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Independents' Day

Dr Robbo

  • Locum GPs forced to claim benefits as work dries up

    Dr Robbo's comment 21 May 2020 1:08pm

    I retired at 55 five years ago but have been working as a locum/ salaried GP 3 days a week since . Due to the Covid situation my hours have been cut to just one day a week. I get it , the F2F work has reduced so not the need for expensive Locum/ salaried GP’s . I am lucky as I get my reduced pension but other Locums are in dire straights . There will be a need for us again as the work seems to be ramping up . I did my day yesterday and was totally exhausted after a 12 hour stint . We all want to do our bit , and do not want to deskill . I would still not want to be a partner again . That nearly killed me

  • Government's 'confusing' Covid message to put strain on GP practices, warns BMA

    Dr Robbo's comment 12 May 2020 11:49am

    Anon GP . Those 5000 Doctors have come out of retirement and doing work that would perhaps be done by the locum workforce. My hours have been cut because of the few Face to Face consultations taking place . Some Locums have no work ! It is mad that in this pandemic some of us are keen to work but the work has dried up !! Some locums have no foreseeable work . WFT !!

  • GMC defers revalidation for GPs to 'free up vital time' for coronavirus

    Dr Robbo's comment 18 Mar 2020 6:51pm

    Ah ok so if they stopped appraisals that could delay revalidation . Otherwise as said revalidation comes after 5 satisfactory appraisals . shame to do them then not get revalidated

  • GMC defers revalidation for GPs to 'free up vital time' for coronavirus

    Dr Robbo's comment 18 Mar 2020 6:00pm

    Good stuff . I was doing some modules the other day and thought what is the point at this stage of the game. A good sensible decision . Well done

  • The dreaded words: 'Mum, I want to be a doctor'

    Dr Robbo's comment 30 Apr 2019 2:44pm

    Kate , I have followed your story since your piece in the National press . A truely harrowing piece .None of my Kids wanted to be Doctors because they saw the toll it took on me working 10-11 sessions a week as a GP Partner for 26 years If your son wants to be a Medic ensure you can try to support him . I did Medicine because my School ( a really bad secondary modern ) said I was too thick to do it !! . For me I am now Happy in medicine albeit working at my terms 3 sessions a week . There is a 50% chance of being reported to the GMC and I've been there . It was thrown out but I recall the same feelings perhaps Richard had been experiencing before he took his life . I still get flashbacks from that time but am trying to practice Mindfulness . Good luck to you and him . There's plenty of time for him to change his mind !! Medicine can be a very satisfying job if you have good support at work and don't do it for too many hours a week!!

  • Still a doctor

    Dr Robbo's comment 01 Aug 2018 6:15pm

    Good to hear from you Kate. A tough road you are on, you are doing well . Be kind to yourself

  • Adjusting to widowhood – and GP life back in the UK

    Dr Robbo's comment 21 Apr 2018 6:43pm

    Kate I read your article in the Gaurdian recently and it bought me to tears, it hit very hard and I feel for your loss. I had a similar situation, 2 years ago. A letter from the GMC on Christmas Eve just as all my family had arrived for the Holiday. It was like a huge hole opened up and a feeling of free fall anxiety a feeling of primitive fear. It was hard to carry on, my family were very supportive and the case was eventually after 18 months closed with no action not even advice. During that period I was close to suicide and I can see how it could happen, the complaint process keeps hitting you in the face, you become more cautious loose confidence self doubt creeps in on all aspects of your life. Once the GMC case was closed the PAG at NHSE still wanted an action plan and this will finish soon, I have continued to work and am coping with it well I think now. Closing the GMC case was a big relief but it still stays with you. I am sure you did all you could to help your husband. Suicide is an impulsive action and I am sure you could not have stopped your husband. I sent your article to my PAG to show them the effects these investigations can have. Many good Doctors have committed Suicide while having a GMC investigation in the last 5 years . I truly hope you can rebuild your life and be kind to yourself as time rolls on. I wish you the very best for the future and I thank your for your article which has helped me deal with my own situation so much.

  • Home Office overturns decision to pursue deportation of trainee GP

    Dr Robbo's comment 16 Apr 2018 7:25pm

    Signed the .org petition so glad he can stay . I hope you can then get a partnership if you want one but seeing how it is here I’d be of to Oz or NZ . Glad the HM has seen sense

  • Almost 3,000 GPs retired before the age of 60 over the past five years

    Dr Robbo's comment 01 Feb 2018 12:52pm

    I retired at 55 in 2015. Shut our Practice and moved on. Its been a better 3 years than the 5 years prior to shutting the "shop" I locum 3 sessions a week and draw my pension as like others had reached the LTL. I recommend it ! There is little support for failing Practices. You have to look after yourself. Drop dead at work and there will be a locum there next day . Oh and June Morris I love King Creosote !

  • Four practices set to close leaving 10,000 patients displaced

    Dr Robbo's comment 07 Jun 2016 9:23pm

    We saw that our practice was unsustainable. We closed it and moved on . The area team thought there was capacity within the surrounding practices to absorb our 6500 list . Clearly this was not the case .East Brighton is a tough place to work. Our practice had been there for 100 years or so .There was no support to keep our practice going , because of the costs involved , No one had the money to take it over, nor was any realistic offer made to for its continuation . We were the tip of the ice burg . Many more will close . I now work as a locum , GP up the coast and as a Prison GP which I Love . Free of the maddness of Partnership and the impending doom of all the non medical crap , I have done Mindfullness retreats to come to terms with the abuse I suffered as a partner and feel much better in myself as a result . Live in the now . And breathe

  • ‘This is like a bereavement’

    Dr Robbo's comment 03 Mar 2016 1:51pm

    A year on and the dust has settled . I am now working as a Locum GP and Prison Doctor , 3 days a week .The difference is amazing . I feel better , optimistic and happier than I have for years . Lifting the weight of being a Partner has been a real lesson to me . I am sure I would not have survived if I had carried on . I see my old Practice that we had to sell is being developed into a 5 unit complex , though it has been empty for a year awaiting change of use planning permission . I see many in the position I was in this time last year . All I can say is , like any breaevment , there is life after it ! And it feels good to be alive again . I did a mindfullness course last year and that was very useful . Thanks for all your kind comments !I'm Fine

  • 5,000-patient practice to close and be replaced by APMS contract

    Dr Robbo's comment 13 Oct 2015 9:38am

    Having been through this process earlier this year , I can assure those GP's there is a good life after you hand back the contract .It took me 6 months to get over it but a new life has opened up and I am happy again .good luck going through the process , use the LMC rep , ours was great , and take time out when you shut the door for the last time

  • For Pever and ever

    Dr Robbo's comment 06 Jul 2015 3:58pm

    I was on you and yours on 29 6 15 about 12.26 talking about why I shut my practice . Have a listen , hope it gives some insight into
    The storm we went through . Keep up the good work chaos !

  • Journalists who write about burn out will all be burnt out by 2020, survey finds

    Dr Robbo's comment 16 Jun 2015 9:24pm

    Brilliant ! Cheers for that

  • Nuclear option: Rise in practices seeking to close or merge

    Dr Robbo's comment 30 Mar 2015 6:33pm

    We Sold the Practice premises today , completed this afternoon
    A feeling of emptiness , of sadness and wondering what else we could have done
    There was no other way out for us .
    I have a month off work , as part of the condition of starting to draw my pension at 55 .
    I am off to Bolivia Motorcycling which should lift my Soul a bit , but there is a terrible feeling of loss that keeps hitting me in the face. I have worked every day for 31 years as a Doctor , probably 4 days off ill in that time .For any of you thinking of Closing your Practice have a good Chat with your local LMC Rep , ours was great .Talk to the area Teams talk to your accountant .However if your job is making you feel very stressed and you have made as many changes as you can you may have no choice .I guess that is what is haunting me at the moment .Time to adjust and " reflect " I guess . Good luck to you all

  • GP take-home pay 'to fall by 10%' despite practice funding uplift, estimate accountants

    Dr Robbo's comment 13 Mar 2015 12:11pm

    And That is one of the reasons we closed 2 weeks ago

  • GPs offered £25 per patient they register after practice closure leaves thousands without a GP

    Dr Robbo's comment 02 Mar 2015 9:44am

    Anonymous | GP Partner | 27 February 2015 1:52pm

    How much is it likely to cost you to close the practice ?
    About £400000 , Mortgage / Redemption fees Redundancy plus Tax Accountancy fees etc .
    I paid £50000 to buy in in 1989
    We are clearly not closing it down to skip off and become Millionaires !!

  • GPs offered £25 per patient they register after practice closure leaves thousands without a GP

    Dr Robbo's comment 27 Feb 2015 12:32pm

    That's it ! My last patient seen as a Full time GP ! An Emotional Day .half the Staff leave today as we have a few weeks to close the practice down without seeing Patients .Time to heal now

  • GPs offered £25 per patient they register after practice closure leaves thousands without a GP

    Dr Robbo's comment 26 Feb 2015 12:54pm

    I posted this last year as This is about my practice . We have 2 day left working as GP's here and the outpouring of emotion from patients has had me in tears nearly all morning .I like to think I'm a pretty resilient chap , ridden Motorcycles all over the world , Kept pretty fit , but nothing could have prepared me for the bereavement that we are going through with our patients . I had really hoped it would continue as a practice but it was not to be . We have to sell the practice as we have a huge Mortgage a redemption Fee for early repayment of that Mortgage , and the redundancy package for staff , not to mention the other accountancy costs etc to wind down a business .When you consider £500 Million is being spent on our local Hospital you'd have thought the NHS buying our Practice would have been a better use of money than spending £100000 on "incentives" .How will the other local practices cope ? QOF ? Having the manpower to help our patients .I have been in this practice for 26 years .I thought I'd stay until 65 .i would not survive . I feel for my lovely patients .
    Here is my Quote from Last Year

    Our patients got the letter that we are closing today .A sad day , the practice has been there for nigh on 100 years .A mixture of increasing workload and dropping income meant there was no way we could safely carry on .The two of us are spent.The added stress of now managing the staff redundancies has me at the very brink of a silent MI .No one except the patients really seem to care that our old fashioned cradle to grave partnership is done.No new Doctors showed a realistic interest in taking up the challenge .It has been heart warming today to hear my patients come in , some in tears ( me too when they leave the room) to tell me I am like their family , what am I going to do without you ? I thought I had a job for life .How wrong I was .Twenty sis years in the same Practice and I feel like a Rat leaving a sinking ship .However if we do not shut the practice down we will not make old bones . I fear for the rest of you .I am lucky and can go as I am 55 soon .A new chapter will open to me .RIP the NHS family Doctor