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Duncan Livingstone

  • GPs suffer email issues after NHS worker accidentally messages everyone

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 15 Nov 2016 11:13am

    Rather ridiculous parochial headline. I work for the NHS - not as a GP - and lo and behold, I was affected too! Will we soon be getting "earthquake strikes New Zealand - GP on holiday spills beverage"?

  • Here’s an NNT for your thoughts

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 22 Oct 2016 2:54pm

    Antipsychotics: NNT = 1. Hunt.

  • Pharmacists to hand out emergency medication supplies without GP approval

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 14 Oct 2016 2:36pm

    Some remarkably ignorant / prejudiced comments from some of the usual "anonymous" filter-feeding pond life. It's not about minor ailments / injuries (I've found literacy and a cerebral cortex have been real boons to my life). Emergency supplies have always been potentially available from pharmacists BUT in normal GP hours there was a legal constraint which disallowed supply if patient could possibly fight their way to a GP and there was a huge amount of paperwork to be recorded as well as making judgements about "nature of the emergency". This just makes life easier for GP, pharmacist and patient. Yes, arguably it flies in the face of "self-care" and "personal responsibility", but then again so does treating patients with life-style related disease that do not change their behaviour. Rant over

  • GP practices still receive illegible hospital discharge summaries

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 23 Sep 2016 5:25pm

    Problem often arises because of CCG standard for ED to be forwarded within 24 hours of discharge. A better standard might allow (say) up to 72 hours but had to have all appropriate fields completed especially reason for admission, what was done and why and any changes to Meds (and why)

  • Waiting to be strung up by the state

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 03 Sep 2016 12:58pm

    It's just as bad, if not worse for pharmacists. Any dispensing error where an incorrect medicine is dispensed is automatically an absolute criminal offence. DH and Govt. said 6 years ago that they would support changes in law but have done nothing whatsoever and now demand candour! Never mind the fact that the policies of Osborne, Cameron, Lansley and Hunt will indirectly prolong suffering and increase premature deaths by their recklessly negligent management of the NHS, they'll never be held to account, indeed Lansley's gross incompetence and lies have got him a nice little earner in the House of Lords

  • GPs to be protected from secondary care workload dump

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 28 Jul 2016 5:43pm

    Another brilliant coup by Hunt. Play primary and secondary care off against each other. Judging by the previous comments, its already working. The 24 hour discharge summary is a joke. In West Sussex it's already a CCG standard for providers. Result - hastily written and incomplete in many cases. Alternatively written days before discharge and omitting later clinical detail. The 24 hour rule puts more weekend pressure on the NHS. Wouldn't accurate and complete information in (say) 60 hours of discharge be more valuable?

  • Nine in ten GPs think Jeremy Hunt should go

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 13 May 2016 5:58pm

    Anonymous Consultant 3.25 is exactly right. Hunt doesn't give a flying fig what anyone in the NHS thinks. His only concern is that his oily egregious mate Dave supports him. That's unlikely to change as Dave needs all the help he can get over the referendum

  • All practices will benefit from GP Forward View, promises Simon Stevens

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 04 May 2016 11:12am

    It's very much "jam tomorrow". Stevens seems like a decent bloke caught between a rock and a hard place.

  • Government's plan to recruit GPs from abroad is simply daft

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 09 Apr 2016 12:25pm

    Please dont assume that because one pharmacist makes an ill-informed comment that the entire pharmacy profession is in agreement. I can only speak for me but i think that Hunt's egregious desperation is the subject in hand rather than GPs salaries. Lansley was appalling and dishonest and Cameron elevated him to the Lords. I wonder what awaits Hunt - beatification?

  • Do I have to refer a patient for homeopathy?

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 25 Mar 2016 6:42pm

    Homeopathy does not work beyond placebo effect. That has been demonstrated to the nth degree. However, if a patient wishes to follow that route and is willing to pay, having been made aware of the alternatives and their relative efficacy and adverse effect profile, then that is their choice. I don't advocate homeopathy for major or minor illness but if a "competent" adult wishes to pursue that course so be it. I do however object to NHS funding of homeopathic treatments (as indeed I also do of some "conventional" medicines which do little if any good)

  • NICE dramatically reduces drug options for low back pain

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 24 Mar 2016 5:34pm

    Good ol NICE. Advice sits perfectly with AKI prevention. Ermm.... 'Ang on a mo. They've completely missed the point re paracetamol mono therapy. It's no better than placebo. Agreed. But placebo effect in analgesia can be quite beneficial. I don't know much cos only been doing job for 33 years but if you tell someone their analgesic is weak crap they won't get benefit. Conversely tell 'em its heap strong medicine, specially selected for 'em and bingo. Often works a treat. I'm not saying it works for majority but neither do NSAIDs in my experience. It's also worth noting that when ibuprofen was red shiny Brufen tabs., patients thought it was the dogs doodahs. Now dull white tabs - they don't work anymore. Why would that be?

  • Mr Osborne, GPs need crown indemnity

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 16 Mar 2016 9:24pm

    Hey 'anonymous' I've checked my facts are I'm afraid you're incorrect - Crown Immunity is dead and buried. Good idea to remain anonymous though.

  • Mr Osborne, GPs need crown indemnity

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 15 Mar 2016 8:00pm

    Erm correct me if I'm wrong but Crown Indemnity in NHS hospitals went down the Swanee about twenty years ago. I suspect that what you are requesting is something akin to "vicarious liability" that NHS Trusts carry for acts and omissions by their employees. This does not totally indemnify healthcare staff and they are still required to have individual indemnity insurance

  • Seven-day GP service thrown lifeline by NHS England 'to deliver Tory manifesto'

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 08 Feb 2016 7:08pm

    By the same token then there should have been no cooperation by anyone within the NHS with the Health and Social Care Act as it was neither in the Tory Manifesto or the Coalition agreement.

  • Government told to restrict gabapentin and pregabalin availability

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 28 Jan 2016 7:06pm

    You've got to admire the cheek of Pfizer (aka The Dark Side). They moan to the point of going to court to restrict the availability of generic pregabalin, they frequently have shortages of their own products but then they have the temerity to bleat supposedly on behalf of patients who may be unable to get pregabalin if there are changes to its legal status! Incidentally the spell checker changed Pregabalin to "prefab alien" - a far better name don't you think?

  • GPs told to reissue prescriptions following online pharmacy failure

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 06 Jan 2016 10:28pm

    PS if you want a level playing field perhaps GPs should not expect an NHS
    Pension. After all pharmacists are also contractors to the NHS but somehow they are Not entitled to be members of the NHS pension scheme. Be careful of what you wish for as you might just get it

  • GPs told to reissue prescriptions following online pharmacy failure

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 06 Jan 2016 10:20pm

    Interesting comments but I note that you still prefer anonymity. Why??

  • GPs told to reissue prescriptions following online pharmacy failure

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 06 Jan 2016 6:08pm

    Hello all, I'm using my name rather than gutless anonymity. So "anonymous GPs" basically you are using Pharmacy2Us failure as an excuse to kick pharmacists in general. Presumably therefore we should regard all GPs as being Shipmans should we? Not unreasonable to base prejudicial views of a profession on one failing and a few anecdotes is it? I'm only applying your logic after all.
    Happy trolling

  • Pharmacy flu scheme 'leaves GPs with £4m loss'

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 22 Dec 2015 10:52pm

    As usual I am not going to hide behind the "anonymous" cloak (which tends to be used by the bilious, vacuous, and gutless). Rather than blame pharmacists (whom some seem to think are all millionaires but average salary is c.£39k per annum per whole time equivalent and dropping), why not direct your ire towards the grinning weasel Hunt. After all, he's the one who launched this grand scheme. He must laugh when he sees how apparently easily he can divide and conquer.

  • GPs face drive to prescribe warfarin alternatives under new NICE plans

    Duncan Livingstone's comment 10 Dec 2015 10:39pm

    I'm a pharmacist who works with GPs in a rural area with many v elderly patients. Sending a nurse out merely to take blood for INR from one patient can be a 90 minute operation in many cases repeated fortnightly. In addition many of the elderly aren't good bleeders and also are easily confused by frequent dose adjustments and having several strengths of warfarin tablets. For many of these a NOAC has been a god-send. over the six years of both hospital experience with DVT prophylaxis and community with AF etc., I have only seen one "incident" with a NOAC (non-fatal), whilst in the same period I have seen many warfarin INRs over 5 and at least half a dozen in double figures.