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Edmond OFlaherty

  • The treatment - depression in adults

    Edmond OFlaherty's comment 29 Jun 2016 8:55pm

    I am a GP in Dublin with a big interest in nutrient therapy in anxiety and depression and occasionally in patients with a history of psychosis. I have been doing this since I attended a course for this type of treatment in Sydney in 2006. The effect of this is that less medication is needed and many get by on nutrients alone. Recently I got a phone call from a consultant psychiatrist in a university hospital in UK who is planning to start this type of treatment later this year. Having treated a few thousand patients I believe it will be a great advance for most patients. See an introduction at A useful book is Nutrient Power by Dr William Walsh PhD.

  • Obscure diagnosis - painful bladder syndrome

    Edmond OFlaherty's comment 01 Jan 2016 8:29pm

    I am a GP in Dublin with a major interest in LDN (lowdosenaltrexone).Two years ago a 30-year old English woman who had recently come to work in Dublin came to see me with a minor complaint. I dealt with that but the history she gave showed that she had developed interstitial cystitis at 15 and her bladder was on fire ever since. She had sex at 17 and the pain was so bad that she decided that she would never have sex again. I suggested that she should try LDN but she told me that she was having a cystectomy in London 2 months later. She decided to take LDN in the meantime.I next saw her nine months later. The pain went away and the bladder was still intact. She came for the pill in fact. Two years later she remains well but it is likely that she would relapse if she stopped the LDN. LDN works for more than 100 conditions and the American website is at

  • Two-thirds of GPs say long waits ‘biggest barrier’ to treatments for mental illness

    Edmond OFlaherty's comment 06 Oct 2015 11:49pm

    The treatment of mental illness in UK is drugs with a little psychotherapy sometimes.Nobody seems to be finding out what is really wrong with the patient. I am a GP in Dublin with a major interest in the biochemistry of mental health. I check for example methylation,copper. zinc, various other minerals and vitamins and caeruloplasmin.Women with panic attacks or post-natal depression almost always have high copper which can be brought down with zinc and occasionally molybdenum. SSRIs do little for them. In recent times I have seen three consultants from NHS UK with anxiety/depression.They are well now with nutrients only. A useful book is Nutrient Power by William Walsh PhD.