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A faulty production line

Dav Ab

  • LMC forces delay in pharmacy flu vaccination plans

    Dav Ab's comment 22 Aug 2014 10:37am

    GP leaders really need to grow some, it should be all or nothing - if they want pharmacies to do it let them take on all costs and risks and admin of all vaccinations.

    GP's should stop recording and doing any vaccine related work across the board. It really would be a simple negotiation.

    The GPC members are well meaning but are weak.

  • Revealed: All new GP contracts will be thrown open to private providers

    Dav Ab's comment 19 Aug 2014 5:33pm

    To make general practice profitable is almost impossible.

    The cynical truth is the profit only exists in small tranches.

    Third party providers will only consider top sliced contracts!

  • Become a partner? Not if I can help it

    Dav Ab's comment 19 Aug 2014 3:46pm

    Anonymous | GP registrar | 19 August 2014 7:14am

    No longer personally involved in bidding, but I do know we have had our finger burnt. We are looking for niche contracts or areas that complement our strengths i.e community services.

    there was a comment about the deal for salaried doctors under APMS, often it can be very lucrative. However you will earn every penny and most of the Doctors we took on only lasted 12-18 months!

    Most people who applied were inexperienced GP's and we never really attracted the more experienced end of the market because of the workload and semi retiring types weren't interested. We also only wanted full timer's and they are becoming a true rarity.

  • Become a partner? Not if I can help it

    Dav Ab's comment 18 Aug 2014 7:26pm

    The other thing which is fascinating is that we kept away from any training of juniors doctors as that is too expensive and has too little financial gain.

  • Become a partner? Not if I can help it

    Dav Ab's comment 18 Aug 2014 7:19pm

    Working for a company looking who have had primary contracts in the past - now we are being very very cautious. Unless there are good opportunities we will tend to shy away. As many commentators have said unless its a Darzi contract it's unlikely to be worthwhile.

    However when we have taken on APMS contracts as well in the past and it is noticeable how different doctors can be in their attitude and work ethic. This forum has been fascinating to see that play.

    Certainly the model we have used is to have several NP's and one GP supervisor and that can work economically. Our models show mainstream General Practice will move that way. So it is possible there may not be all that many salaried jobs left if that comes to fruition!

    Just potential pitfalls for the future!