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Gold, incentives and meh

Robin Jackson

  • GPs told to inform patients of 'state snooping' on sick note records

    Robin Jackson's comment 06 Jul 2016 3:38pm

    So, an audit of sick note patterns across the country is "institutionalised violence against people who need our support and care".Are we surprised this sentiment comes from our correspondent in Islington?
    With 35 years experience in GP and Occupational Medicine I can assure Paul that long term sickness absence has serious adverse effects on health.We must ensure that we minister to our patients' needs and not their wants.

  • 40% of GP training places unfilled in North East England

    Robin Jackson's comment 04 Jul 2016 9:51am

    "They will have to comply with language tests": I should certainly hope so!
    "It is good to drop standards"!Really? This just perpetuates the invidious paradigm of "not good enough to be a hospital doctor...try General Practice".

  • #GPnews: Gove pledges £100m a week extra for the NHS

    Robin Jackson's comment 04 Jul 2016 9:44am

    Yet another presumption that throwing money at the NHS is a solution, without even defining what the problems is.The NHS has more money than it knows what to do with...which is in fact the problem, and I speak with the scars of experience as a former CCG GP Executive.

  • Physical activity and lifestyle to be RCGP clinical priority

    Robin Jackson's comment 28 Jun 2016 11:04am

    Who has done the workforce planning to provide resources to individually advise all the idle and obese to eat less and move more?

  • #GPnews: Leave campaign's message on NHS may have had 'significant' effect, says RCGP

    Robin Jackson's comment 28 Jun 2016 10:54am

    Second referendum?Exactly which bit of democracy does he not understand?I realise that the Peoples Republic of Islington is a bit miffed at Brexit. Presumably their pesto now costs more at Waitrose and they may lose their Latvian au pair, but the lumpen proletariat has delivered its verdict.

  • GPs advised not to issue private prescriptions

    Robin Jackson's comment 28 Jun 2016 10:05am

    This is simply a stealth tax.By definition, those who have to pay for scripts will also be paying income tax (for the NHS)
    What about the corollary for exempt patients: "paracetamol will help your sore throat but I will not issue an NHS script;go and buy your own"?
    What about a patient who sees a GP for an NHS consultation but then elects to have a private referral(saving the NHS money).Should the NHS retrospectively charge the patient for the GP consultation?
    Forget the obfuscation, this is a revenue earning scheme, and the patients have a right to know.

  • Ta, but I’ll skip the cuddle

    Robin Jackson's comment 23 Jun 2016 10:49am

    "Tick the right box"?Are you seriously suggesting that a Miliband-Sturgeon coalition would have done better? Suggest you review the history of the last Labour government (which probably was the LAST Labour government) from the Jurassic socialist Dobson, whose solution was to turn the clock back to 1948 to the hapless Hewett via, bizarrely, John Reid.The only decent Minster they had was Milburn, who resigned in despair.

  • Hunt brushes off concerns around GP mass resignation

    Robin Jackson's comment 22 Jun 2016 6:59pm

    I would vote for anyone who could rid this site if that confounded pop up ad that has appeared in the last few days:Ed please note!

  • GPs operating in an 'unforgiving climate of blame', says GPC leader in defiant speech

    Robin Jackson's comment 22 Jun 2016 11:20am

    Yet again the tired old Geldof solution to all woes: "Gives us your money!". How much do you want Chand?Have you costed it? Any idea how many billions we have already had? The NHS is awash with money, but most is soaked up on staff costs and the rest is squandered in a highly inefficient manner.I speak with battle-scarred experience as a GP Lead on Finance at a CCG.
    The problem is the concept of an amorphous, unresponsive and unaccountable nationalised organisation, not how it is funded.Throwing money at it has not helped in the past.
    If the end is providing a reasonable standard of public health funded by central taxation, we should go right back to the drawing board and review how we construct the means to achieving that end.Bankrolling the status quo is not the answer.

  • Majority of GPs in one town to become salaried working under local trust

    Robin Jackson's comment 22 Jun 2016 11:04am

    When I became a Partner in 1981, no-one interfered with us and we just got on and did "stuff" albeit that "stuff"included 24/7 care 365 days a year and intra-partum obstetrics.We were kings of our own (mortgaged) castle, had our own District Nursing team,midwives and Health Visitors(remember them?) and were on first name terms with our excellent consultant colleagues at what was then our safe and efficient DGH.With Individual Lists, our patients knew and trusted us, and complaints were almost unheard of.
    The paradigm has not just "shifted" it has been smashed.No-one in their right mind would entertain becoming a Partner nowadays.What possible value still pertains to "Independent contractor " status?
    What Gosport does today, the World does tomorrow!

  • Did I miss something? I thought the Government had finally got it

    Robin Jackson's comment 18 Jun 2016 11:50am

    Presumably "pre-diabetes" is part of a "pre-death"syndrome, which follows shortly after "post-birth".
    I blame nurses for medicalising anything with a backside the size of Wales instead of "signposting" them to B&Q to get a padlock for the fridge.

  • Seven-day GP working shows 'significant' reductions in A&E attendances

    Robin Jackson's comment 17 Jun 2016 8:55pm

    We all agree that the NHS in general and General Practice in particular is in a mess.PULSE reports a small study that may,just may indicate an approach that could be of some help.
    What is the response ? Infantile vitriol.
    Come on guys: anyone can moan and whinge,but what we need is clinicians like ourselves to say: "This is not working, lets see what happens if we do it another way".

  • GP practices blocked from bidding for premises fund by cash-strapped CCG

    Robin Jackson's comment 13 Jun 2016 2:21pm

    When we stop trying to be property developers with two mortgages, and concentrate on healing the sick/signing GANFYDs, we can let NHSE sort out reimbursement and take ourselves out of the equation.Any JD, fresh from a hard day's placard waving and mild industrial unrest would be mad to entertain buying in to premises.

  • GPs set for enhanced service to refer patients for exercise and diet classes

    Robin Jackson's comment 09 Jun 2016 7:59pm

    The visionaries who founded the NHS would weep bitter tears to see it founder over a surfeit of pizzas.

  • Treating a chronic sense of self-entitlement

    Robin Jackson's comment 07 Jun 2016 12:30pm

    Sadly so, so true.Unless the politicos have the courage to tell voters that the NHS is for their needs not their wants,this sort of nonsense will proliferate."Save our NHS:padlock the fridge!".....

  • #GPnews: Claims that Brexit would generate more money for NHS 'not true'

    Robin Jackson's comment 07 Jun 2016 9:35am

    Hate to spoil a good rant with some facts but under the last Labour government the NHS ping ponged from one poorly defined "re-organisation" to another, blighted by infantile spats between Blair and Brown.The only effective Health Secretary (Milburn) resigned in disgust.

  • Secret plans on which the fate of the NHS rests

    Robin Jackson's comment 02 Jun 2016 1:54pm

    Another day,another "reorganisation".The politicos and administrators would do well to read that paper by Cleese et al on Avian Mortality .They might then acknowledge that we have an ex Health Service, it is no more, it has ceased to be.
    It does not take the brains of an archbishop to work out the end-point of Pulse's Practice vacancy study, so lets admit we chose the wrong paradigm, and see what we can adopt from other countries that have made it work.

  • GPs praised for ‘dramatic’ fall in antibiotic prescribing

    Robin Jackson's comment 25 May 2016 12:46pm

    Registrar@10:01 : "drop in antibiotic prescribing all part of evil Tory plot to privatise NHS blah blah"! Give it a rest,mate!Even the most rabid Corbynista would struggle to link the rise in the number of snuffles and snotty noses successfully untreated with a takeover by the wolves of Wall Street.

  • ​NHS apologises as payments delayed due to rising retiree numbers

    Robin Jackson's comment 16 May 2016 5:58pm

    I took advice and invested to the maximum in Added Years and AVCs.I should have spent it on fast cars and loose women.The LTA limits were a no-brainer: carry on working and let the Goverment waste my hard-earned on some fantastically corrupt country, or retire.
    My biggest worry is youqps who are carrying on working but have pulled out of the scheme: my (unfunded) pension needs your contributions!

  • Do we really need pharmacies?

    Robin Jackson's comment 14 May 2016 10:32am this model is called Dispensing Doctors and pre-dates the NHS.
    It has suffered the slings and arrows of outraged pharmacies and (pace El Corbyn) is "hanging on".
    No reason(apart from the massed ranks of Boots et al) why this model cannot be replicated in urban settings.