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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Stephen Harris

  • The information – verrucas and warts

    Stephen Harris's comment 16 Sep 2015 8:28pm

    Pedunculated warts anywhere (filiform) are very easily and cosmetically well treated by curettage and cautery with hyfrecation
    Resistant hand warts can be treated with imiquimod and once thinner can be treated with cryo - the therapeutic nihilism of dermatologists is very unhelpful to patients who suffer a great deal from warts - those that have them severely should be cared for in dermatology clinics but they are being refused even to have appointments as not fulfilling criteria for referral

  • 'UK GPs among best paid in developed countries', OECD report claims

    Stephen Harris's comment 24 Nov 2013 9:49am

    I have virtually never read any article anywhere that accurately assesses A Gps true income and because the "simplification" of our contract in 2004 - it is difficult even for Gps to understand our income - comparing like for like by a load of data clerks is unlikely to produce anything meaningful. I suspect that in other countries the employers superann isn't hiked up to 14% and then included in our "pay" and then the employees contribution hiked up to a similar amount. But who on Earth pays these people to produce these figures - the world is so stuffed full of bean counters who sole job appears to be to hamper those who actually do anything . Somebody once said that the last phase of a civilisation is bureaucracy - hmmmm

  • Backlash from grassroots GPs as survey highlights fears over contract compromise

    Stephen Harris's comment 22 Nov 2013 11:39am

    There is a feeling that the leaders of the profession ie the RCGP ( who seem determined to give sticks to the government to beat us with) and the GPC ( who do volunteer for the job) seem to be out of touch with grass roots GPs- I am reminded of a time when as a child I voluntarily agreed to get my trousers wet in the sea in order to avoid a complete dunking by the prevailing bullies and realised later it would have been better to have kept my pride. The removal of seniority pay is a kick in the teeth to the more mature GPs and I agree that removing practice boundaries will ultimately destroy the current mode of general practice as those that can will move to practices that offer longer appointments - at very convenient times and never run late - because they have a vastly reduced workload - 90% of our workload is for the elderly and the very young. The only way General practice pays is because of the large number of registered patients who use us rarely - the pay for looking after the high users is dreadful - I can see big problems ahead. I am considering withdrawing my support from both organisations as it is the only protest that seems available.

  • GPC revises opposition to RCGP out-of-hours suggestion

    Stephen Harris's comment 12 Jun 2013 8:35pm

    I think a rapid reduction in members of both the RCGP & BMA might cause these ivory tower Doctors to give the whole matter a bit more thought!