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Harry Hershkorn

  • We should be treating the societal, not biological cause of ADHD

    Harry Hershkorn's comment 16 Jul 2016 12:53pm

    It seems that Dr Spence would have us lump most if not all childhood ADHD sufferers into the category of " boys will be boys." Moreover, and despite all the accumulated evidence concerning the functioning of the dopamine system in the brain and the drugs modifying it, he questions the biological and genetic basis of the disorder. As ADHD isn't primarily a behavioural disorder, behaviour therapy, even when combined with the mush vaunted physical exercise, has offered little to ameliorate it.(see link below for a recent paper.)

    There is a large body of evidence showing that methylphenidate and its derivatives, used appropriately and combined with pyschological and social support, have benefited many ADHD patients, allowing them to develop their true potential and live stable lives.

    Until something better comes along, most likely from the much maligned drug industry, it would be foolish if not negligent to abandon tried and tested treatment in the faint hope of some unstated societal change which will somehow abolish- Dr Spence doesn't say how- ADHD.