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A faulty production line

Elizabeth Sinclair Miller

  • Dr Rangan Chatterjee: ‘Medicine is missing the big picture’

    Elizabeth Sinclair Miller's comment 08 Feb 2018 11:53am

    "Be the Change you want to see in the World" the science behind a healthy lifestyle is robust and easily understood.

    People need different approaches and time to make the changes. a good conversation, time and attention make all the difference. Well done Dr Chatterjee and keep up the good work

  • Multimillion-pound compensation claims against GPs increase

    Elizabeth Sinclair Miller's comment 23 Mar 2016 6:00am

    The pay differential between salaried doctors - average salary £70 K and principles £130 K increases the impact of rising indemnity costs - which are similar for both parties

  • GPs to be offered incentives to delay retirement under £10m strategy to solve workforce crisis

    Elizabeth Sinclair Miller's comment 28 Jan 2015 5:39am

    It is all but impossible to return to General Practice after even two years out.

    Getting back onto the NHS Performers list is one of the worst bureaucratic nightmares I have yet discovered. And who is responsible? Incredibly, not the government! but NHS England, RCGP, BMA and other "sources of information"

    Man up guys - this is down to the collusive obscurity of those organisations not a shortage of funds

  • Niall Dickson: 'The GMC accepts there is a lot more to do'

    Elizabeth Sinclair Miller's comment 27 Jan 2015 7:14pm

    The report was a whitewash.


    Neither the Dental Council nor the Nursing Council supervise such slaughter - up to 20 doctors a year die whilst being investigated by the GMC.

  • Fitness-to-practise investigations make sick doctors sicker

    Elizabeth Sinclair Miller's comment 17 Jan 2015 8:25pm

    Thank you for publishing this enlightening and insightful report into the behaviour and impact of the GMC.

    One way of many ways forward is for the GMC to hand over its management of sick doctors to Occupational Health, rather than subjecting them to a process that involves their defence body, solicitors and barristers.

    Occupational Health is well used to managing ill health in safety critical professions, including pilots and train drivers. It certainly does not have the morality and morbidity that the GMC does, with a 114 doctors dying over the last nine years.

    It is a simple and inexpensive and essential change and could be implemented today .

  • Doctors need resilience training like soldiers in Afghanistan, GMC head says

    Elizabeth Sinclair Miller's comment 11 Jan 2015 7:25am

    There is ONE simple measure that the GMC could take TODAY - to significantly change the mortality and morbidity associated with their procedures


    There is nothing in the Medical Act that says they are to minister to the sick, STOP INCLUDING HEALTH in the GMC procedures

    This is a humanitarian gesture and would at least show some good intent on their part

  • Doctors need resilience training like soldiers in Afghanistan, GMC head says

    Elizabeth Sinclair Miller's comment 08 Jan 2015 12:05pm

    hi John
    I suspect that the PSA will also wash their hands of it. I have questions looking for comparator data with respect of Nursing & Midw council and Dental Council on "whatdotheyknow" Also am waiting for an answer as to what stage of the investigation these deaths occur - IOP or FTP

    It may come down to a mass action by doctors against the GMC for needlessly endangering our lives by their processes. For example, letters or emails etc from the GMC are calculated to have the maximum negative impact - for example, Thursday afternoon, or Friday is a favourite day to impart bad news, because it becomes impossible to get hold of lawyers etc for three days. Which is a simple but mean trick to demoralise the doctor further. Good news - your case has been dropped because of lack of evidence, is wrapped up in innuendo about how many mistakes you probably made but they couldn't prove.

    The spike in deaths (20) in 2012 runs parallel to an increase in complaints suggesting that the critical factor is referral to the GMC rather than that the GMC is fishing in a pool of vulnerable doctors.

    Subjectively, they looked as unpleasant a bunch as ever comes before a Parliamentary Committee ;-)!

    The GMC are undoubtedly hoping this will go away - however there are several lines of inquiry to follow up with following their performance on Tues

  • Doctors need resilience training like soldiers in Afghanistan, GMC head says

    Elizabeth Sinclair Miller's comment 07 Jan 2015 0:46am

    Between 10 and 20 doctors die each year whilst under investigation by the GMC. In a few cases, the evidence that these deaths were due to suicide is overwhelming. The cause of death of the remaining doctors is unknown. The GMC must realise that this is Corporate Manslaughter.

    The fish rots from the head down. This is a rotten fish. How can doctors deal compassionately with their patients when the head is happy to see doctors die in this way whilst being by their own egulatory processes?

    Finally, it is sad that so many doctors only feel able to comment on this issue under a cover of anonymity. Have we really descended so far into the spirit of 1984 that no one dare put their name to their opinions - or maybe people don't want get reported to the GMC and risk death?