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Gold, incentives and meh

Anonymous GP

  • GP leaders demand end to seven-day routine access scheme

    Anonymous GP's comment 25 Nov 2019 9:40pm

    GPs, LMCs and BMAs are focussing away from the main threat to General Practice- PCNs. The PCNs were apparently formed to relieve staffing problems and relieve pressure on practices. It’s become such a nightmare- employment, VAT, and more importantly CCGs and systems now wanting to commission all their services through PCNS, and wanting Clinical Directors to help forming ICPs. The system has gone mad. We need to get rid of PCNs and put money directly into core GMS

  • GPs vote for home visits to be removed from contract

    Anonymous GP's comment 22 Nov 2019 11:56am

    BMA will now our home visits as part of the PCN contract, and showcase that as the game changer for general practice
    PCNs will take down general practice , wait and see

  • Jonathan Ashworth: 'It will take time to resolve pressures in general practice'

    Anonymous GP's comment 16 Nov 2019 10:16am

    It’s typical Labour garbage, I’m going to promise you the world but not going to tell you how, but in the meanwhile I’m going to tax you until you leave the profession or country anyways
    How disingenuous is this, when they say want to increase investment in general practice but at the same time hit GPs with hard hitting tax changes

  • CCG to put all local enhanced services funding through PCNs

    Anonymous GP's comment 25 Sep 2019 3:21pm

    This is government agenda to get rid of smaller and independent practices. Also the CCGs will be funding less amounts as compared to what they would have funded practices to deliver. Say a no to everything and then ask them to explain through FOI, why there are happy to give more money to secondary care.

  • GPs could be asked to do C-sections under proposals to retain maternity unit

    Anonymous GP's comment 28 Sep 2018 5:19pm

    Bring it on !!, 3 months crash course for GPs doing operations and 3 month crash course for specialists doing GP work
    I can see the specialists lining up to flee first after 3 months

  • GP leaders question 'incomprehensible' Home Office decision to deport trainee GP

    Anonymous GP's comment 09 Apr 2018 6:44pm

    He should be allowed to finish his training, get his degree and then he should actuallyvthank home office for them throwing him out . So he can actually end up in a better place where he gets the respect, work life balance, the remuneration and a life that he deserves, or for that matter every UK doctor does
    Luke, my friend, consider this an opportunity

  • Thank you and goodbye

    Anonymous GP's comment 31 Mar 2018 11:26am

    Thanks Nigel for having our corner, all the best

  • GMC chair apologises to doctors for ‘fear and anguish’ caused by Bawa-Garba case

    Anonymous GP's comment 13 Mar 2018 4:21pm

    To all my colleagues who have written on this thread. You all have essentially signed death warrants for yourselves. The GMC and Terence will now look at all these comments, use their friends in higher places to track you down, and open cases against you all and strike you off.
    Then GMC will come out with a statement, saying we are responsible for making medical profession better and safer, why, coz we eliminated all who raised concern, and could’ve been human enough to possibly make a mistake, based on the emotional responses on this thread.
    Welcome to GMC- General Mechanical Doctors Corporation, oh and by the way, the remaining doctors will have their annual subscription increased, in case we need more legal money to sack them as well.

  • Nearly half of GPs think it is time to get rid of the QOF

    Anonymous GP's comment 07 Mar 2018 3:54am

    I would be very worried about losing an income stream which is tangible and you know what you have done, and what you have earned.
    The only reason the government would want to scrap QOF, is to :
    1. Increase workload for GPs for the same amount of money
    2. The full QOF money will never be reinvested into global sum- govt will take a large slice of it, and thus force practices into mergers/ takeovers by hospitals and MCPs, to be able to survive
    3. Both- this is where my money is, this is what i think their agenda is.

    Also, once QOF is scrapped, what are you going to do with your nurses/ HCA- sack them !!
    Be very careful of what you wish for !!.

  • Over 80% of GPs say workload has worsened since GP Forward View

    Anonymous GP's comment 19 Feb 2018 12:46pm

    What you will find is that the rest of the 17-20 % are actually GPs who are not working in the frontline. They are GPs, who are now in CCGs, NHSE, unable to cope with daily workload, so sitting in meetings, saying GPs can’t do anything, don’t do anything, and lets come up with schemes of demolishing General Practice, in line with NHSE agendas, and by the way- where is my Pension Heavy next beaurocratic job.

  • GP leaders to consider encouraging non-clinical GP partners to save partnerships

    Anonymous GP's comment 19 Feb 2018 12:32pm

    I don’t think this is a bad idea.
    I personally would not take non clinical people as partners, but haven said that, what’s wrong in having your ANP or practice managers as partners. There is a level of ownership that they will have towards the practice, and if people are worried about profit sharing, you can always have fixed share partnerships, with carrots and sticks in the contract.
    As far as loopholes of LLPs go, if we can have GMS/ PMS contracts as LLP or Limited companies, would help massively with tax and pensions. Might not be as bad as it sounds

  • Jeremy Hunt: Year-on-year pressure on doctors 'not sustainable'

    Anonymous GP's comment 10 Feb 2018 7:19pm

    Whatever J Hunt says about the NHS, the only signal he is providing is more money is needed for his cronies. More money will be given to the NHS, just not the frontline staf, why, coz they signed up for the daily traumatic experience of seeing their patients dying in corridors, coz they signed up for a very short career in medicine in this country, either retiring early or emigrating, coz they signed up to give up their family life and own well being, coz they signed up to be respected intelligent individuals bein told by absolute numpties about how to do their own job, basically coz uve signed up to be a doctor or a nurse in this country, u’ve basically signed up to be a robot. But Mr Secretary- we knew we were signing up for it. And yes about the money, the private companies will get the contracts , it will be shown more money is being invested in NHS , on paper, and the politics goes on.
    We don’t need words from you Mr Hunt, we need action, only one of the two action, either put money where your mouth is, or resign.

  • CQC reveals £100m cost as final results show 90% of GP practices are 'good'

    Anonymous GP's comment 07 May 2017 10:44pm

    The level of politics in NHS is insane.
    People create organisations for their own personal benefit and fleece the GPS and taxpayers for it.
    Can't decide whether Steve Field or Jeremy Hunt is worse for General Practice and NHS, or is just smoke and mirrors

  • Ms May, your attack on GPs reeks of dead cat

    Anonymous GP's comment 19 Jan 2017 3:23am

    NHS has been a political football forever, where the GPS and the government are on opposite sides, rather than being on the same side.
    And now are running on extra time in the NHS.
    I don't think there is going to be a result before the final whistle- whistle being the collapse of the NHS.
    And then like typical mediocre English football team, reaping the benefits of a draw match, the Governemnt will reap the rewards, with the individual MPs, as in the players having huge endorsements, i.e. Private healthcare company board directorships
    By the way- manager Theresa May, Captain, Jeremy Hunt
    Three cheers for the lions