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Gold, incentives and meh


  • RCGP withdraws invitation for Julia Hartley-Brewer to speak at conference

    Derbydoc's comment 31 May 2019 11:03pm

    To "lifeboat" and "Yorkshire GP". I followed your lead. Membership cancellation email sent.

  • GP partners in premises lease dispute told they can’t close branch practice

    Derbydoc's comment 27 Oct 2018 9:38am

    Obiwan, definitely agree. The welsh boards are finding that gms practices are cheaper to run than when they run them so it's in their interest to be a little less dictatorial. Maybe they should provide the surgery with an cheap loan so they can purchase their own property. This is the problem again for gms partner surgeries - monopoly contract; we take all the business risk but have little autonomy.

  • Brexit prompts RCGP to take legal advice regarding political impartiality

    Derbydoc's comment 06 Oct 2018 8:47pm

    I couldn't agree with AlanAlmond more. RCGP has absolutely no place to be even promoting a second referendum. Democracy has spoken. Maybe we should have another vote on Dr Stokes-lampards job. She wae awful as treasurer and is equally as awful now. I didn't vote for her so by her definition of democracy the members should get another vote.
    If they do take a stance then i look forward to saving £400 quid a year when i tell them where to stick their dictatorship agenda.

  • Pharmacists want to be able to swap GP-prescribed drugs for generics

    Derbydoc's comment 01 Oct 2018 8:47am

    I couldnt agree more with Khalid (30 Sept 5.55).
    Excellent points. Independent pharmacies struggle as it is so the last thing we need is more power for the corporations.
    I prescribe generically when i can but I do not want someone else having the automatic right to change my prescription.
    I suspect our actual face-to-face pharmacists would not relish all the extra burden when we have to send patients back to discuss their generic drugs; they are busy enough as it is.
    It's clearly all about money. I maintain that if I want my patient to have cerelle then cerelle should be what is dispensed. As we know prescribing isn't just about a drug it's about the consultation preceding it. So if i prescribe non-generic then there is ususlly a reason for it. I like the idea of the "no generic" tick box.

  • Perhaps the GMC should perform a self-examination?

    Derbydoc's comment 15 Mar 2018 4:56pm

    Has anyone ever noticed that the GMC's rhetoric has a very similar flavour to Vladimir Putin's. Their statements are always laced with threatening and sinister inferences.

  • #GPnews: Men financially incentivised to study to become nurses

    Derbydoc's comment 21 Aug 2017 7:38am

    Typo noted. Sorry.
    Nude = nurse
    (Predictive text and small iPhone screen to blame)

  • #GPnews: Men financially incentivised to study to become nurses

    Derbydoc's comment 19 Aug 2017 7:58pm

    I would say to any male thinking of training to be a nurse "don't do
    It". The blatant bullying against men in nursing is well documented. PhD's have been done on it.
    I remember one of my "mentors" proudly exclaiming that she hadn't opened a text book since she qualified. I remember another nurse virtually accusing an male who wants to be a children's nude of having paeeophilic tendencies - I kid you not. My worst day ever as a Dr was still not as bad as the average day as a nurse.