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Wendy Harrison

  • Pulse's GP workload survey is open - take part now

    Wendy Harrison's comment 12 Feb 2019 1:31pm

    The workload survey does not give the opportunity to really reflect the GP day. A partners day is about so much more that direct patient contacts. There was no opportunity to tell you about the letters the meeting the electronic prescriptions the path results the supervision of the FY2 dr the patient related queries sent by task and the safe guarding, significant events complaints and terminal patients discussed. 20 patient contact on the surgpvey but an additional 130 (approx) patients were dealt with in some way by me yesterday. This is why is isn’t safe

  • More than two thirds of GPs work less than full time, says official data

    Wendy Harrison's comment 20 Sep 2018 12:33pm

    Doesn't add up does it? Work force survey says 40% work more than 45 hours a week. NHS data says only 31% work more than 37.5 hours a week. Interestingly the MORI poll definition of full time is more than 27 hours. Hmmm I should be inteested to know hiw many would be part time in the work force survey by that definition!

  • Ten top tips - bipolar disorder

    Wendy Harrison's comment 09 Feb 2017 4:02pm

    My closest friend was admitted with severe depression, had side effects with SSRIs consisting of elevated mood and agitation, was sectioned, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, told medication was essential for the rest of her life. However her ' psychomotor retardation' failed to respond. Unsurprising as she was eventually diagnosed with HOCM 10 years later. By this time she had lost her career, friends and child bearing years (oh and a shame about all those cardio toxic drugs hey!)
    And now? Discharged from psychiatry off all psychotropic medication and had 2 lots of open heart surgery and a heart transplant assessment.
    So be careful how you label people - the consequences are indeed far reaching.