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Rose Gold


  • Chancellor raises income level at which GP tax-free pensions are tapered

    Rose Gold's comment 11 Mar 2020 4:29pm

    They have not considered individual burdens or variation, especially outliers who have little in their 'pots' through earlier years of low income (career breaks/voluntary work etc).
    This partial correction should be backdated, too. You can bet if we were civil servants this would not have arisen; and if it had, it would have been sorted double quick and so-o-o-o much better!

  • Save time during consultations with Pulse’s free Toolkit app

    Rose Gold's comment 28 Feb 2020 5:55pm

    Can't find it on Google Play either. :(

  • General practice responsible for £88m of fraudulent behaviour, claims NHS report

    Rose Gold's comment 23 Sep 2019 11:54pm

    Please check out the report (link in my previous comment)! The £88m is indeed sheer guesswork at 1% of the total budget, they say.
    The graphical representation I request should include an indication of overall budgets too cf value-for-money. Should be do-able?

  • General practice responsible for £88m of fraudulent behaviour, claims NHS report

    Rose Gold's comment 23 Sep 2019 11:50pm

    Thank you for the link, policenthieves. Here's a link for the shorter report that the lengthy NHSE gumpf is based on:
    Please would Pulse make a graphical representation of these figures? The 6.8% of 'general practice' will seem almost invisible, especially given consideration of 'ghost patients' as explained by Mark Howson's helpful comment.

  • Schoolgirl died from heart attack after hour wait for ambulance at GP practice

    Rose Gold's comment 23 Sep 2019 11:12pm

    @ Nostradamus horoscopes. How do we build resilience to cope with, or better, to avoid this sort of cluster-f*** without (a) being made aware and (b) discussing and (c) creating coping/battle strategies??
    It's no use your acting like an ostrich in your big, shiny building, where 'activity', (not outcomes) determines funding!

  • No-deal Brexit could close down practices, says RCGP chair

    Rose Gold's comment 23 Sep 2019 10:59pm

    @ Peter Patel @ Vinci Ho
    Hear, hear! It seems pretty rich to me that such wild speculations are thrown out, without any hint of evidence or rational thinking.
    Far more useful for RCGP personages to address ACTUAL problems, such as helping GPs to fight the threat of imminent closure of their practice, based on the say-so of a nameless, faceless jobsworth of a legalistic NHSE bureaucrat.
    (Details supplied on request)

  • A radical solution for NHS pensions

    Rose Gold's comment 11 Sep 2019 10:21pm

    5 stars ***** Not just the one that I hovered over!
    This seems a really good idea to me.
    One of the problems with the current annual cap or taper is that it particularly penalises anyone who has had a career break (mostly women, but includes any who have worked e.g. in developing countries).
    This suggestion would overcome that too.
    All best wishes!

  • Dr Sarah Wollaston moves to the Lib Dems

    Rose Gold's comment 21 Aug 2019 10:39pm

    'Holy Smoke Batman' and 'BAP' summarise the position clearly.
    Agree with 'sceptic' - MP work is apparently even harder and more frustrating than GP, so a return will be a doddle - but 'Yorkshire GP' makes a good point. Continuity of 'Who cares?'
    Christopher Ho, Ho! :)
    Surely it's time for her to say goodbye. . . election?

  • Practice set to close after GP principal resigns over 'silly' CCG meetings

    Rose Gold's comment 18 Aug 2019 7:12pm

    A similar size practice locally to me is likely to close in similar manner.
    They are more than halfway through a 4 week 'consultation'. The lease is expiring and NHS England rejected partners' and architect's plans for suitable surgery, even on temporary basis (extension possible later). It seems utterly outrageous, clearly not in patients' best interests, and will make GPs into locums and excellent staff redundant.
    Neighbouring practices are not able to absorb the work (approaches were made).
    CCG seems useless, and talks have mirriored Brexit talks in timescale and intransigence of the larger party.
    Even if small practices should go, which I'd dispute, this is NOT the way to do it!!
    How can this sort of NHSE/CCG behaviour be resisted or overcome?

  • Welcome to Planet Advanced Nurse Practitioner

    Rose Gold's comment 27 Jun 2019 9:42pm

    So true.
    And encouraging, really.
    And depressing.
    Brilliant (nearly) every time!

  • Half of GP practice buildings are not fit for purpose, BMA survey reveals

    Rose Gold's comment 20 Feb 2019 9:11pm

    Anecdotally, private landlords, such as previous GP partners, fail dismally to maintain or update premises. Is there any data from the survey on this subject?

  • What GPs need to log for Pulse’s workload survey

    Rose Gold's comment 08 Feb 2019 9:00pm

    You ask my question for me. Please could we have an answer?
    Could there be another survey day, to provide evidence that Monday 11th is normal (or not)?

  • Welcome to the great 'new deal' show! Yes, that is Jezza in a clown car

    Rose Gold's comment 25 Jun 2015 1:52am

    Where do GPs 'clock off' at 7pm ? Sounds cushy - I'd go and work there! But GPs are not supposed to have a life outside the surgery, are they?
    Agree with your suggestions to revive GP morale. Our pal Jezza would do well to look back to pre-Griffiths and internal 'market' days to learn what used to make the NHS, especially general practice, the envy of the world.
    Now, after his new deal arithmetic is done, what share of total NHS funding now goes to general practice?
    Also agree with your earlier Surgery A vs B analysis. Scope for using professional judgement, common sense, problem-solving skills and discretion has been decimated. It's depressing - keep going, please. Your blogs are a real morale booster.

  • Is no one else talking about the elephant in the room?

    Rose Gold's comment 25 Feb 2015 10:47pm

    Maybe it's simple maths, rather than zoology, that we fail to discuss or even notice. GPs and other primary care services (HVs etc) cost what, under 10% of the NHS budget? But hospital services, who treat far fewer patients/clinician, use most of the rest. Why not seek a minor shift in funds from secondary/tertiary to primary? Consider switching to block grants to hospital departments, especially A&E, instead of 'payment by results' (no, by activity - who's measuring results?) ? It would make a huge difference: improvements in patient care and, perhaps more significantly at present, reductions in GP burn-out.
    If we fail to reverse current trends, we will end up with a poorly motivated, second-rate primary care workforce, with staff incapable of gate-keeping, Let alone zoo-keeping.