aug 2015 2:27pm

    @4.44 yesterday. If it was all so good in the 1940s why did Nye resign when the Attlee govt had to introduce charges for spectacles and teeth just a few years in to the NHS. My mother said "people went mad" because it was free. Less snobbery about grocers and their daughters too!