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Gold, incentives and meh

Ramnath Narayan

  • NHS England to spend a ‘much higher proportion’ of budget on general practice over next five years

    Ramnath Narayan's comment 23 Oct 2014 1:37pm

    I have over the years seen different Health secretaries , both Labour and Conservatives,always talking about changes and improvements to NHS,but all these people have had only political and personal motives,in all these proposals!,
    The one man,and yes,naturally from our lot,who in my opinion had already had a vision about the historic change which was imminent,and came up with this most unpopular ( among most GP'S), was the " Mega Primary Polyclinics " !!
    What is the hot topic for GP's, how to survive and the simplest answer is ," Mergers and bigger the merger the better"!!
    I think Mr Darzi definitely needs at least a " big thanks "for throwing a solution for which now has become the most burning problem,especially for young GP's!!

  • Sharp rise in GP mergers as smaller practices struggle to stay above water

    Ramnath Narayan's comment 23 Oct 2014 12:19pm

    I totally agree with Ivan , and the best way forward is to have a crystal clear understanding about the roles ,i.e whether one wants an entrepreneurial role or just a clinicians role. Once this basic requirement is completed ,why not go for the biggest merger and I am sure sure,all the indications are this will happen any way!!