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A faulty production line

Mark Feldman

  • DH rescue package delayed as suggested £110m funding branded 'inadequate'

    Mark Feldman's comment 07 Mar 2016 11:45am

    Regarding funding, has anyone spotted the increase in minimum wage over promised to go furthur over the next few years to 9 pounds an hour - this will cost our practice of 6000 patients about £20 000 pounds. Also our practice manager is concerned as we uplift one group of staff all others will want to maintain their pay differentials - how on earth can this be afforded - this seems to me the biggest threat at present in an already overtight budget

  • Tens of thousands of GPs on brink of early retirement, BMA finds

    Mark Feldman's comment 24 Mar 2014 1:18pm

    Its no wonder we want to go when you have just signed away our seniority that we have worked 30 years for! Hardly motivating to stay and work I think

  • RCGP members vote to maintain opposition to assisted dying

    Mark Feldman's comment 21 Feb 2014 4:34pm

    Appalled at this outcome. Travel to Netherlands and see how it works in practice. We must stop sentencing people to die by hospice if they want other options.

  • Seniority payments to be reduced by 15% a year

    Mark Feldman's comment 16 Nov 2013 6:36pm

    When I started in medicine I was earning 30% for overtime doing 100 hour week and taking less per hour than a theatre orderly.
    Having worked all my life in a below average paying practice have slowly come back to about average pay due to seniority. It seems that as well as the pension hit my final working years must be penalised. WHY??
    Please reconsider this - its not fair. We are simply an easy target

  • Reaction: GP contract deal 2014/15

    Mark Feldman's comment 15 Nov 2013 9:21am

    Having spent all my professional life in a relatively deprived area , receiving less than average remuneration - and gradually clawing my way back to average income through the seniority system - I feel very angry that this is to be phased out. It really makes you wonder why you bother. Early retirement beckons to me and I expect to many other senior GP's

  • Relinquishing independent status would 'emasculate' GPs, says GPC

    Mark Feldman's comment 07 Oct 2013 11:09am

    They've stolen our pensions, our profits are down 20%
    The last thing left to us is our autonomy - the ability to organise our practices and our lives for the benefit of our patients.
    Without that - there is no model, no general practice.

    I feel very betrayed by Dr Geradas recent comments and do teel that the Hurley Group should not be leading our profession.
    I went into GP in the first place for independance and will leave it along with many others if this is lost
    Mark Feldman FRCGP

  • Our view on assisted dying has changed, and so must the law

    Mark Feldman's comment 21 Aug 2013 5:50pm

    Having been a GP for over 30 years and travelled to Holland to learn about Euthanasia - I am convinced that we should allow patient the right to choose their own death. If we truly believe in patient autonomy and value that above our own beliefs we must support this change

  • GPs expected to provide 24/7 'decision support' under proposed out-of-hours revamp

    Mark Feldman's comment 18 Jun 2013 10:11am

    Guys , Guys, Guys
    The answer to the entire problem is simple
    £10 per A and E attendance - sorted!

  • GPs not to blame for pressure on A&E, says NHS England adviser

    Mark Feldman's comment 17 May 2013 9:33am

    I recently had to attend an A and E in a town of 60 000 people - to see a gp out of hour.
    How many people were there in front of me? How long did I wait ?
    Answer -- None , 5 minutes
    Why ?
    It was in Guernsey where a small fee is charged
    Thats the solution to the entire problem!

  • RCGP to re-run chair elections after 'technical error'

    Mark Feldman's comment 26 Feb 2013 3:30pm

    This is a sad day for not only the college but the rest of the profession, although technically it may be correct - natural justice and the interest of general practice dictate that this race should be re-run with both candidates

  • International doctors advised they have 'strong legal case' against RCGP exam

    Mark Feldman's comment 19 Dec 2012 10:51pm

    I have been a trainer for 30 years and have of late specialised in helping registrars in difficulty which usually means IMGs
    These are the issues:-

    1] The CSA for good or bad is about high level communication this requires a perfect understanding of idiom, and local culture. I speak reasonable French - but would have no chance at a French CSA - and it is because of this that doctors who were not born in the UK find the exam so challenging, this is not a colour effect it is a language and culture effect!

    2] If we feel excellent communication is crucial to primary care the exam should be kept in its present format - however if we can accept that it may be possible to practice an acceptable standard of medicine without such skills it could be levelled down

    A possible solution would be to return to the time when the end of training exam was deemed adequate for registration and the MRCGP was the mark of excellence

    A safe caring doctor has just failed her CSA for the 9th time in our practice and been released from training.

    Throughout her time with us she did not receive a single complaint from a patient which is quite unusual , She had a well above average clinical knowledge and was a good medical opinion.
    She failed as she had problems with high level communication - but not ones which were reflected in her ability to work as a GP in everyday practice. She would not have been a great GP but in my view would have been a good enough GP

    The college needs to think carefully about what it is trying to achieve. I am for high standards and excellence as an aim but perhaps good enough is and should be good enough
    Mark Feldman