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Independents' Day

Jackie Applebee

  • Mr Cameron, the NHS is not safe in your hands

    Jackie Applebee's comment 04 Feb 2016 7:10pm

    Dr Jackie Applebee, GP in Tower Hamlets and Chair of Tower Hamlets LMC

  • GP pressure group launched with 2,500 members

    Jackie Applebee's comment 23 Jul 2015 4:52pm

    Great to hear that people are organising! We have been trying to push outwards with the East London Save Our Surgeries campaign. Would be great if we could work together. Our campaign managed to get reprieve money for practices who were losing more than £3 per patient due to MPIG and our CCG is now being allowed to use its delegated powers to support other practices. United we are much stronger, how do we get in touch?

  • GPs need a radical new union

    Jackie Applebee's comment 05 Jul 2015 12:26pm

    Medical Practitioners Union, Unite still has a core of committed doctors who are strenuous campaigners to save the NHS and who argue for radical solutions. Join us, the more there are of us the more you will hear from us. We are hosting a conference in Unite House, London, on 17th October from 11-4 to bring together progressive doctors, whether they are Unite members or not. Come along.

  • GP funding formula changes to be announced by autumn

    Jackie Applebee's comment 10 Jun 2015 12:14pm

    In East London we have indeed stood together to defend General Practice. This is not about what London wants it is about what General Practice needs. Lets not fight amongst ourselves for the crumbs under the table. General Practice is struggling to keep going all over the country, deprivation is one factor but there are many others. We need to unite and demand that General Practice, and in fact the NHS, is funded properly wherever we are. We made a noise in East London because that is what you have to do to get anything changed. Would be great if the rest of the country joined in and made the noise deafening. United we are much stronger, lets not make this about winners and losers.

  • More practices could be set for MPIG support due to potential miscalculations

    Jackie Applebee's comment 12 Jan 2015 3:49pm

    If all practices did what Jubilee Street have done and can show that they are losing more than they had been led to believe it would add to the argument that General Practice, across the board, is underfunded. Don't start from the point that it is impossible to get the money out of them. Start from the point that you want to work out if there is any discrepancy. I believe that Tower Hamlets is the canary in the mine/ tip of the iceberg or whatever analogy you wish to use!

  • Local leaders call on NHS England to review MPIG support package

    Jackie Applebee's comment 14 Sep 2014 4:10pm

    I am very involved in the Save Our Surgeries campaign in East London. We would love to hear from Cambridgeshire LMC. We totally agree that the offer made by NHSE to mitigate the effects of MPIG withdrawal is totally inadequate and only a sticking plaster. Our campaign will continue. We are very keen to work with GPs from outside East London, whatever the type of financial pressure they face, we know that loss of MPIG is only one factor which is driving General Practice onto it's knees. Let's unite together, with our patients, and fight for fairer funding for all.