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Michael Maxwell

  • GPs ensure 97% of patients can access summary record online

    Michael Maxwell's comment 20 May 2015 12:25pm

    A rather misleading statement. Around 55 million patients can potentially access a summary care record. I suspect nowhere near that figure have actually signed up for the service!

  • Greater Manchester-wide expansion of seven-day GP access planned for year end

    Michael Maxwell's comment 27 Apr 2015 11:53am

    @Anon 9:16 am and 1:18pm

    It is different to out of hours as this is for routine care, not just urgent care. It differs from walk in centres as most of the appointments in this service have to be pre-booked by the registered practice. It is primarily about offering convenience to patients rather than dealing with anything that is clinically urgent. Practices can receive a call from one of their patients during core hours but book them in the 'outside core hours' appointment slots if this suits the patient better. In some ways you are paying for the same thing twice but they were given funding to do it so it's going ahead!

  • GP threatened with breach-of-contract notice after following BMA workload advice

    Michael Maxwell's comment 20 Feb 2015 11:05am

    This seems to be an argument about a semantic point. The GP is refusing to register any patients which the contract allows providing this is not done in any discriminatory fashion and each patient is given a written letter explaining why their registration has been refused. Under contract definitions this is not a closed list and using the phrase 'informal list closure' is no doubt what is fuelling the debate. NHS England can still allocate patients to this practice, even if it is refusing registrations itself. With a closed list, patients cannot be allocated. Simply stop referring to this scenario as being some form of 'closed list' and there isn't any issue! In any case it would be productive to discuss the capacity problem with NHS England as it sounds like the list should be formally closed.

  • GPs to conduct nationality checks in all new patients under health tourism crackdown

    Michael Maxwell's comment 10 Feb 2015 11:22am

    Are there any further details about these pilots? I was under the impression the EHIC system allowed EU members to reclaim costs for any treatment that became necessary whilst visiting another member country. It doesn't cover routine care while you are on holiday in Europe. This does not cover migrants who choose to come and live in the UK, in which case they are entitled to free NHS primary care irrespective of having an EHIC card.

    They really need to simplify the rules about who is entitled to what from the NHS. Reciprocal/Bilateral agreements only apply to secondary care and they can't make their mind up about who is eligible for primary care. I think I read they have sort of maybe stopped using the 'ordinarily resident with a defined purpose' rule but not given us anything to replace it.

    It would make sense to determine eligibility at the point of entry to the UK, although this would prove problematic for EU citizens who have free movement. Being an EU citizen is not an automatic right to free NHS care if only visiting the UK.

    Sort out the rules before trying to run pilots on the existing rules that aren't really clear!!!

  • Third of CCGs have requested powers to police GP contracts

    Michael Maxwell's comment 10 Nov 2014 11:21am

    @09:19am - this will no doubt be done via a subcontracting arrangement from NHS England rather than via CCG constitution. That said, when did the NHS ever care what contracts and laws say? If they want to do something they just fiddle it.

  • GPs face immediate cap on child flu vaccine orders

    Michael Maxwell's comment 16 Sep 2014 11:47am

    This is ridiculous. We have 256 children eligible for this vaccine and were planning to call all patients to a clinic on 11 October. Based on the restriction we will only have 100 Fluenz by that time so we will now have to turn patients aware until more stock arrives! They know when practices start clinics and yet every year they fail to deliver on central vaccine supply.