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Independents' Day


  • Mr Cameron, the NHS is not safe in your hands

    JATIN PATEL's comment 06 Feb 2016 2:10pm

    Well Naomi for your brave and honest stance especially the bit about forcing out hard working practices by draining them off their finances and private companies walking away Scott free

  • Half of GPs willing to resign NHS contracts in protest at state of general practice

    JATIN PATEL's comment 10 Dec 2015 11:34am

    I was a senior a GP principal in an inner city practice for 27 years and the work got to such an unsustainable level together with financial losses DIRECTLY as as a result of a cut back in fees and inability to recruit partners that I decide to retire and adjust to a life in the slow lane. I guess, initially o felt confused as to whether I had done the right thing because I loved my job especially the teaching side of it. I went through a period of prolonged uncertainty but I was one of the lucky ones who could retire at 55 as I had I major financial obligations. A year has passed since I stopped full time general practice and my life could not be any better. I wogldNEVER go back to this nightmarish life and feel blessed that I got a way out. I sincerely hope that pother colleague n my situation will have the courage to do he same

  • We must fight - and the time is now

    JATIN PATEL's comment 22 Sep 2015 8:14pm

    Well said and well written . We GPS are so fragmented within ourselves that it is no wonder that the government is playing around with us and until such time we will continue to suffer . it is a disgrace that we have put up with such contempt from the government . The NHS is on the brink of collapse and we can all do ourselves a favour by resigning on masse so that the power that be can realize how valuable we are