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  • Capita GP support services improving, claims NHS England

    MrT37's comment 27 Apr 2017 4:49pm

    What a load of @*** from NHS England as usual. Capita should be sacked as a company. They are utterly incompetent. Why are the NHS continuing to use them as a company??!!! They are clearly totally focused on profit and have employed too few staff who are seem to be teenagers without a clue what they're doing. They should be forced to improve by targets and if those are not met then payment withheld. But I hear headlines in news of record payments to Capita. The problem is NHS England are too tolerant of these low standards, how is this accceptable?? The BMA are doing their best am sure but without the powers that be getting tough they have no hope of changing things.

    This is part of the whole problem of part privatisation of the NHS as these companies have no motivation to provide high standards as they negotiate fat cat contracts that sees them get paid anyway. In a fully private system they would lose their contract if they didn't perform. In a fully nationalised system 'Julie' at the PCT knew everything there was to know and she was bloody good at her job. You could phone and actually speak to her and get a coherent response. I really doubt this is costing the NHS any less than the older systems. The middle ground is no good.

    I sent a complaint email previously and received a response, wait for it, 7 months later. I'm still owed £3k rebate from 2015/16 pension year....what a bunch of jokers.

  • Mr Hunt! I know where your 5,000 extra GPs are

    MrT37's comment 04 Mar 2017 12:14pm

    Totally agree. The practices that fill CCG's and boards suffer massively as missing sessions are never fully covered and continuity becomes terrible. I feel such GP's should have to relinquish partnership if they undertake such projects.
    I also feel the Morlocks are often involved in minor surgery, a great diversion from real clinical practice. For each minor surgery session 15-20 appointments are lost. In a time when we are having to rationalise all services this should definitely be something to cease in primary care freeing up thousands of appointments. The same is also true of coil clinics.