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CAMHS won't see you now

Shurleea Harding

  • Seven-day GP access pioneer hails cut in unnecessary A&E attendance

    Shurleea Harding's comment 03 Oct 2014 8:12pm

    Ban the drunks form A&E that would be a good start!

  • Hunt: Seven-day access will not require face-to-face appointments

    Shurleea Harding's comment 03 Oct 2014 8:11pm

    During my training one of the first things we did when meeting a patent was to do a visual examination which can tell you a great deal about the patients wellbeing.

    Diagnostics via the telephone is very worrying, yet GP's are to be named and shamed if the miss cases of cancer?

    Hoe does one diagnose cancer over the telephone?

    We don't want acces to a doctor, we want access to our own named GP who knows us well enough to make an informed opinion.

  • Seven-day access to GPs for all patients, promises PM

    Shurleea Harding's comment 03 Oct 2014 8:07pm

    GP's have to 'tick boxes' just to prove they have down the most basic tasks, they have been demoralised and treated like naughty school children having spent so many years truing to do what they do best ... looking after patients. GP's will be named and shames if they 'fall down'

    How about the is government start 'ticking boxes' for what they promised but haven't delivered and cut their salary fro failures?

    How about this government vein g named and shamed ... and sacked ... fro all the things they don't get right?

    GP's have taken such a bashing but are still excepted to free the patent with a smile and do their job!

    GP's are the NHS this government had better remember that.

    We don't want health care from a stranger each time we walk through the door, neither do we want our GP's so exhausted they are not up to the job in hand.

    The thing mots needed to save out NHS is for this government to be got rid go ASAP!

  • Don't let pharmacists cream the easy patients from the top

    Shurleea Harding's comment 27 Sep 2014 12:00pm

    GP's only want to do what they get paid extra for, and at times don't care about patents that really matter and need support unless there is a £ sound in front of their name.
    Medication reviews are just stamped as down without seeing the patient so why would a GP care about vaccinations ... unless the £ signs there?

    Pharmacists are pharmacists, not GP's and I wouldn't want to be alone in a room being examined by a male. The surgery offers more protection and more accountability!

  • No wonder GPs act like parents when patients act like children

    Shurleea Harding's comment 27 Sep 2014 11:37am

    GP's stopped caring about patients a long time ago, all they care about now is the ticking clock and keeping the conveyor belt moving!

  • Miliband announces plans for 8,000 new GPs

    Shurleea Harding's comment 27 Sep 2014 11:35am

    So has a he a factory that can provide ready made GP's?

    The government need to show GP's some respect and pay them a decent wage. Footballers get paid millions to kick a ball around a field and GP's a pittance to keep th country healthy!

  • GPs to be brought under hospital trusts' control under plans announced by Labour

    Shurleea Harding's comment 27 Sep 2014 11:32am

    Given that most hospital Trusts are failing who came up with this barmy idea?

  • Should the health reforms be repealed?

    Shurleea Harding's comment 27 Sep 2014 11:30am

    Put the 'care' back in to caring, GP's are now too obsessed with dictating to patents or totally ignoring them. Try to help yourself and they see you as a nuisance, they do not communicate with patients just dictate from behind closed doors. Dare to complain and they get you off their books, the 'care' has gone out of caring, the NHS has become a fast moving conveyor belt.

  • Scotland said no. Now it's time to get back to the challenges facing GPs

    Shurleea Harding's comment 20 Sep 2014 7:26pm

    This government promised patents service they neither had the funds or resources to deliver ... then they blame GP's!

    Lets hope by the next election we still have our GP's and a government that value the fantastic service they provide

  • Dr Maureen Baker: 'No practice wants to turn patients away'

    Shurleea Harding's comment 20 Sep 2014 7:21pm

    Surely GP's should be limited the the number of patents per GP to ensure needs can be met?

    The government dangled a carrot for patients, offering a service they do not have the funding or resources to deliver ... then they blame GP's!

    GP's work before surgeries open and long after they close, they have to deal with th patents who are complaining about them, when in fact it is the government are to blame, they cannot see the wood for the trees!
    Roll on next May and lets hope we get a government that know the real value of having good hard workingGP's.government

  • General practice should move towards becoming predominantly salaried, says Burnham

    Shurleea Harding's comment 20 Sep 2014 6:59pm

    The government want GP's to be salaried to enforce more stupid rules on them, do as I say or you are gone!

    What the NHS needs more than anything else it to leave GP's to do what they do best ... care for patents!