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The waiting game


  • Obituary: Dr Anisha Malhotra – dedicated GP, wife and mother

    OnTheWayOut's comment 05 Dec 2018 4:16pm

    So sorry to hear your news, Dr Chand. Your wife sounds like an amazing lady and that is a lovely tribute, from a husband to a wife and also from a doctor to a respected valued colleague.

  • It’s just too easy for us to blame others for the GP crisis

    OnTheWayOut's comment 04 Apr 2018 8:26am

    Spot on, Pete. If we did what this Brine person wants and had some great conspiracy of silence about this stuff, wouldn’t it be kind of... morally wrong? Or does he just want us to convince ourselves all is well with some feat of self-hypnosis? (Of course, that is what some people in government are doing all the time, I suppose. Maybe they have mandatory courses in Ignoring Evidence. That could explain a lot.)

  • Is Cancer Research UK’s obesity campaign ‘fat shaming’?

    OnTheWayOut's comment 31 Mar 2018 10:37am

    ‘Even *if* not kinder’, sorry.
    I am sure CRUK didn’t intend their campaign to trigger yet more fat-shaming, but they were being a bit naïve in failing to realise it would. Have got tired of trying to put straight my many online acquaintances who take it as a go-ahead to be obnoxious. The truth, as dear Oscar said, is rarely pure and never simple.

  • Is Cancer Research UK’s obesity campaign ‘fat shaming’?

    OnTheWayOut's comment 31 Mar 2018 10:31am

    With respect to Dr Cundy, I think he needs to read Dr Tomlinson’s piece again. Nobody’s really arguing with the evidence that obesity is a part of the aetiology of some cancers. What he is saying, and I agree with him, is that ‘ostracism’, which Dr Cundy is apparently backing (but how do you ‘ostracise’ obesity?- you can only ostracise those ‘guilty’ of it...) never did anything positive. The smoking comparison isn’t ideal- you can stop smoking, hard though it may be, and obese people don’t do anyone direct harm (unless, I suppose, they fall on them). Now, here’s a suggestion: if we want to save money for the NHS, let’s stop people marrying anyone who is going to be obnoxious to them and make them miserable. Millions wiped off the MH services budget at a stroke. Easy! It is not as simple as there being two sides, the ‘get a grip, porky’ hawks and the ‘it’s safe to be obese, poppet’ doves. We as doctors really should grasp this even if the general public mostly don’t. The dimmer sections of the general public might like to have a scapegoat to be horrible to, and just slot obese people into the slot more often filled by ‘migrants’; we ought to be better-educated that that, even of not kinder. If you re-read the article, you’d see that Dr (‘dove’) Tomlinson is advocating just what you’re suggesting, taxing obesogenic foods. He’s also, I suspect, in favour of a society in which being an arse to those who have different weaknesses from our own isn’t seen as a magic solution to complex problems. (If we had a remotely adequate mental health service and employment/social care services, that would be helpful too, but I dare say that is past praying for.)

  • Cheer of home visits has become a chore

    OnTheWayOut's comment 24 Feb 2018 10:39am

    “A legitimate route to nosing around other people’s homes without being arrested”... Spot on, Zoë! How this phrase made me laugh... And hearing their stories, most of them fascinating. And sometimes a bit of medicine thrown in. But yes, that was then. Now it’s just another timewasting burden.

  • Plug the NHS cash sinkhole before pouring more funds in

    OnTheWayOut's comment 24 Feb 2018 10:32am

    What Tatiana Nikolova says. So, so much wasted on marketisation and passing contracts back and forth so that R.Branson and the like just get richer. And the constant pressure on those lower in the food chain- clinical staff but also more junior admin- to do the impossible so that they can get the blame when it goes wrong. Pointless targets set simply because they deal with what can be proven as an achievement (eg the daft 4-hour ED waits one when a few in the ED need seeing NOW and the majority of the others needn’t be there at all). And party politics which won’t allow anything unpalatable to be said to the GBP.

  • Collect feedback following every GP-patient interaction, says GMC report

    OnTheWayOut's comment 14 Jan 2017 2:48pm

    What a damn' silly idea. And most GPs are "broadly" in favour of it, are we? Fancy.

  • Sometimes all a GP can say is: 'That's not my problem'

    OnTheWayOut's comment 21 Jan 2015 9:26am

    What Anon. 3:23 am said. GPs have to waste a lot of time helping people to prove they aren't lying. It's often something unprovable anyway.

  • Sometimes all a GP can say is: 'That's not my problem'

    OnTheWayOut's comment 20 Jan 2015 12:52pm

    Nobody is denying that social circumstances affect health. I am not sure I've ever met a GP who thinks in "simplistic, reductive biomedical terms". The point Dr Dawlatly is making is surely that these things are important, and doctors need back-up from social services, local councils and, ultimately, the government in power, to help with those issues.