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Rodney Mitchell

Retired from rural practice. Still working 2 days week. 52 years qualfied!

  • NHS drops plans for peer review of all GP referrals, says BMA

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 06 Oct 2017 11:02am

    If all GP referrals must be peer reviewed I wonder what will happen in secondary care.
    I suggest that all junior staff decisions for CT or MRI or any blood test costing more than, say, £25 should be signed off by the consultant.
    In the case of consultants their decisions to operate, prescribe expensive drugs or order interventional radiology should also be signed off by another consultant.
    Each hospital will need to have a committee to oversee this with a support staff of at least 5 administrators with a minimum salary of £55,000 pa each.
    A director of transformation (£100,000 pa) will be needed to implement all this.
    Watch this space!

  • Target to add 1,500 medical school places 'will only add 750 doctors'

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 21 Sep 2017 7:39am

    how about admitting to medical school at least 50% men who are more likely to work full time and are not subject to maternity leave?
    If the present balance was grossly in favour of men rather than women then there would be a loud scream of discrimination.
    Heresy is it not!

  • NHS England: 'Why we are paying out-of-hours indemnity costs this winter'

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 21 Sep 2017 7:23am

    What stilted English. " should be sighted of these plans"
    Then "last years' scheme" where the apostrophe is in the wrong place,
    Various commas are also badly used.
    Pauline Philip may be a good Director but she appears to be illiterate!

  • 400 potential new GPs trapped in MRCGP limbo as GP leaders call for reform

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 02 Aug 2017 2:45pm

    Several investigations have cleared the RCGP of racial bias in the MRCGP exam and I have myself come across some of the people that have failed abd it would appear that the failure was amply justified.
    It is thus simple - if you fail then you have to accept a secondary role such as a "staff grade" or some equivalent.
    Maybe there should be such a level of posts created with the right to resit after a period of satisfactory performance in such a role.This would use the manpower so much needed at present.
    What do the other Royal Colleges do - do the appoint surgeons who have failed rcs 4 times? and so on.
    No more enquiries into the exam as it will be a waste of money.
    JRM Former Trainer : MRCGP 1972 and FRCGP by election.

  • 'Gold in them hills' - why pharmacists are the future of general practice

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 21 Jul 2017 11:56am

    Dean Hello!
    Much to ponder in yr article
    I only work 1/2 days a week and not boss anymore
    How are things with you
    Rodney Mitchell

  • New GP-exclusive indemnity organisation promises to slash fees

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 11 Jul 2017 10:55am

    This new organisation cannot even spell defence properly
    If you ever get into trouble you may find yourself in a bad place
    Use a time proved organisation, pay up and claim the tax back at least being sure that the best is backing you if you need it.

  • GP shortages down to practices 'not delivering', says new health minister

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 21 Jun 2017 4:46pm

    It would appear that a double barrelled name does not support even a single sawn off barrel brain.What's new.Politicians seem to lose all touch with reality the monment they enter the Westminster bubble.

  • Over £100,000 worth of GP 'resilience' funding handed to KPMG in one area

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 11 May 2017 2:46pm

    I fail to see how "management Consultants" and accountants can help a failing practice as they have no clinical skills or NHS background.
    Yet another mechanism for putting huge sums into the pockets of the politicians' and NHSE Mandarins's friends and associates.
    Or are they going to teach us how to do spirometry and charge us £ 500 each for a certificate? After 54 years on the register I despair

  • GP out-of-hours service may relocate to hospital to 'take pressure off A&E'

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 23 Mar 2017 11:02am

    Patients tell me that the biggest problem is that they do not know what to do after hours other than call 111 whereupon they are directed to a/e and often via 999 if there is the slightest mention of chest pain or a sick child.
    When OOH was a cooperative of local GPs on a rota and the OOH number answered by a nurse we had far less problemsIt was also vastly cheaper - go back to it!

  • Chancellor announces £100m towards GP triage in A&E departments

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 08 Mar 2017 2:25pm

    one of the biggest problems is the useless 111 line which grossly overreacts. The LOCAL out of ours service should answer and a Nurse do the triage as was the case years ago.
    Also the public as a whole now has this sense of A/E at all hours as a "right" however trivial the problem and the impression, wholly incorrectly, that they will see a "top specialist" whereas it is usually an agency locum far less experienced than their own GP.
    TV programmes all show endless patience, tons of shiny equipment and 10 people pushing each "emergency" trolley and it is seen by outsiders as a huge drama - better even than the telly- and there is always the chance of feeling a part of this "human drama" even if the problem is a mild urinary infection of 3 days history.
    Get real, politicians!

  • GP locum notional pay cap set at £80 per hour, says GPC

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 13 Oct 2016 7:06pm

    I cannot see what business it is of NHSE.
    The rate paid comes out of the partnership earnings so if the locum is paid more the partners take home less and that is their own business.
    There is no extra cost to the NHS.
    Yet again the powers that be are "fiddling while Rome burns" in the continuing delusion that micromanagement will cure the ills of the NHS.
    Without locums many practices would simply be unable to provide contracted services.
    I will not reduce my rate especially while some Trusts give payoffs of huge sums to incompetent senior managers on the grounds that they are legally obliged to do so!

  • GPs will need certification to carry out spirometry by 2021

    Rodney Mitchell's comment 23 Sep 2016 4:22pm

    This is long overdue and I am writing to the Minister to urge that all GPs should also have special training in taking a pulse and signing a Med 3. I have devised a training course lasting 3 full days each with mandatory reassessment every 3 months.
    The assessors will be paid £ 3oo per hour and the GP will pay only £200 for each certificate. Failure to mail a copy to every patient on the list will incur a fine.
    We must keep up our standards especially as there are so few of us still working.
    I will volunteer as an assessor full time and thus another GP will be lost to actually seeing patients as opposed to carrying out all these bloody silly checks!