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  • After the storm, what now for Dr Bawa-Garba?

    Thegrassisgreener's comment 16 Aug 2018 2:15am

    What now for Bawa Garba? I sincerely hope now that she will focus on overturning her unsafe conviction. She should never have been charged with manslaughter in the 1st place, even less having a lay jury decide her fate when there was no way they could comprehend the complexity of the case. What an absolute travesty!

  • Are home visits a waste of time?

    Thegrassisgreener's comment 12 May 2018 6:13pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with Shaba. Home visits was the final straw for me and definitely contributed to developing burnout. Having to rush around in your car in possible dangerous driving conditions perhaps not knowing the area in a finite amount of time before pm surgery would start was a recipe for disaster. And this goes without mentioning the faeces, the aggressive dogs etc etc. To even then turn up as the patient was arriving in their own car or to find the house likely empty or to then go through the stress of working out whether it was worth calling the police to bash in the door or find in general that pretty much every visit was inappropriate. Patients in the UK do not care about your time on home visits, they sees it as their right and as they are free, it is completely abused. I am so glad that I no longer do any home visits anymore and it has changed my life for the better. I am far less stressed at work and actually enjoy being a GP now. Its a shame I had to emigrate to do that though.

  • GPs to spend four hours a week longer seeing patients by 2022 to meet demand

    Thegrassisgreener's comment 08 Jun 2017 4:14am

    Not for me! I had the good fortune of being able to get out and emigrate last year. Now I work 40 hours maximum per week with a 30 min lunch break and no housecalls ever. I can spend as much time as I want with patients and choose when I want to do the hours each week. Life is good: I actually have a life now!

  • GP workforce shrunk over the past year in major blow to 5,000 target

    Thegrassisgreener's comment 25 Jan 2017 1:45pm

    Dear fed up @1224. I was burning out in my full time partner role. I was snappy, tearful and always worried about a gmc letter. I felt I was missing out on family life. I was sued once already. I took the plunge and emigrated to Canada last year, i am 39 and had been a partner for 9 years. Now I work a 40 hour week with a daily lunch break and no home visits and I'm making about double what i did in the UK. You need to check your options

  • Jeremy Hunt pledges £10m to support struggling practices under 'new deal'

    Thegrassisgreener's comment 19 Jun 2015 9:41am

    10 million! And they are considering spending 5.7 billion on renovating Westminster!!!! Looks like they've got their priorities sorted as usual