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Independent Doctor (finally)

  • Should GPs be registered as specialists?

    LetsCutTheCrap's comment 20 Jul 2018 5:45pm

    eeeek typo Integrated (not Ingrated!) you know what I mean!

  • Should GPs be registered as specialists?

    LetsCutTheCrap's comment 20 Jul 2018 5:43pm

    Well, since it is now "3 before GP", the government/ DoH essentially have recognised that GP's are no longer the first tier of primary healthcare.
    So what is stopping them from pulling their collective finger out, amending the sodding act and adding GP's the Specialist Register with a new speciality of General Practice?
    They are simply trying to have the cake and eat it too.
    If the GP is important enough to merit a referral from the 3 before GP, then why not cut the crap and call them the Ingrated Multisystem Specialist Doctors that they truly are?
    Patients will probably find they have to listen to common sense and follow it, if this happens.

  • Putting the validation back into revalidation

    LetsCutTheCrap's comment 04 Jan 2018 10:39am

    Dr Copperfield is insightful, pithy and I for one am in complete agreement. I wish to add that this revalidation juggernaut runs rampant outside the NHS as well. There are a number of Non-NHS Designated Bodies that have gained favour with the GMC (how???). Independent doctors have to apply to "connect" with these in order to obtain revalidation via these Hallowed Bodies.
    For this process to succeed, one has to appease a tiny (but extremely wealthy) clique of Independent Responsible Officers. These Non-NHS RO's each have created several limited companies. Employees or contracted doctors with these companies can connect with the relevant Designated body. Independent RO's thus receive generous offerings via appraisal and revalidation fees from mere mortals like us who have no option but to seek their blessing.

  • My predictions for GPs in 2018

    LetsCutTheCrap's comment 03 Jan 2018 8:43pm

    How about this:
    In order to provide a virtual carrot to GPs in the face of recruiting Physician Associates, the GMC in its infinite wisdom will recommend merging the GP register into the Specialist Register.
    The carrot in this would be that the gatekeepers to the system will now be the Physician associates and Nurse practitioners.
    GPs can move one step up on the referral ladder and thereby be deemed to have less reason to nag the government to sort their nuts out.
    Also GPs may feel less inclined to worry about the increasing and unfair demand placed on the system if someone else has to face it first.

  • GMC ready to regulate physician associates to ‘bolster workforce’

    LetsCutTheCrap's comment 15 Dec 2017 1:40pm

    So now the "gatekeeper" role can be handed over to physician associates (PA's).
    They can assess, prescribe, share management with Nurse Practitioners, and then perhaps refer onward and upward to a medically trained doctor, here is an idea, the GP!
    Which automatically gives the GP the mantle of primary physician, and should now be included in the Specialty Register.
    If anything goes t!ts up in primary care, let the PA's have it.
    Also we can now delegate all the rubbish tasks to them.
    So far I see no downsides ;-)

  • ​Anger as GMC tries to overrule its own tribunal and strike off junior doctor

    LetsCutTheCrap's comment 04 Dec 2017 11:22am

    Ah the usual blame culture imposed by a system each of whose various uncoordinated limbs do not know what actions have been taken by the other. Somebody's head must roll, so let's go for another vulnerable and stressed-out doctor's scalp. Shame indeed.

  • GP burnout stories: 'My reaction to a suicidal patient was resentment'

    LetsCutTheCrap's comment 01 Nov 2017 12:12pm

    Okay, nice stats.
    On the surface it even looks like about half the doctors are unlikely to take time off due to stress in the foreseeable future.
    What a load of cr#p.
    That survey did not reach the target population, ie those of us who were already too tired, stressed and burnt out to give a sh&t.
    At that point, we have already reached out to all the "help" initiatives, received b$gger all from them, gave up, and decided to think for ourselves.
    At that stage one gives these "surveys" the same consideration as one would give the derriere of a small rodent.
    And in case anyone is wondering, yours truly doesn't drink to excess, and does not turn to drugs. So there. Hah.