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A faulty production line

Peter J Gordon

  • When screening becomes a bum deal

    Peter J Gordon's comment 07 Oct 2016 10:32am

    Thank goodness Dr Des Spence is back writing.

    Dr Peter J. Gordon

  • More than one-third of practices close lists in one area

    Peter J Gordon's comment 20 Sep 2016 9:22am

    The Scottish Government, and in particular the Department of Health (DGHSC), should be held accountable for lack of planning and investment in primary care in NHS Scotland.

    I wonder if the Cabinet Minister, Shona Robison, will do her usual and voice the rhetoric scripted for her by senior civil servants? This usually involves selective and creative use of statistics that often do not match what is happening in the real world.

    The Minister and the Director General for NHS Scotland should be called to the Health and Sports Committee of the Scottish Parliament for this matter to be fully considered. Access to health care is too important for anything short of this not to happen.

    Dr Peter J Gordon
    (writing in a personal capacity)

  • Gabapentinoids - the new diazepam?

    Peter J Gordon's comment 09 Sep 2016 10:44am

    I share Dr Spence's concerns.

    I am a specialist who believes that the true polymaths are the generalists.

    Thank goodness for folk like Dr Spence.

    Dr Peter J Gordon

  • GPs and patients 'misled on statin harms' claim top researchers

    Peter J Gordon's comment 09 Sep 2016 10:19am

    The ABPI disclosure database, which is voluntary, is now open to all. I searched for Prof Rory Collins and had zero returns. One of a number of possibilities for this is that Prof Rory Collins may have no declarations to make.

  • GPs and patients 'misled on statin harms' claim top researchers

    Peter J Gordon's comment 09 Sep 2016 9:49am

    I heard Professor Sir Rory Collins being interviewed live on BBC Radio Scotland this morning. He was asked about potential financial conflicts of interest and chose not to answer this directly or fully.

    I remain concerned about the potential for significant biases from this Collaboration. We need full transparency and all data. Even then biases will likely be there.

    When the previous debate arose between Sir Prof Rory Collins and the BMJ I wrote to him to ask politely where I could find any financial declarations. I can share his response if there is wider interest.

    Dr Peter J Gordon

  • Hunt: Patients to register with GPs and receive health advice through app

    Peter J Gordon's comment 07 Sep 2016 11:58am

    This is the 95 year old philosopher Mary Midgley on such approaches:

    It is worth reading and is not long.

    Dr Peter J Gordon

  • Protestors campaign for health board to hire more GPs

    Peter J Gordon's comment 03 Aug 2016 9:24am

    Meantime our Cabinet Secretary for Health, Shona Robison said this time last week that NHS Scotland has "record levels of staffing". This is a misleading, very misleading presentation of figures.

    The Director General for NHS Scotland, Paul Gray, is the Scottish Government advisor. My concern is that he is out of touch with reality and has the masterful skills of a senior Civil Servant to spin absolutely anything: to use language to present what those in my profession might call illusions.

    I would suggest the protesters write to Mr Paul Gray and copy in opposition MSPs and the Press.

    Dr Peter J Gordon
    (My views do not represent those of my employers)

  • Major UK study finds 20% drop in dementia risk in 20 years

    Peter J Gordon's comment 19 Apr 2016 5:45pm

    However Policy Makers across the UK have been basing targets on previous prevalence estimates.

    For example, in NHS England using the "Dementia Prevalence calculator" and in Scotland, HEAT Target 4, which was set on Eurodem figures (from decades ago). In NHS England “Cash for Dementia” (as termed by some) was instituted, and only after heavy criticism, was it dropped.

    The risk here is that a number of those aged 65 years and over were assessed against a background of targets and political pressure which were advanced ahead of science and the person.

    Dr Peter J Gordon

    I have consistently advocated for a timely approach to the diagnosis of dementia and that targets in this area should be abandoned. I found that I had little support from my colleagues in psychiatry, no support from policy leads and "healthcare improvers”. I also found that I was isolated and criticised by those in a genuine position of power.

  • GPs should be incentivised to check memory problems, says dementia czar

    Peter J Gordon's comment 03 Mar 2016 1:04pm

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  • Embattled £42m dementia DES to end from April

    Peter J Gordon's comment 21 Feb 2016 3:15pm

    This subject is going to be covered on File on 4 on Tuesday 23rd Feb at 8pm:

    I am one of those who have been interviewed. My experience was that my specialist colleagues did not support ethical and scientific concerns that I raised publically.

    However I had huge support from wonderful GP colleagues such as Dr Margaret McCartney, Dr Martin Brunet, Dr Iona Heath to name but a few.

    Dr Peter J Gordon, NHS Psychiatrist for Older Adults, Scotland

  • Mr Cameron, the NHS is not safe in your hands

    Peter J Gordon's comment 05 Feb 2016 9:39am

    Dr Peter J Gordon, Consultant NHS Psychiatrist, Scotland.

    GMC number 3468861

  • Alzheimer's prescriptions six times higher than a decade ago

    Peter J Gordon's comment 22 Jan 2016 9:33am

    I notice that dementia has been shortened to "Alzheimer's".

    My question is: do all these patients have dementia? Or have they been diagnosed with "early Alzheimer's disease" (but do not have clinical dementia) on the basis of Government and Charity National drives?

    We do not want to see delayed diagnosis (unless that is the individual’s explicit choice) but neither do we want to see mis-diagnosis or over-diagnosis.

    The risk of misdiagnosing non-progressive cognitive change as "Alzheimers" is very real. Big Charities and Governments and "Improvement teams" do not seem to wish to discuss this.

    By shortening memory loss to "Alzheimer's" have we culturally and scientifically RE-DEFINED what we mean by "dementia"?? I

    Might we be causing harm, adding to fear, and capturing too much of ageing through a simplistic and misunderstood approach to biological changes that may be associated with ageing?

    Dr Peter J Gordon
    Psychiatrist for Older Adults
    (speaking in a personal capacity)

  • Too many doctors are investigated by the GMC, claims review lead

    Peter J Gordon's comment 13 Jan 2016 1:37pm

    Re| Vinci Ho: 13 Jan 2016 11:56am

    Vinci Ho asks a HUGELY important question (see below). I would also seek the Professor's thoughts on this as I found myself in this exact position:

    "Thank you , Professor.
    Based on this opinion , please answer my question about how a whistle-blower ,serving the duty of candour , can be protected from the risk of counter-allegation or counter-complaint leading to a FTP proceeding , effectively killing his/her voice . Obviously , the worst scenario could be the whistle-blower committed suicide..... "

  • Too many doctors are investigated by the GMC, claims review lead

    Peter J Gordon's comment 13 Jan 2016 11:29am

    And if my experience is anything to go by, for following "duty of candour", "freedom to speak up" and putting patients first, I was threatened several times, in letters from my former employers, NHS Forth Valley, of not abiding with GMC guidance.

    The point I am making is that as medical professionals we have come to live in fear of the GMC. I would say this is neither gooid for our health or for patient safety.

    Dr Peter J Gordon
    Who was the only psychiatrist in NHS Scotland to advocate for a timely approach to the diagnosis of dementia

  • GPs urged to use screening tools to diagnose sepsis

    Peter J Gordon's comment 28 Dec 2015 10:53pm

    (1) "Screening": we must consider the ten WHO criteria set out by Wilson and Junger

    (2) "Tools": we might ask if "improvement culture" overuses a mechanical metaphor when it comes to humankind.

    I do appreciate that sepsis may be less complicated than many other issues. However these questions might still be worth some further consideration?

    Dr Peter J Gordon

  • Niall Dickson: ‘We want doctors to feel protected’

    Peter J Gordon's comment 21 Dec 2015 11:51pm

    In the image provided by PULSE, Niall Dickson looks strained.

    Whilst we are all biological and living beings, mental illness cannot be isolated from the world we live in.

  • Scottish GPs to receive 1.9% boost in funding

    Peter J Gordon's comment 21 Dec 2015 11:27pm

    Ten years ago:

    The first time I heard of QOF was when a GP in Clackmannanshire left my secretary in tears. This GP was chasing dementia QOF statistics.

    This GP, I later understood, had a different approach to most other GPs.

    The career pathway of this GP has been impressive.

  • GPC calls for Professor Steve Field's resignation 'forthwith'

    Peter J Gordon's comment 17 Dec 2015 4:31pm

    I agree with the GPC.

  • The unfathomable dementia calculator

    Peter J Gordon's comment 04 May 2015 1:58pm

    As far as I am aware, the "dementia prevalence calculator" has had no wider academic scrutiny.

    The word "calculator" is seems to me to be quite INAPPROPRIATE as it suggests arithmetic accuracy and that the numbers that it "calculates" have scientific validity. Clearly this would appear not to the case going by the hugely wide range of prevalence figures given to Dr Brunet's practice. We must remember that real lives and complexity lie behind these extremely crude figures.

    My concern is the significant potential for harm with such an approach. Personally speaking, I do not think this approach is at all ethical.

    If I understand correctly, this approach has been introduced in NHS England by: government, Alzheimer's Society and dementia leads.

  • GPs should be sued for ‘late’ dementia diagnoses, says professor

    Peter J Gordon's comment 03 May 2015 11:02am

    This commentary from Dr Shibley Rahman, who I consider as a world leading voice on dementia, is well worth reading:

    Dr Peter J Gordon