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John Oldring

  • All we can do is support you – tell us how

    John Oldring's comment 26 Mar 2020 9:06pm

    Please contact Porton Down and ask them what is the appropriate PPE for given Situations in hospital and in General Practice ,and what percentage protection each type of PPE will give you.This is a form of biological warfare and Porton are the experts.I for one don’t trust any government to be honest if they don’t have the correct equipment Thank you

  • GPs and hospital doctors 'will die' without proper PPE, BMA warns

    John Oldring's comment 26 Mar 2020 11:38am

    There seems to be disagreement as to what PPE is required ..I wonder whether the BMA could talk directly to Porton Down for a definitive answer as to the degree of protection each type of PPE would offer in ang given situation

  • When I grow up, I’ll be a worse GP

    John Oldring's comment 15 Sep 2018 9:31pm

    It had been snowing heavily ,I went to work in slippers .Morning surgery went well ,patients tthought I was sensible “changing my boots into slippers”.Had to visit a 90 yr old lady.I apologised for turning up in slippers.She was very understanding “ that’s alright dear when you get to our age,these things happen .I was 55 at the time .

  • GP practices in struggling town forced to re-open patient lists

    John Oldring's comment 25 May 2018 5:20pm

    1)discuss with GMC and MDU and ask in writing from both what their advice is in this situation- if you are being forced to practice unsafe medicine /lower your standard of care because of lack of appropriate resources -In my view what you are being asked to do also goes against the Hippocratic Oath -in the first instance "do no harm" and in this situation the significant danger for any patient is that they feel they are going to receive an appropriate standard of care. they wont -and it isn't their fault/or the professionals if you don't have the resources-.Iam in the twilight of my professional career having been qualified for nearly 42yrs .I can remember back when the doctors in our PCG advised the PCT, at times,what we would and wouldn't do -because sometimes we were asked /told to do things that we thought were wrong -and given very little time in which to do them -I think there were about 40 gp's in our PCG -and when we all agreed not to do them the PCT backed down - for me it was and I suspect is the same in this situation -DO the right things for the right reason - discuss amongst yourselves ,agree a decision with LMC support and stick to that decision unless new information/resources become available .I have always felt that the profession via the colleges/BMA/LMC's /and local practices,at times should be advising the government what they can and cannot do professionally including safely and not always be accepting of what we are told to do. I genuinely feel for everyone in this situation -the state of the nhs is currently the worst I have experienced in my career and until there is COMPLETE honesty from all those involved in the nhs and the department of health - we will continue in a downward spiral

  • Collect feedback following every GP-patient interaction, says GMC report

    John Oldring's comment 13 Jan 2017 10:36am

    Lets apply this to all MP's ,all civil servants and everyone who works in the nhs -otherwise it sounds like discrimination

  • GPs will no longer be 'default' person for out-of-hours care in one region

    John Oldring's comment 19 Oct 2016 12:22pm

    This philosophy is frightening - and the MDU need to be involved - To ask GP's to provide "clinical leadership " is fraught with a multitude of interpretations -as is the comment "complex cases "-and is a complex case decided before the pt is seen or retrospectively ,or retrospectively when something goes wrong ?When I see a patient I may not be taking a history or examining them all the time ,but I am aware of how they are behaving/how children are relating to their parents etc -all the time. You lose that if you "cover other people "and just write a script that someone else isn't qualified to write .The only safe cover is where you see that patient as though they were a new consultation for you .Are all the various professionals going to have the same indemnity cover ?The time that it could get really nasty is in a court of law if these points aren't addressed now.

  • Can GPs really learn anything from banks?

    John Oldring's comment 12 Oct 2016 12:42pm

    My first day as a student someone had carved on the desk in front of me 2 lines
    "Do not adjust your mind
    There is a fault in reality "
    My 40yrs working in the NHS have proved those words to be right on a regular basis

  • Jeremy Hunt 'wants to boost GP morale by awarding more gongs'

    John Oldring's comment 10 Oct 2016 10:44am

    It gets more worrying- so far removed from reality and what would make a positive difference

  • DH civil servants fear seven-day NHS will cause 'workforce overload'

    John Oldring's comment 24 Aug 2016 10:42am

    MR Hunt, the Department of Health civil servants,and everyone who works in the NHS if they seriously wanted to make the NHS safer,should all read Matthew Syed's book "Black Box Thinking " and stop going down the route of closed loop thinking and cognitive dissonance,-The comparison between how the aviation industry address problems/errors and how the NHS and its management/clinicians do is stark

  • GPs face complete halt on all non-urgent referrals under CCG plans to cut costs

    John Oldring's comment 10 Aug 2016 6:34pm

    It isnt difficult - treat patients appropriately whatever anyone says,refer appropriately -and let hospitals make the decision whether they are seen or not .Once you stop doing what is clinically right by your patient then you are in trouble . you can always add in the letter that should the hospital fail to treat the patient appropriately the hospital /clinician in the hospital takes full medico legal responsibility for that decision

  • GP practices forced to tell NHS England if they pay over 'maximum rate' for locums

    John Oldring's comment 22 Feb 2016 2:40pm

    What worries me is that these people run the country -you couldnt make up the garbage that comes out of the Department of Health/NHS England -If they actually took time to reflect on how they are behaving and understood what they were saying and doing they would be incredibly embarrassed .Im not sure they have the intellect to appreciate this .

  • Daily Mail's 'Mind Doctor' has missed the real GP story

    John Oldring's comment 09 Feb 2016 11:06am

    to consultant 9.59 -My first day at med school in 1969(which makes me very old ) someone had carved on my desk - "do not adjust your mind ,there is a fault in reality" - that person was a true visionary

  • GPs should have contractual duty to get '10% of patients using online services'

    John Oldring's comment 09 Dec 2015 12:36pm

    Afternoon John (John Elder 11.43) -sorry to say you you couldnt get a job as a government adviser on anything - you have too much common sense and ability Regards John