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Andrew Challis

  • GP surgeries move to telephone-first model to protect patients against coronavirus

    Andrew Challis's comment 06 Mar 2020 10:35am

    Why not take this opportunity to ask patients to make greater use of e-Consult (there may be other supported products in use) as first line contact with surgeries and only telephone if no access to e-Consult. No reason not to use the current situation to alter patient behaviour which could continue after the Covid-19 problem settles?

  • First coronavirus patients detected via opportunistic GP testing

    Andrew Challis's comment 06 Mar 2020 10:33am

    Why not take this opportunity to ask patients to make greater use of e-Consult (there may be other supported products in use) as first line contact with surgeries and only telephone if no access to e-Consult. No reason not to use the current situation to alter patient behaviour which could continue after the Covid-19 problem settles?

  • Jeremy Hunt may announce major reform to GP indemnity this week

    Andrew Challis's comment 10 Oct 2017 9:28pm

    Funny really, we all know the game but just cannot stop ourselves from playing it!
    Genuinely wonder wondering whether to phone Clare Gerada's helpline to try to learn how to disengage from the charade.

  • NHS drops plans for peer review of all GP referrals, says BMA

    Andrew Challis's comment 05 Oct 2017 11:21am

    I do not enjoy reading Pulse as I find it both depressing and demoralising BUT it does disseminate information in a timely fashion and always provides links (much appreciated) to allow exploration of the backstory to the headlines.

    If it were not for Pulse, are there any other similar offerings and what do others find a useful and timely source of reliable information?


  • GP practice merger delayed for over a year despite ‘working at scale’ directive

    Andrew Challis's comment 11 Sep 2017 11:17am

    I am not sure that is the whole story and might relate more to "meetingitis" where items are not added to agendas in timely fashion for the Practices and then over holidays or due illness or other issues the meetings are delayed. However it all appears to be a "block" and will become more of an issue where Practices are facing urgent changes. It would be of great help for Pulse to seriously write up the actual timeline for this process as these Practices will not be the only ones going through similar issues. NHSE also need to be made aware of this - of course if they are genuinely interested in finding ways to facilitare the New Models of Care of which they speak. Personally I suspect while they can devise strategic change the actual practical coalface implementation is beyond their resources. Yes, take that as a challenge, because if we cannot work to address it we might as well pack up our things and go home!
    Happy to discuss!

  • GPs should certify over-75s' fitness to drive every year, says Harriet Harman

    Andrew Challis's comment 24 Aug 2017 10:22pm

    Oh please!

    Would someone explain how this proposed check would have prevented the reported incident?

  • The real conspiracy of NHS England

    Andrew Challis's comment 09 Aug 2017 11:34pm

    I have been trying to work out why I feel such disquiet at this article when the comments seem at variance with it, and with which I broadly agree.

    In my previous comment I posted background for Dr Nishma Manek.

    "National Medical Director's Clinical Fellow Scheme

    The National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow Scheme for doctors in training in England is sponsored by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh and managed by FMLM.

    The scheme has been established to fast track and support those doctors in training who present with the clearest potential to develop as medical leaders of the future."

    Perhaps my concern is that the outcome of the time spent in that environment has resulted in an article that to me is confusing and is certainly not inspirational, uplifting or what I would have hoped from "a medical leader of the future"

    No anonymity here, our Teams are constantly discussing ways of maintaining and modernising the services provided by our Practices to our Patients, and am very happy to discuss with anyone from FMLM.

    To do this I am even considering subscribing!

    Andrew Challis

    IntraHealth Parkgate Surgery

  • Yes, I am a trainer – but not for much longer

    Andrew Challis's comment 08 Aug 2017 1:32pm

    I am just surprised it has taken you all so long to get to this point! Completing the Trainers course was good, but at the Practice inspection visit the beaurocratice work load became apparent, so I was relieved when we appointed a new partner who took on the role. I was then able to support them but able to pursue less beurocratic but perhaps more patient-centric persuits! Sorry to see you guys go and wonder if the time with you was the last good one for them in Primary Care?

  • The real conspiracy of NHS England

    Andrew Challis's comment 04 Aug 2017 12:50pm

    The background:-

    I wonder if you are media and politically savvy, using what you describe to attract our attention in one of the means of communication to Primary Care which in my career experience consistently provides a fuel to negativity.

    Typically, exploring the background to the headline reveals a different story, just like here.

    The other comments here also reveal the effect of NHS behaviours on how those at the front line of Primary Care now feel. Surely cause for grave concern?

    I am passionate about Primary Care and have been through my career (nearly at an end - thank goodness you say!) and have recently found the TED talk "Start with Why" followed by the unabridged audiobook an enormous help with the feelings of negativity which you describe. It may help others.

    I respect your right to have an opinion, but wonder if you are exploring the realities in Primary Care which are producing the loss of morale, inability to recruit, some of the negative behaviours becoming more prevalent (or exposed by the pressures) - and before those who wish to comment say "we do not have a problem" - look ahead to a possible situation of clinicians not there due to retirement, illness, etc.

    Happy to explore this further.

    IntraHealth Parkgate Surgery

  • GP trainees feeling cheated after receiving only £11k of £20k 'bursary'

    Andrew Challis's comment 14 Jul 2017 12:06pm

    Dear had enough - going to retire,
    Surely a sentence in a blog does not "confirm" bursary?
    I cannot find the original wording, only this:-

  • GP commissioners cut CCG sessions to help plug financial black hole

    Andrew Challis's comment 29 Nov 2016 4:32pm

    This is the bit I still do not understand:-

    "The CCG says that the deficit has been caused by NHS England’s insistence on holding a 1% (£6.5m) reserve and the rising acute spend."

    followed by

    "one of the first casualties is likely to be programmes such as Enhanced Primary Care Services (EPCS)"

    Why not control the rising acute spend rather than take that increase out on the efforts good people have made to develop enhanced services? In my opinion this constitutes abuse of the goodwill of those who put time and effort into developing those enhanced services.

  • GPs set for new enhanced service for urgent home visits under NHS plans

    Andrew Challis's comment 26 Nov 2016 3:54pm

    One of our local CCGs has informed us, as far as I can understand, that essentially due to increased secondary care activity this year they will be over budget. In order to balance the books enhanced services will need to be cut starting from April 2017 and if they do not do this a team from NHSE will come in and mandate it. Against this background I am not sure where the funding for this new enhanced service is budgeted from?

    At a time of problems in GP recruitment the idea of labelling yet another service "GP" seems disingenuous. In principle I would work to support the concept but would prefer replacement of GP with Clinician or Clinical Team and suggest robust resourcing to give the win-win a chance!

  • ‘I understand why GPs feel so disenchanted’

    Andrew Challis's comment 16 Feb 2016 11:33am

    Quote .... because the frustration that people experience when trying to get a GP appointment is considerable. end quote.

    Easy, promote the National Health SERVICE and stop the outdated nonsense of a NAMED GP that is a bygone age - surely this is a luxury in a cash strapped service that is desperately trying to cope and if recruitment to the demoralised position has felt we had better sooner admit that fact.

  • ‘I understand why GPs feel so disenchanted’

    Andrew Challis's comment 16 Feb 2016 11:22am

    Please can we stop placing the GP at the centre of Primary Care. The term needs to be rebranded as "Generalist Pilot" ie someone who can guide the patient's journey not be there at the the patient's demand to see them.

    Yes, use the scarce resource wisely but unless the interface between public and Primary Care changes i.e. make contact with the service (telephone, Email, self help) away from a demand to "see" your named GP etc. I fear for the NHS survival and the quicker it is dismantled the better for all of our mental and physical health.


  • CQC reviewing practices' 'risk ratings' data as inaccuracies emerge

    Andrew Challis's comment 29 Nov 2014 7:46am

    Let's look at the CQC website:-

    Principles of the CQC

    Throughout everything the CQC does, it always:

    puts people who use services at the heart of its work
    has an open and accessible culture
    is independent, rigorous, fair and consistent
    works in partnership across the health and social care system
    is committed to being a high-performing organisation
    promotes equality, diversity and human rights

    Does this fit with the current publishing activity?

    Enough said.