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Independents' Day

Vincenzo Pascale

Vincenzo Pascale

  • Now it is the GMC in the dock

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 18 Aug 2018 10:44am

    Everywhere, when an Institution is wrong all the Responsible of it have to resign. It's a mere problem of dignity. Because the GMC follow being an Institution, but the responsible have NOW lost any confidence. And I imagine that they have to pay, INDIVIDUALLY,damages in civil proceedings.

  • The stranger prescribing to your patients

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 29 Mar 2018 5:24pm

    online prescription has several issues. the first that I can imagine is that, if I want a particular type od drug, I can present myself the first time, the second, my friend etc, so I can collect a lot of drugs and no one can verify it. the second issue is that if we have to pay attention to the misuse of antibiotic theoretically I cannot prescribe them online without visiting patients. In all cases an online prescriber needs to know the whole history of the patient unless to prescribe a drug for the next day to let the patient schedule an appointment with his/her GP. It's not easy.

  • GP leaders instruct GPs to stop written reflections in light of Bawa-Garba case

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 09 Mar 2018 9:28pm

    So far I've not worked in the UK, because I perceive the GMC as enemy. I'm used to to feel Spanish or Italian Medical Council very close to our needs, even having in count the needs of our patient.

  • Avoid hugging patients on Valentine's Day, says GP indemnity organisation

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 14 Feb 2018 10:36am

    I never heard, in all my professional and private life, something so stupid. Amen

  • GMC warns that 60% of EU doctors are considering quitting the country

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 02 Mar 2017 10:50am

    There is a main difference between European and UK Doctors. Europe doesn't need UK doctors.

  • One in three GPs have offended patients by talking about their weight

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 24 Feb 2017 2:43pm

    Do you remember lieutenant Colombo series ?
    He always talked about his wife (she was never seen in the series)to justify some bad arguments with the suspect of a crime. Well I use the same. I say that I was very fat and had to lose weight for my knee. Or that my wife had to start a diet without fats because her cholesterol, and so on. This start immediately a stream of empathy with the patient. It works perfectly in Italy, Spain, Ireland and Angola.... and I imagine it would work in the UK too...

  • Calls for Theresa May to apologise for blaming GPs over A&E crisis

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 16 Jan 2017 11:28am

    Ok Guys. In April I will not renew my registration to the GMC. It seems that work as GP in the UK is as to enter the hell's doors (Read the "Divina Commedia" introduction). I've worked in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Africa. But it is the first time that I see so great sufferance of my colleagues. Moreover the Medical Councils in the other Countries are very respectful of doctors. In the UK it seems that also the GMC is always hunting witches. I'm deeply disgusted, and after Brexit I understand that not many European doctor will go in the UK. All my solidarity with my unfortunate GP colleagues of the UK

  • Do we need more men in general practice?

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 12 Nov 2016 11:02am

    Absolutely indifferent, the gender. The
    peculiar job of GP is a mixt of Scientific and Humanistic preparation. I had a strong humanistic preparation in my secondary school (old Greek, Latin, Philosophy, Psychology). This is exactly that the NHS has erased with its rigid rules and tasks. So, men or women but with humanistic preparation

  • Only 100 extra GPs added to workforce in six months

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 28 Sep 2016 4:52pm

    Millions of UK people (that only speak English) are assisted every day in Italy, France,Spain, Portugal Germany. And they usually have not problems to be assisted by doctors that perhaps have A2 or B1 in English language. And it seems that English people assisted in those Countries are not killed by European Medicine (and doctors of course). Until the UK Government and GMC don't stop to think that the UK is the belly of the world, it will be difficult that a lot of European Doctors, willing to move in the UK, can go to the UK. I remember that I, (that got classic studies in the secondary school) have an Italian A1 - advanced. The same that is requested in the UK with the IELTS. Of course very few people in the UK havea A1 (and in Italy and in Spain etc).. I mean that UK has to change mentality. Moreover, working in EIRE I've discovered that, there, Doctors use a online link for antibiotics. So the doctor has not choice. Or, if he has, and do a different prescription he has to cop with the "why". When the next step for a computer that knowing all the rules, the pathologies, the drugs of the world, goes to replace doctors?

  • Thanks, NICE. But I don't have 100 years to implement your advice

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 16 Jul 2016 9:55am

    In Angola where at the moment I'm working every other month, I see a lot of children (of course). The presentation follows a verbal ritual in Portuguese : I feel asthenic, I have cold, fever, cough, chest pain and dyspnea. Come on

  • GPs come under pressure to stop prescribing over-the-counter drugs

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 14 Jul 2016 12:04pm

    It's comic. Simply comic

  • GPC funding body supports judicial review against CQC inspections

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 06 May 2016 12:37pm

    OLE'!! for GPC

  • I still think that doctors should not strike, despite the abuse I've received

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 23 Jan 2016 9:56am

    I could agree if the relationship were between doctor and patient. But when a profession is subjected to a series of ties by ignorant politicians , at that time every injustice done to the profession, if accepted, can only destroy the doctor-patient relationship. Moreover, as in the whole civilized world it happens, when there is a strike essential services are maintained. Is a task of the doctor, if he emphatize with his patients, to explain the causes of the strike. He must explain, overall, that a serene doctor and is the best option for a patient

  • Why I absolutely think we should work weekends

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 16 Jan 2016 4:46pm

    Here in angola where I'm working just now, we have a lot of patients, (a lot is an euphemism) that go in procession to the clinic (sometimes entire families simultaneously - father, mother, and five children) with symptoms of coughing (afebrile and asymptomatic for the rest) from 5 hours. Probably we'll go to implement with a ticket (a small ticket ). But we expect that the procession ends. We expect a reduction of 40% of the access to the clicnic. In this way peoples learn when access to medical examination (you know, every week from years we explain to our patients, in the waiting room, how to manage the first symptoms of cold etc - so patients have a very useful information), and they will access to the clinic only if they are REALLY concerned about the health, and not for a sightseeing.

  • Just what we need for GP appraisals - more red tape

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 09 Jan 2016 11:37am

    I follow doing the same activities than before my registration to the GMC. The only difference is that now I have to put it into a specific page and I have a 2 hours appraisal. On the other hands I have to write " ooooohhhh What fantastic course, I've learned to manage this or that" (and after I think, hell, I'm GP since 33 years if I didn't know this basic things I were tilling vegetables right now.... But latins said "ubi major minor cessat"....

  • Can I share a photograph of a patient’s skin condition?

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 10 Dec 2015 5:15pm

    I'm so stupid not understanding this speeches.. I'm taking a picture of a lesion of 5 mm of diameter in the middle of the shoulder and I would have to have a written authorization. This is on of the mysteries of this world

  • Patients will start dying because we’re too busy trying to keep people healthy

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 29 Aug 2015 11:07am

    YOU KNOW... prevent is cheaper than care... So not having time to care people is a blessing!!! Amazed?

  • GPs shouldn't face sanctions for trying to do the right thing

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 22 Aug 2015 11:04am

    Have your ever heard about civil disobedience? Against the barbarity of Nice's proposals. it's the time to rebel. Or Now or Never

  • Why GPs should vote Conservative

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 18 Apr 2015 10:49am

    I'm an Italian doctor, (since 1983) I live in Spain, I'm working in Angola just now. One thing is clear : Everywhere Conservative Parties consider NHS a business. On the other hand Progressive Parties consider that NHS, being solidary, cannot be considered a bargain. This different basis imply a different way to manage the NHS. And evidently the fallout on doctors. I went to work to Angola (with Chevron gulf oil company) after 2 years of government of PPI (ultra Spanish conservative party) that has destroyed the quality of Spanish NHS and moreover has upset quality, efficiency and compliance of doctors. So you that are voting there be careful!!! Wishes

  • We want to cancel appointments if a patient is over 10 minutes late

    Vincenzo Pascale's comment 04 Dec 2014 5:04pm

    Usually i let the last 30 minutes of my day free from appointments. In that time i see the patients that were in late during the day, or/and urgency(i see emergency in every time they appear of course).if in that day there are not latecomers or urgencies i use that time to organize my surgery trying to improve the fluidity ofthe job