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Gold, incentives and meh

Paul Siggins

  • Falling on deaf ears

    Paul Siggins's comment 20 Mar 2018 3:59pm

    Before I retired I rarely went a day without reaching for Dr Noot's tank (Does anybody know who he was?) I would always tell the patient that an instant cure was very rare in medicine but ear syringing was close and they were probably the only patient I would make completely better that day. Oh and in 30 years of "instant cures" I never perforated an eardrum. Do you thiunk I can hire myself back to the NHS as an unlicensed "Consultant Cerumologist"?

  • Smile, it might never happen

    Paul Siggins's comment 10 Sep 2017 0:51am

    Ear wax is great, I always told the patients they were the only people I had cured that day.
    I still have my trusty Nooth's tank and syringe and I am certain I never perforated an eardrum in thirty years practice ('cos I looked after see?)
    Now Licence to Practice relinquished perhaps I don't need one for a bit of syringing ?(piecework of course)

  • The slow creep of mandatory training

    Paul Siggins's comment 26 Jul 2017 8:58pm

    and guess what? as I have retired and relinquished my registration I have to reregister with this site. So retired GP's really are worth nowt!.

  • The slow creep of mandatory training

    Paul Siggins's comment 26 Jul 2017 8:54pm

    And I reflected on difficulties in completing part 2 cremation papers because of poor completion and procedures by the first doctors and a couple of press articles on sepsis and ethical issues and was told by the revalidation officer that they were irrelevant. And since if you are doing no clinical practice you cant report any critical events, then you will inevitably lose your licence to practice (unless you give it up "voluntarily" of course) so at one fell swoop all those occasional locums, cremation form signers, medical officers for charities etc GONE. Well done GMC.

  • GPs can't do spirometry? That's our workload issues sorted

    Paul Siggins's comment 06 Oct 2016 0:52am

    Who or what is ATRP and why do they have any say whatever in what we do? Tell them to inhale it.

  • Replace me with an app? Just try it

    Paul Siggins's comment 06 Oct 2016 0:40am

    David I concur entirely that the history is King. I would add however that a careful examination may often reveal a lot ,or important negatives at least. (and if carefully documented greatly reduces your chance of being sued for not ordering an expensive pantograph)Patients remember being examined,they may not recall what they were asked. It takes a few seconds more,but keep those observing,palpating,percussing and auscultating skills up to scratch folks not knly will they keep you out of court but youwill find more stuff!

  • A GP on the European golf tour

    Paul Siggins's comment 06 Oct 2016 0:18am

    I am really bloody jealous! If you get to play golf as well I am going to hang myself. (No I am not but do you need a hand?)

  • GPs to do weekly care home rounds under new NHS England plan

    Paul Siggins's comment 06 Oct 2016 0:06am

    Just "do the math" as they say in the USA. At least one hour per home per week makes a load of GP surgery appointments gone West. (and don't these nursing homes have nurses in them?)

  • RCGP issues 'gratitude journal' for GPs to write down positive aspects of their lives

    Paul Siggins's comment 06 Oct 2016 0:00am

    Is the Author Iona Twadell or have we been hacked?

  • RCGP issues 'gratitude journal' for GPs to write down positive aspects of their lives

    Paul Siggins's comment 05 Oct 2016 11:58pm

    I just feel such a fool for paying my subs all those years. A few years ago when I thought I would become a GP trainer I gave the subscription department a call and told them I had passed the exam but no subs for some years (because they stuck their oar in over Ken Clarke's GP contract) Did I need to resit,pay back subscriptions etc?
    Answer was give us the money,for this year only and you are back in. Then they completely devalued their own Fellowship by awarding this to cronies. They have been uncredible for years.

  • If I go down, the NHS goes with me

    Paul Siggins's comment 14 Sep 2016 1:14pm

    Reply to anonymous other health care practitioner revealed as chiropractor.
    My apologies for my spelling and I regularly defer and refer to my colleagues in physiotherapy and osteopathy both private and NHS. My point is that I suspect that your patients are a mix of self and GP referral. If you want to be first point of contact for every problem perceived by the patient to be MSK related, as far as I am concerned you are welcome. I just reckon you will be swamped.
    In my last practice each partner enjoyed expertise in something different and we encouraged each other and our staff to direct the patients to the "skin doctor" MSK doctor etc. I would love to be really good at everything but to quote a not very good medical joke.
    The specialist learns more and more about less and less. The GP learns less and less about more and more. The specialist will soon know everything about nothing and the GP everything about nothing.
    I wish you well.

  • GPs write to CCG to say they are stopping all 'unfunded' work

    Paul Siggins's comment 14 Sep 2016 12:55pm

    I would think ear wax clearance was firmly the job of someone in general practice.
    But never mind as a retired GP still owning my syringe, Noot's tank and protective cape I am prepared to set myself up as "Dr Cerumen" Shall we say 50 guineas a lughole on a no win no fee basis? I am just wondering what my superhero uniform should be.

  • If I go down, the NHS goes with me

    Paul Siggins's comment 31 Aug 2016 8:10pm

    7.39 other healthcare professional (physio,osteopath,chiropracter?)
    The diagnostic skills relevant to our training paradigm,to requote your gobbledygook,is that the GP is required to assess those who are ill,or believe themselves to be ill (RCGP gobbledygook!) We simply have no idea what will come through the door next. If there is an art to general practice(and I am certain there is) then it is knowing what patient in that sea of uncertainty requires what intervention. If you want to "punt"for yourself to see an open access sea of MSK cases I congratulate you. Just be prepared for flood just like Noah. Better build a bigger Ark than the GP's have.

  • Losing the independent contractor model could destroy general practice

    Paul Siggins's comment 07 Jul 2016 7:06am

    Not could destroy but will destroy..or is it already dead?

  • GPs deserve better than revalidation

    Paul Siggins's comment 23 Jun 2016 11:26am

    I deferred my first revalidation date and then fell foul of RO who didn't like my audit and then said that under no circumstances could I defer again. If you fail finals you get a resit, if you sleep with a patient you get suspended but (eventually) get reinstated. If you a found to have "Failed to Engage" That's it Pal Licence Withdrawn and no way back. (and didn't the GMC somehow fail to have Harold Shipman struck off enabling him the ultimate power trip of suicide and pension to his wife?) They seem to be in a hurry to get rid of me!

  • 'It's not safe for patients to carry on the way we are'

    Paul Siggins's comment 30 Jan 2016 11:02am

    Well said sir.
    As a recently retired GP struggling to get revalidated via tick box I am looking forward to getting my parachute on!
    But will there be enough of us revalidated? At my 40 year on college reunion at least 25% of GPs were retired or about to, the majority will just relinquish registration.

  • Practices told to dock pay of striking junior doctors by health education bosses

    Paul Siggins's comment 15 Jan 2016 10:20pm

    How is it that successive governments have poisoned our relationship with our "employers" to such an extent that sufficient mistrust exists for this strike to happen, and GP's are getting close? So sad, no-one feels valued.
    Look out nurses, physiotherapists, MLSO's etc you are next on the chopping block.
    If government wants a salaried service throughout the NHS why haven't they the honesty to say so?

  • Why GPs may soon be routinely checking the migration status of new patients

    Paul Siggins's comment 28 Dec 2015 8:58pm

    Has any practice ever got into trouble for failing to treat an unwell patient who had arrived at reception. to register, without necessary paperwork?
    As soon as they got in the door (in my book) the practice had a duty of care.
    Why should I and my staff act as NHS gatekeepers? As a single handed GP of many years, I saw first and worried about the immigration status/travel insurance later.

  • Clinging to the cliff edge

    Paul Siggins's comment 28 Dec 2015 8:42pm

    Sad but true.
    I jumped eighteen months ago, from the shit to my feet.
    I hope Basildon misses your senior partner.

  • Hunt praises 'courageous' Professor Field after GPC calls for resignation

    Paul Siggins's comment 28 Dec 2015 8:31pm

    I wonder what some GP has done to Mr Hunt or someone he knows that makes him dislike us so much?
    As a single hander of 19 years and partner in a group of 5 for ten years I can tell you (what you already know!) that there are some dodgy docs out there. They are either disorganised or clinically poor and they are thankfully few and far between, but they are there. Whose job is it to root them out and improve them then? And why is it that the practices who aspire to be best are the ones who seem (to me anyway) to be the most scrutinised?