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20 months and counting

  • Bawa-Garba: this case is far from closed

    20 months and counting's comment 31 Jan 2018 2:29pm

    Excellently summarised Well done

  • 'Indemnity fees are killing our profession' - sign this letter to Jeremy Hunt

    20 months and counting's comment 02 Sep 2017 10:06am

    Dr Gill Breese Salaried GP Prestatyn

  • Sorry to disappoint, but RCGP isn't run by a cabal of government quislings

    20 months and counting's comment 27 Jun 2017 7:14pm

    From your article it would appear you have aspirations to rise to top of that greasy pole to top RCGP
    Good luck to you and your idealism but many of the coal face GP's find the College completely irrelevant in their lives as the journal is gargage by and large and for me personally they offer nothing to improve my daily grind yet cost a fortune

  • GPs to spend four hours a week longer seeing patients by 2022 to meet demand

    20 months and counting's comment 03 Jun 2017 12:48pm

    Unfortunately, will always be those needy folk who will do anything to keep punter happy
    They probably live very dysfunctional lives but their need to 'be liked' outweighs everything rational/sane

  • Hunt announces junior doctor contract imposition

    20 months and counting's comment 06 Jul 2016 5:25pm

    The situation is dire For political reasons only a 7 day service has been demanded as vote winner No notice taken of those working in system and coal face who know full well already understaffed with full 5 day service and to spread same numbers over 7 days with no increase funding / resources means that those currently working will be expected to do more and work more and place patients at even greater risk. Why do the politicians deny what so obvious and invent a service that impossible within current financial scenario
    They want NHS to fail Let private providers take over and reduce cost to GVT Why can't others see this plan?

  • Comrades, it’s time to play dirty

    20 months and counting's comment 25 Feb 2016 2:33pm

    Well said Zoe We as a profession have been 'the nice guys' and look where that got us! We need to unfortunately fight them tooth and nail and get some decent PR behind us Something to actually fight our cause and stop this continual dissemination in right wing press of us and in fact all profession We tried the way of not stooping to their level but guess what- they don't care a toss and hold this sword of Damocles over our heads that we can't let patients down nor cause harm Of course we don't but if GP collapses along with rest NHS then patients will suffer harm and HMG to blame so we need to fight and fight as dirty and hardcore as they do To hell with being 'too nice'

  • We must fight - and the time is now

    20 months and counting's comment 23 Sep 2015 1:54pm

    How many have gone to visit and patient not in! How many get taxi to shops/hairdresser/ OPD spots etc Attend GP!!! I'm 80 or whatever age they quote so I'm entitled to a visit as my right and paid my taxes etc etc I have arrived at times and fully mobile dressed person answered door and I asked where patient and told - that's me doctor 👿👿👿

  • 'It is vital that urgent action is taken on this issue'

    20 months and counting's comment 16 Jun 2015 1:16am

    Fully support
    Dr Gill Breese
    Penrhyn Bay Medical Centre

  • Know an inspirational GP? Nominate them for Pulse's Power 50

    20 months and counting's comment 03 Jun 2015 9:19pm

    Zoe Norris that is

  • Know an inspirational GP? Nominate them for Pulse's Power 50

    20 months and counting's comment 03 Jun 2015 9:19pm

    Zoe Nortis

  • Dr Om Aggarwal: 'A UK contract is not possible now'

    20 months and counting's comment 28 Jan 2013 11:02pm

    Patient care will suffer if the continued shift of work from secondary care to primary care is not financed and resourced properly I fully agree that aim to keep patients in community but totally unrealistic if funding not available! We can't even recruit GP's to fill retirements so manpower issues huge part in this also. I'm tired of working 12 hour days, ever increasing complexity of consultations and being expected to take in even more workload when can't cope at present Surely must reach breaking point when all acknowledge we can do no more!

  • Analysis: General practice is starting to crack

    20 months and counting's comment 28 Jan 2013 10:50pm

    We in Wales have secured slightly better deal with contract than English counterparts However, recruitment staff into GP here abysmal and virtually no applicants for any job! Morale at all time low GP's under Enourmous pressures and as study's show more and more GPs seeking'pastoral care' in other words burnt out, stressed out and depressed!
    Now here one of major local DGH's closed to diabetic and endrocinology patients as no staff!!
    Writing on the wall When will politicians wake up and see mess NHS in and stop vilifying those that worked so hard to maintain service and acknowledge all at breaking point!! If I could would retire t'morrow as so demoralised by whole shambles

  • Welsh GPs secure negotiated contract deal protecting the income guarantee

    20 months and counting's comment 28 Jan 2013 10:37pm

    Wales has huge recruitment problem especially N Wales We just been informed no diabetic/
    endocrinology service at one of major hospitals in area as no staff !! How worse can it get? What are we supposed to do with patients who need those services when we told no staff to deals with patients need secondary care? I give up

  • Give English GPs as good a deal as in Scotland, GPC urges

    20 months and counting's comment 23 Jan 2013 12:38pm

    It is tough now even before new indicators/thresholds etc etc Just conducting a normal consultation takes at least 10 mins now and then checking if all QoF indicators done just adds more time and deflects from real reason patient attended in first place Either we put patient at core consultation or we become a tick box profession with only concern ensuring get those damned points! I know which I will be doing and it isn't ticking boxes for political agenda That's not why I became a GP and to be frank this has got to stop now or GP dead as we used to know it Writing on the wall We either stick together or die together

  • Give English GPs as good a deal as in Scotland, GPC urges

    20 months and counting's comment 22 Jan 2013 9:24am

    It is well known that English GP's earn significantly more than their Welsh and Scottish counterparts. Reflect!

  • The three worst QOF indicators?

    20 months and counting's comment 16 Jan 2013 8:32pm

    Couldn't agree more Eloquently describes exactly how I feel This politically led change to QoF benefits nobody in long term Dissatisfied, overworked and demoralised GP workforce who are bursting their guts already are expected to take on non evidenced based b''''''t to buy votes for this dishonourable shower who govern. Their long term strategy is fully apparent to all with half a brain! Make GP fully salaried service run by private providers. Their mates in big business who they share their bed with . I for one would retire if could afford to and would urge no young doctor to even consider GP as career. Stress and burn out with depersonalisation are real and happening to current GP workforce. When will this all end!

  • Carving up the NHS

    20 months and counting's comment 18 Dec 2012 1:58pm

    Heartily agree. Going by track records of those surgeons named I would say they least able to actually make any changes to NHS and those least able to actually have any understanding of what happens at coalface ie primary care!
    The latest idea to open GP surgeries 7 days a week -just like Tescos- is not only an insult to hard working GP's but also demonstrates complete lack of any knowledge about how GP operates. This is fine if extra financial resources and manpower available to man this 24/7 service but to expect current GP's and staff to take on this additional service is ludicrous. We already work very hard Mon-Friday (usually 10 hour day) and many GP's very stressed,burnt out and demoralised by the way being treated by this Gvt. How on earth can we retain any sanity and have some sort of 'normal' family life if this idea is also foisted upon us? More will retire early and the younger generation will look to other countries as quite frankly GP is being used and abused by all and sundry and only so much can actually take before cracks

  • Monday morning

    20 months and counting's comment 26 Nov 2012 2:30pm

    Happens on regular basis.Patients seem to have this belief (often false) that doctor in hospital setting must be a better doctor and hence his words are gospel and GP MUST do as he says. Unfortunately, they usuall been seen by very junior person who has no idea how to take holistic approach and as that could be time consuming then fobs back to GP causing patient unnecessary worry and not real diagnosis.This also shortens my life expectancy as pick up pieces

  • GPs happier than ever and maintaining income levels, DH tells DDRB

    20 months and counting's comment 20 Nov 2012 7:39pm

    This statement by DH so out of touch that farcical!! I know of no GP who 'happy' in current job and certainly nane who feel income remains same as was several years ago. Which planet are they on and where do they get this information from?? Hope that our representatives dismiss this rubbish asap Somehow doubt it though judging by previous attempts to represent what really going on at coalface!