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Stupidity has many names

  • NHS England will fund new GP care home service and Covid absence locum cover

    Stupidity has many names's comment 07 May 2020 7:36pm

    Sounds like a primary school project and not fit for primary care. No details no time line no guarantees and no details as always. Well done NHSE. you will find practices lining up for this windfall. Thankyou.

  • NHS England outlines GP practice Easter opening requirements

    Stupidity has many names's comment 09 Apr 2020 8:32am

    I know that money should not be on our mind at this moment of national health crisis but our good will keeps getting tested. The money offered is a slap on the face. This is not even covering the cost of locum and all admin staff demanding double the rate for working BH. This is a total disgrace.
    I would rather throw this money at the face of NHSE and do a free charity work this BH to feel much better then getting this useless money being thrown in the begging bowl.

  • Hospital doctors should write directly to patients rather than GPs, says new guidance

    Stupidity has many names's comment 05 Sep 2018 4:02pm

    What a cracker of an noval idea when I have been fighting for the same with my local hospital and the CCG to do just the same.
    Just because the royal colleges NOW have had a light bulb moment it has become a good medical practice and a brilliant thing.
    This should have been happening for the last 5 years already and not only Now.

  • MPs to debate bill allowing GPs to charge patients for appointments

    Stupidity has many names's comment 05 Sep 2018 8:37am

    Top GPs??? Who are they
    They just have look at the health systems in other countries in Europe where there is different funding arrangements and co-payments to realise the quality of service, and the overall outcome of chronic diseases, cancer survival are all far better than the NHS.

  • GPs defending patient complaints to be asked which guidelines they followed

    Stupidity has many names's comment 02 Sep 2018 11:26am

    Those on the right side of the age spectrum are already leaving in droves and those on the other end are retiring early that says it all. The ones in the middle are in the fix to face the Rot. I can not understand what is the obsession with the doctors that the whole country is hell bent to destroy it with out realising that at the end of the day the demise of the NHS is to the detriment of all. Young intelegent and those with aspirations are catching the plane for a respectable job elsewhere.

  • Full-time GP numbers down by over 500 in just three months

    Stupidity has many names's comment 23 Aug 2018 10:06pm

    I agree with everything said above.
    Politics have ruined the NHS.
    With regards to the CQC, I once said that the inspection are mockery and put huge pressure in the GP surgeries in time effort and mental harassment.

  • Reaction: Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba reinstated to the medical register

    Stupidity has many names's comment 15 Aug 2018 8:43am

    Time for the Heads to role at the top of GMC. The whole leadership must resign to gain the professions confidence. After all if we make error of judgement or worse a mistake we are hung high and dry by the GMC. So the GMC leadership should lead by example and resign.
    It is now time to debate publicly funded GMC.
    The current toxic work environment and increasing scrutiny and sanctions on the doctors is making all to work defensively and live in fear of complaints and investigations.
    It can not be an environment to develop and culture professionalism where one has to constantly watch their back for fear of complaints, mistakes etc.
    We certainly can not be the fall guy for the system failure and organisational failings. It’s time that the managers at CCG Hospitals should be held accountable for poor decisions.
    Finally BMA has to get behind the profession and not simply be a hogwash.

  • Appeals court rules in favour of Bawa-Garba appeal

    Stupidity has many names's comment 14 Aug 2018 8:34am

    I am so glad that the justice has been served but it came as result of huge uproar with in the medical profession and caused a lot of anguish and suffering to dr BG.
    There is a fundamental problem with the role played by the GMC. While the GMC claims its role is to protect the patients it is not doing exactly that. If the whole system is unsafe and rotten then just picking the easy pray to hang them dry is absolutely cowardly and disgraceful. GMC should have balls to hold any hospital responsible and shut down the services if deemed unsafe to stop any mishap from unsafe practices such as in this case one doctor doing the job of 4 with no support on ground. The hospital management should have been put on trial for allowing a doctor to work in unsafe environment which led her to make mistake. I hope the pressure should be put on the GMC to stop persecuting well meaning doctors when they are forced to work in criminally unsafe environment. Best wishes to Dr BG.

  • GPs asked to lobby MPs over 'bombardment' of patient data requests

    Stupidity has many names's comment 13 Aug 2018 6:06pm

    The BMA and the GPC should be doing this work on our behalf and not leave it on us to lobby.
    The SAR is a real pain and distraction from everyday clinical work with no fees to even cover your and staff time.

  • NICE: Hospitals should refer patients with suspected COPD to GP-led spirometry

    Stupidity has many names's comment 18 Jul 2018 8:47am

    NICE should stick to producing guideline for best medical practice and NOT start dictating as to who should do the work as it is a contractual matter and should be left to the commissioners. Nice can say that spirometry should be done for getting a Dx in COPD suspect BUT it has no business telling GPs to do it them self.

  • RCGP urges GP practices to 'prescribe' 5k runs to patients

    Stupidity has many names's comment 24 Jun 2018 8:55am

    Why is government and public health England not prescribing this for patients through community enterprises. As rightly mentioned above if someone drops dead you are facing the legal battle for suggesting or signing their fitness to participate.
    We all give lifestyle advice and advice to remain active tailored to the individual patients.
    Next in line is prescribing healthy food, decent cloths and housing. What next?

  • How Hunt’s admission of failure on GP numbers could harm practices

    Stupidity has many names's comment 09 Jun 2018 9:43am

    It is no surprise that it is proving very difficult to recruit overseas GPs. The NHSE and the govt is being forced to swallow the bitter pill. The fact is the GP work in the UK is so toxic with a very high regulatory burden, GMC, CQC, constantly changing work, years of restructuring and ever changing goalposts, dwindling practices income, increasing workload, dumping of work from hospitals, rising expectations that GPs will also be social care champions and not to forget a very high public expectations.
    Faced with these challenges who would be happily lining up to come and work in the UK general practice.

  • I’ve learned the hard way to live without patient ‘satisfaction’

    Stupidity has many names's comment 21 Apr 2018 12:18pm

    It is a sad reality of our everyday life. No one is interested to solve it for the GPs and you are left alone to battles it out yourself and risk of getting complaints.
    It is really shameful that NHSE and the GMC are wilfully blinded to these working conditions faced by doctors day in day out.
    GMC should be ashamed of not protecting doctors who are forced to work in such demanding environment and with great risk of making mistakes.
    GMC is very open to hearing about complaints about doctors making mistakes but blind to the causes and the risky working practices that are created due to pressure of work.
    UK General Practice in its current form is done for good and we are already seeing the results of this every day as experienced doctors leave the GP land.

  • More than 8,000 individual GPs warned over their antibiotics prescribing

    Stupidity has many names's comment 06 Apr 2018 4:59pm

    Imagine your prescribing rate when the GMCs rate your doctor app goes live. Where patients will be able to submit the satisfaction of GP consultations via mobile app as soon as they come out of your consulting room.
    Welcome to brave new world.

  • More than 8,000 individual GPs warned over their antibiotics prescribing

    Stupidity has many names's comment 06 Apr 2018 4:56pm

    We practice in a litigious culture. Before it was just the patients but now the NHS CCG AND THE GMC who hound the GPs like vultures to punish you for one mistake. If your hands are tied and you are still expected by the GMC and the CQC to be able to swim or rescue someone from fire it’s time to stop practicing medicine in the UK.

    I have seen many GP struggling with complaints for months purely for doing the right thing.
    As some one pointed out once you reduce the patients go to OOH and A&E to be given abx and the next thing you get is a spat in your face from your patient.

    Until the public are educated
    Until there is a test to dx viral / bacterial infections we are subject to pressure from patients
    Until there is crown indemnity
    Until the CMO gives clear reassurance of protection of doctors against complaints or unfortunate death from sepsis the ABX prescribing is not going down I am afraid.

  • Dr Bawa-Garba granted permission to appeal GMC decision

    Stupidity has many names's comment 30 Mar 2018 10:49am

    Best wishes to Dr Bawa-Garba. I feel The GMC is just the same as many institutions “Shameless”. No matter how many mistakes or wrong decisions they take the changes made will only be cosmetic and no major impact will be there to the people in the top people GMC. It is unfortunate that the very organisation that forces the Doctors to work to the highest standards and harsh actions are taken against the individual doctors, often the Victim them self of the Failed NHS, when something’s big goes wrong.
    The GPs are very vulnerable and exposed to risk and it is a sad place to be in the current toxic and unsafe system.
    We are constantly battling the unsafe system and expected to provide highest level of the service with out fail. Ambulance arrives in 45 min for chest pain, 2.5 hrs for difficulty to breath and this failure of the system is ignored and you have to take the full responsibility for the care of the pt. what does the GMC or the CQC do about these failings.
    We need to open up the debate and make the system change or else the trickle of the GPs away from partnership and regular work will continue.

    I think time has come for the GMC leadership to resign and the GMC to be completely overhauled from foundation upwards and more importantly to be funded by the government and not our money.

  • GMC to launch 'very serious' review into complaints against BME doctors

    Stupidity has many names's comment 27 Mar 2018 11:06pm

    The entire GMC Leadership should be forced to resign if they do not do the honourable thing them self and that is to resign immediately.

    The GMC needs overhaul and restructuring to make it fit to govern the doctors.

    They have lost the trust of most of us. We should not allow this useless biased organisation to govern us.

  • GMC calls for doctors' reflections to be legally protected

    Stupidity has many names's comment 27 Mar 2018 2:47pm

    I think the in this day of witch hunt and fault finding society ready to pin blame on some one, it is becoming very difficult to practice medicine especially as a GP where our very strength of managing risk and working with safety netting is becoming a problem when something goes wrong.
    Increasingly the Mantra of our work will be as what WTF! Said above; ’.If in doubt....refer. If in doubt....investigate.....if unsafe.....walk away
    Already most of us have started to work on this mantra.

  • GMC calls for doctors' reflections to be legally protected

    Stupidity has many names's comment 26 Mar 2018 9:48pm

    I bet my million dollar that the lawyer will be able to demand and produce the reflective evidence in criminal or even in negligence cases.
    I don’t believe in a word of holllow reassurance from the GMC that it would be protected.
    GMC in this article seems to be contradicting its own position.

  • GMC chair apologises to doctors for ‘fear and anguish’ caused by Bawa-Garba case

    Stupidity has many names's comment 14 Mar 2018 7:26am

    I see no reflection from prof TS while his organisation tells all doctors to reflect honestly and now we know that this poor unfortunate paediatric doctor was prosecuted on her reflection while the larger wider failings of the NHS did not get mentioned. We all are taking risk everyday due to failing support and services and it is a matter of time that another disaster will strike and another doctor will become a scapegoat once again.
    In her case her reflection was used as incriminating evidence. So Prof TS we all would like you to honestly reflect on this poor judgement of the GMC and please resign or else you will be forced out by the anger felt by the profession.