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Chembukkavu John George

  • Junior doctors to withdraw emergency care in escalation of action

    Chembukkavu John George's comment 24 Mar 2016 3:48pm

    It is sad to note that the remuneration for Junior Doctors are much better than a clerk or a cleaner. These so called junior doctor is a misnomer, a lot of them are in their forties and fifties. Dignity for the medical profession will be eclipsed , if we do not pull through and get what we want. If the government has no money, they can cut services of the NHS drastically, but Mr. Hunt is determined to humiliate medical profession.
    Wake up BMA and other medical associations and fight more intensively.

  • CQC is a 'bloated bureaucracy', says BMA

    Chembukkavu John George's comment 21 Jan 2016 11:12am

    This government is slowly encroaching into the free practising of the medical profession. The bureaucracy has increased since appraisal, revalidation and CQC registration were introduced. These were introduced in the name of patient safety.The BMA and other medical associations are not resisting these intrusion, as no doctors will do to the peril of patients.

  • Prime Minister opposes assisted dying, doctors face imposed weekend work and why elderly should spend two minutes a day hopping

    Chembukkavu John George's comment 11 Sep 2015 2:05pm

    When it comes to preserving life, the BMA as well as the prime minister should join forces to fight the evil idea of assisted suicide. In the interest of the medical profession, providing quality of life to their patients is of paramount importance, and on no occasion one should play god on taking life. Morally no patient can demand to help suicide or fix a time for dying, as one's birth is not his/her choice. Do not emulate the rotten practice in the EU countries.

  • 18,000 doctors could be struck off for failing to engage with revalidation

    Chembukkavu John George's comment 05 Mar 2015 11:05pm

    Revalidation of private doctors without any prescribed connection, designated body, responsible officers,appraisers, suitable person is a hot issue. From the very inception of the revalidation, I notified the GMC to make provision for private doctors, but nothing was done.I had my revalidation for a period of only one year. I complained that the GMC should have made provision for private doctors, like they had introduced the PLAB test for overseas doctors. I notified that if my revalidation is not continued for five years like other doctors, I will have to take up the matter to an appropriate legal authority on the ground of human right and or discrimination. I lokk forward to hear from interested parties.