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CAMHS won't see you now

Coral Jones

  • Practices to be asked to quit NHS in New Year

    Coral Jones's comment 05 Dec 2016 2:02pm

    The GPs in NI are walking into a well laid trap by the Tories and NHSE, and the privatisers in New Labour before them. What do the GPs think will happen? Welcome Virgin and Care UK- you will be employed on poor pay and conditions as salaried doctors working for profit making concerns. Plenty of money for shareholders, little for staff who will be largely replaced by physicians assistants and HCAs, destruction of the NHS to boot. That is what the gov and NHSE want, end of the NHS and replacement by ACOs, who will be contracted to the NHS. So you will still work for the NHS but with no continuity of care, no NHS pension, poorer income and being responsible for lesser trained staff who will be doing your job, with you taking hte can. Get the Tories out, get Labour to commit to a public NHS. You are attacking the wrong people, patients who will be the worst losers in this

  • QOF has reached the end of its useful life, says NHS chief

    Coral Jones's comment 20 Oct 2016 5:02pm

    The NAPC has now been rewarded for supporting the H&SC Act, 5YFV and STPs. Irrelevant to NAPC and Stevens that hundreds of practices are closing, that is what they want so that practices have to have 30,000 + patients, ripe for ACO and take over by private sector. Health Insurance anybody?

  • GP Forward View should be everyone's 'top priority', says RCGP chair

    Coral Jones's comment 19 Oct 2016 6:31pm

    SPIN anyone? Sorry that the RCGP believes what NHSE says about STPs

    NHSE guidance is that STPs should publish only a “summary” of their plans within local organisations’ board papers by mid-December , and that the summary should “articulate tangible benefits for patients” in language that is “clear and compelling”. Additionally that "STP submissions should include an introduction explaining how the plans will strengthen primary care, improve secondary services, achieve access targets, prevent illness and create financial sustainability."

  • NHS paid private provider £165,000 for single home visit under GP Choice scheme

    Coral Jones's comment 02 Apr 2016 10:52am

    See related article in Pulse today.
    Commissioners were 'paid £500 to attend lobbying events' in Pulse today
    Forced use of private providers, sales pitches to CCGs and NHSE who it seems are easily taken in, or have vested interests?

  • Commissioners were 'paid £500 to attend lobbying events'

    Coral Jones's comment 02 Apr 2016 10:38am

    Declaring conflicts of interest may have no impact. eg over 160 Lords have finaicial interests in private health firms, which they declared, but did not prevent them voting for increased use of private comapnies under the Health & Social Care Act. Likewise attendance by top NHSE officials at events sponsored by private firms lobbying for contracts, think all the woolly lobbying for consultancy work with the Sustainabiity & Transformatin Plans, will be fobbed off as 'invited speaker' 'paid for his own dinner' etc etc. The NHS and CCGs, who are easily flattered it seems, are having the wool pulled over our eyes.

  • Practices to pay almost £2,000 more in CQC fees from April

    Coral Jones's comment 31 Mar 2016 9:02pm

    A nearby practice of 17,000 patients spent nearly £20,000 preparing for the CQC inspection with locum fees, lost appointments, preparation of reports, writing up etc. Turned out the 5 inspectors were not interested in the practice or the doctors, asked irrelevant questions, seemed only interested that the registrars could locate protocols easily. The practice felt they gained nothing at consideraqble expense. Now practices must pay even more for this irrelevant and time wasting exercise

  • 3,000 GPs short? You ain't seen nothing yet

    Coral Jones's comment 30 Mar 2016 12:46pm

    Hunt said that relying on inspection to achieve good outcomes was his biggest mistake, instead of realising a culture change is needed. He DIDN'T say more funding is needed. Culture change means more reorganisation, 'sustainability and transformation'- that is cuts and being able to blame someone else. Great opportunities for his friends in KPMG to get lots of NHS moneyadvising Hunt how to accomplish this.

  • BMA calls crisis conference to prevent health service 'collapse'

    Coral Jones's comment 17 Mar 2016 1:25pm

    Without the NHS we can all work in a system driven by profit- over diagnosis, over investigations, availability of treatment dependent on insurance funding, inequitable, designed in hedge fund boardrooms. Leaving the public with a downgraded rudimentary system providing miniml care. Is the BMA not looking after doctors by opposing this? My concern as a GP is patient care, and respect and trust in doctors that we are not being bribed to make decisions, but ones based on clinical need. Look at the US model where we are heading- spends double per head of populatin than the UK on health care, 40 million people cannot even access health care except via emergency departments, poor health and blighted lives for the benefit of private companies. If that is what you want, then the US is your place

  • BMA calls crisis conference to prevent health service 'collapse'

    Coral Jones's comment 17 Mar 2016 12:29pm

    The BMA is coming out of thecorner fighting now. There are many people on Council who want a publicly funded and publicly provided NHS, they need our support! The likes of Hunt, Oliver Letwin, KPMG, PwC, Care UK, New Labour and Tories with interests in private health care have been working away at dismantling and privatising the NHS for years. Let's get behind council

  • 'GP patients won’t be identified from sick note records'

    Coral Jones's comment 07 Mar 2016 5:53pm

    I thought the million patients who had opted out of would not have their information harvested via the HSCIC. However the guidance on this DWP extraction of data says that only people who have asked for a Type 1 opt out will be excluded from this download. What is type 1? Will patients who requested exclusion out of be excluded from this DWP extraction? Does anyone know?
    Also this has been brought in under the radar, GPs I have spoken to and certainly patients do not know that this information is being extracted and passed to DWP

  • Mr Cameron, the NHS is not safe in your hands

    Coral Jones's comment 04 Feb 2016 9:10pm

    Dr Coral Jones, Hackney GP and appraiser

  • GPs told to refrain from referring to local hospital for three months

    Coral Jones's comment 09 Sep 2015 11:31pm

    As Chomsky said on how to 'cause' privatisation. Starve public services of funds, run down services, make people think it is the public services' fault, and so justify transferring to the private sector. This is evident from the article which even says that private hospitals have capacity- clearly what all this is about;.

  • New heart failure treatment to be made available on NHS

    Coral Jones's comment 06 Sep 2015 0:30am

    Well said Sanjeev, yet more policy driven by Big Pharma

  • BMA calls for review of personal health budget scheme following Pulse investigation

    Coral Jones's comment 06 Sep 2015 0:26am

    Personal Health Budgets are designed to hasten fragmentation and disintegration of the NHS by defunding existing NHS services, to be replaced by private services as patient 'choice'.. This scheme was halted in the Netherlands after 12 years due to excessive costs, lack of improved outcomes and fraud.

  • GPs decamp to Athens, claim 'anywhere is better than the UK'

    Coral Jones's comment 11 Jul 2015 8:19am

    What is happening to Greek people and their health care is a modern day Greek tragedy- increasing child poverty, increasing suicide and depression, hunger, little access to health care. To trivialise this is shameful. Instead support Medical Aid for Greece.

  • GP funding formula changes to be announced by autumn

    Coral Jones's comment 10 Jun 2015 3:02pm

    There is a straight forward answer for the interim problem of 2015-16 funding which is to restore MPIG until the funding formula has been worked out. The wider context is chronic underfunding of general practice, and wasted billions in the NHS by the top down 2012 H&SC Act and drive to competition.
    Stop blaming patients for being old, we are only a year old than last year, blame government cuts and privatisation

  • Practice in CQC special measures taken over by NHS trust

    Coral Jones's comment 05 Jun 2015 1:03am

    So yet another private provider not providing adequate services.

  • DH-commissioned analysis to cast further doubt on NHS Health Checks

    Coral Jones's comment 05 Jun 2015 0:57am

    The 'success' of this programme is counted by the number of people who start taking statins. This is a destined-to-fail individualistic response to a public health problem, not addressed by a government in league with pharma, food and alcohol companies. Programme clearly not designed by GPs who open the medicine cupboard during a home visit to have a cupboard full of tablets fall on our heads.

  • GP leaders unite to reject NICE proposal to put 10% statin threshold in the QOF

    Coral Jones's comment 31 May 2015 12:59pm

    QoF decision makers need to read the evidence which shws that most people, even with serious longterm conditions, don't take thir medication as prescribed. Opening the mdicine cupboard at patient's houses means ducking out o the way to avoid the pills as they cascade down. we medicalise and overtreat, broccoli not statins!

  • Screening the masses: GPs set for contractual incentives to measure diabetes risk

    Coral Jones's comment 31 May 2015 12:54pm

    diabetes is a lifestyle disease which should be tackled by the government STOPPING collusion with the food and alcohol industry. Public health measures such as encouraging walking and cycling, stop selling off school playing fields, decreasing sugar, salt, fat in food by legislation are what is needed, not medicalising changes by making them GP dependant