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Independents' Day

Vivek Singh

Sessional GP

  • If I go down, the NHS goes with me

    Vivek Singh's comment 23 Aug 2016 10:39am


  • GPs need to start prescribing lifestyle medicine

    Vivek Singh's comment 22 Jul 2016 10:53am

    I totally agree. Patient education is essential. As GPs we try to negotiate shared management plans. In reality, people come looking for a "solution" or an easy fix. The perception among a number of people is that the pills are the first line of treatment.

    I hope there is an onslaught from public health to try and educate our Brexit-voting population. Hats off to Dr. Malhotra for his continued and (as far as I'm concerned) high-profile media campaign. And hats off to Clare Gerada for this article.

  • Junior doctors vote against BMA-negotiated contract deal

    Vivek Singh's comment 05 Jul 2016 5:11pm

    Why should doctors in training give up their fight because the general "Great" British public shot themselves in the head? The same morons who succumbed to media opinion and propaganda peddled by "charismatic" politicians are the same morons berating doctors in training.

    With such an extraordinary level of intellect the British public were entrusted with the responsibility of deciding the country's future.

    In my lifetime I don't remember any government ruining a country as comprehensively as this group of snakes.

  • What should Pulse do about anonymous comments?

    Vivek Singh's comment 22 Jun 2016 11:24am

    To GP Partner, 21 June | 4:43 pm:

    Well said!

  • Pressures of general practice are making it hard to care

    Vivek Singh's comment 21 Jun 2016 12:05pm

    I think this is a great article. I totally agree with the sentiments expressed.

  • New GMC guidance expects medical students to build 'resilience'

    Vivek Singh's comment 02 Jun 2016 5:34pm

    "Doctors should expect to face a GMC an 'occupational hazard'..."

    I'm absolutely staggered.

    The GMCs role is to protect the public rather than to offer pastoral support to doctors. However, the tone of most of these posts reflect what many doctors think. People are posting anonymously for fear of finding themselves on the radar of this sinister organisation.

    A culture of fear pervades doctors and I don't think this is paranoia. They instil fear. They are not my friend. I don't trust them. But I will continue to do as they say because I don't want to wake up with a horses head in my bed. The M in the acronym could just as easily stand for "Mafia".

  • 'Historic' junior doctor agreement will pave way for seven-day NHS, says Hunt

    Vivek Singh's comment 20 May 2016 10:57am

    I hope I've misunderstood the flavour of what has been agreed. Perhaps it's premature to draw conclusions without knowing details.

  • What can we GPs learn from the junior doctors?

    Vivek Singh's comment 22 Apr 2016 11:39am

    I hope they stay united and maintain their resolve.

  • Hunt urges GPs to benchmark themselves against others on antibiotic prescribing

    Vivek Singh's comment 21 Apr 2016 0:16am

    NICE don't even recommend procalcitonin in the NHS. How is the CRP (or PV, ESR or, for that matter, ferritin) even relevant in identifying a bacterial infection? This a tired, re-heated debate that does the rounds cyclically. Until we have a test that is practical and economical all of this debate is pointless but I'm sure it will be doing the rounds again soon enough.

    Going back to the point of this story... namely the latest noises coming from the Right Honourable Secretary of State for Health, one can enthusiastically lap this up as an opportunity for lively debate. On the other hand, some may suggest that this is another soundbite coming from a bungling politician who has little real interest in promoting health. It depends on your perspective.

    I know where I stand.

  • Hunt urges GPs to benchmark themselves against others on antibiotic prescribing

    Vivek Singh's comment 19 Apr 2016 6:09pm

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  • Junior doctors to withdraw emergency care in escalation of action

    Vivek Singh's comment 24 Mar 2016 9:03am

    I salute my colleagues in training. Anyone condemning them simply doesn't understand how downtrodden, miserable and energy sapped they are. Unlike previous generations they have the guts and the unity to make a stand. Undoubtedly, social media has helped to keep them together and galvanise them. Whatever it takes, I hope they stay resolute.
    Unlike a number of their older colleagues they have no interest in behaving like good little boys and girls and toeing the line. The cockroaches in government are no doubt hoping they will prove to be timid like their predecessors.

    Public support is a difficult issue. As with all groups, Joe Publics interests are vested. Either toe the line and convince yourselves that the public support your cause or make a stand to try and improve our working lives. I'm delighted that so many consultants and GPs are on the same team. I hope the consultants consider the doctors-in-training problems during their contract negotiations and don't do anything to undermine their struggle.

  • GPs have a duty to support the junior doctors - it will be our turn next

    Vivek Singh's comment 02 Mar 2016 12:35pm

    Superbly written article. I appreciate how you acknowledge that you did more hours but you graciously accept that it doesn't equate to working conditions in this day and age which are nothing short of toxic. Thank you for referencing the rodents who have crawled out of their holes and attacked their own. I wonder how we ever stood a chance while there isn't even unity in the profession?