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GPs go forth

Robin Jackson

  • Government proposes to shorten training for doctors post-Brexit

    Robin Jackson's comment 06 Aug 2018 3:12pm

    Training is a means to an end,and not an end in itself.As the article notes, changes to the duration of training have been debated for years.Surely there should be nothing sacrosanct about duration of training, not least since the content has also changed radically over time.
    Interestingly, my consultant colleagues expect training to improve after Brexit, when the European Working Time Directive no longer applies(and I am well aware of the trade off between experience gained by seeing more patients versus potential hazards from fatigue).

  • Pulling a sickie

    Robin Jackson's comment 06 Aug 2018 3:05pm

    Bravo Copperfield.Each time we surrender to the sickie demands,we reinforce unrealistic expectations.The best definition I read of workplace stress was: "the consequences of the mismatch between employee's expectations and employer's expectation".As Copperfield rightly notes, there is no place for the GP in this equation.

  • Antidepressant prescriptions increased by half a million last year

    Robin Jackson's comment 31 Jul 2018 2:15pm

    If we continue to medicalise unhappiness, we cannot complain at the consequent increase in workload.
    We should be encouraging resilience (and yes, I am aware that endogenous depression is a different matter altogether).

  • Let's give our new health secretary a chance - he has a lot of mess to clear up

    Robin Jackson's comment 24 Jul 2018 6:45pm

    So, any of you moaners actually got any positive suggestions rather than infantile yarboos?
    Here is one: get all politicians to unite and tell the public what the NHS can actually do, followed by a list of inappropriate lifestyle choices (obesity, smoking, drugs, alcohol)which you, the public need to sort out yourselves, and stop wasting time and resources in expecting someone else to sort out for you.

  • The GPs who shaped NHS general practice: Dr Julian Tudor Hart

    Robin Jackson's comment 03 Jul 2018 12:06pm

    Agree with Stelvio. A good doctor,but "useful idiot" outside of medicine.

  • The end game was always to dismantle general practice

    Robin Jackson's comment 05 Jun 2018 3:07pm

    The "responsibility" for 365 day 24/7 care beloved of Dr Chand, and the unrealistic expectations this unsustainable policy created in patients was what has brought General Practice to its knees, not the ad hoc interventions of a few APMS contracts. Five out of six Practices in my city have amalgamated recently, not because Mrs May told them to, but because they see clear advantages in working at scale.Perhaps Khailash's scratched and broken record should be consigned to the junk shop.

  • Single-handed GPs asked for 'continuity plans' in case of their death

    Robin Jackson's comment 05 Jun 2018 1:34pm

    Normally a diehard scourge of numpties and jobsworths, I am 100% behind NHSE on this one.A single handed GP isn't flogging widgets, he or she is providing care to patients and should either mitigate the risk by taking on Partners/assistants or hand in his or her contract.My concern here is for the patients and not the doctor.

  • GP practices in struggling town forced to re-open patient lists

    Robin Jackson's comment 25 May 2018 2:11pm

    The one thing bureaucrats hate is publicity.If your trump card is Safety, get together with your LMC, write a short,punchy presentations, and get it out to all and sundry.Your MP,for instance, is entitled to ask a Question in the House. NHSE then has to spend time preparing an answer, knowing that it will have to stand up to national scrutiny.Unless you make a stand now (see prev comments) the bureaucrats will never let up.

  • Is Cancer Research UK’s obesity campaign ‘fat shaming’?

    Robin Jackson's comment 03 Apr 2018 3:26pm

    Agree Motdoc, except that it becomes a medical problem, and consumes vast resources to no evident benefit.When I started in GP in 1981, Type 2 diabetes was an unusual disease, entirely managed by hospitals.
    Its all about self respect and personalresponsibility.Hiding behind the comfort blanket of "being shamed" helps no-one.

  • 'No single root cause' found after Bawa-Garba SUI investigation

    Robin Jackson's comment 20 Mar 2018 12:31pm

    So, Angus, its all down to sexism and racism:a charge that is either so substantive and serious that you should report it as a Hate Crime, or a response so infantile a "knee jerk" that we can ignore your prejudices,and instead, review the multi-factorial evidence.

  • Mr Hunt, may your actions speak as loudly as your noble NHS tweets

    Robin Jackson's comment 19 Feb 2018 12:38pm

    Far be it from me to disagree with Khailash's Dear Leader,but having worked in Primary Care in an inner city part of upstate New York, I can reassure him that all US citizens can get access to healthcare.It may not necessarily be of the same standard, but one can point to the same disparities in our own country.Furthermore, when, as a GP CCG member we were looking for improvements, one of the first places for examples was the US.For instance, no problems with bed blocking when the actual cost of inpatient stay was clear.
    But, hey, lets not allow facts to get in the way of a good rant.

  • GP partner pay drops by 4.3% in the last six months

    Robin Jackson's comment 19 Dec 2017 9:18am

    A comment from a very senior university administrator: "GPs earn too much;over £100k. They don't work harder than the rest of us.Why should they earn more than a train driver".With Corbynistas in the ascendency, don't plan on pay rises anytime soon.

  • How can we avoid a grim future for general practice?

    Robin Jackson's comment 13 Dec 2017 1:39pm

    Envy of the Third World perhaps.A system where demand is unlimited and in many cases now driven by unwise lifestyle choices is unsustainable.The weary old record of “privatisation “ should be turned off.What we need is an intelligent debate about how a system invented in 1949 largely to deal with infectious diseases can be adapted for the 21st century. We also need the humility to learn from other European systems, and having recently visited primary care in a run down area of the USA, delivering excellent care to a deprived population,we should abandon the doctrinaire party line that presumes anything in America is evil.

  • Mr Hunt, who are you to disagree with Stephen Hawking?

    Robin Jackson's comment 04 Sep 2017 2:09pm

    Dear Khailash, Like Prof Hawking, you are a long-term Labour supporter.Not a crime in itself (discuss)but its a fair bet that if the Government were handing out chauffeur driven limos to take patients to clinics you would still object to something. NHS "envy of the world"???Never in my 37 years of working in it.If it ever was, why has no other nation copied it?Yes its in a mess,but could that possibly be because we have the wrong model?Why not have a little humility and admit that there could be other ways of making the system work?

  • #GPnews: Pork from unnamed supermarket may have led to spike in hepititis E cases

    Robin Jackson's comment 21 Aug 2017 1:10pm

    I know a lot about the NHS.I know very little about astro-physics.The presumption that expertise in one field provides omniscience in others is surely foolish.Whilst one would concede Prof Hawking's ability to analyse a paper in the Lancet, his comments about privatisation of the NHS are vacuous and do him great disservice.

  • The real fightback for the NHS starts now

    Robin Jackson's comment 20 Jun 2017 12:38pm

    Would that be the same Corbyn whose own MPs rated him as being so utterly useless that they tried to get rid of him?Would that be the same Corbyn who has boasted of voting against every piece of anti terrorist legislation in 30 years?
    Perhaps its the same Corbyn who has just lost the third Election in a row for Labour?

  • New draft NICE guidance reins in antibiotic prescribing for sinusitis

    Robin Jackson's comment 12 Jun 2017 1:52pm

    well said,John.The "trivial guideline" if universally implemented ,and accompanied by publicity in the Mirror and Mail could save us appointments, forestall resistances, and, to a small extent ,save money which could be better spent elsewhere.

  • GPs could be forced to manage high-risk drugs with no extra funding

    Robin Jackson's comment 30 May 2017 1:07pm

    Jo: absolutely right with NOACs. As a former CCG Medicines management GP Lead my advice is that it is important to understand the pressures CCGs are under, but the best way to do this is to get involved with the CCG and influence from within.
    As a CCG lead my mantra was always: extra work must be accompanied by extra resources.

  • We need to stop prescribing antidepressants in primary care

    Robin Jackson's comment 30 May 2017 1:02pm

    Thank you so much for having the courage to point out that actually the Emperor may have no clothes.True endogenous depression is a rare and debilitating illness where drugs and even ECT may well be needed. The rest is just the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.Giving a patient a pill to get them out of the room diminishes us and destroys their self resolve.

  • One in five practices abandon recruitment due to 'staggering' shortage of GPs

    Robin Jackson's comment 16 May 2017 11:18am

    Moosa, Gig tickets! Brilliant! NHSE would have to devise a protocol for appropriate allocations:
    Female GPs of a certain age would get Abba tribute bands, obviously.
    BMA GPs: Simply Red...
    GPs of my advanced years:Led Zep, as we contemplate the Stairway to Heaven
    CCG GPs: Fiddler on the Roof?

    Thats enough(Ed)