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A faulty production line

Paula Hawley

  • BMA calls for 'urgent analysis' of NHS 111 but doubts emerge over its figures

    Paula Hawley's comment 04 Feb 2015 10:33am

    NHS England are on another planet, and should all lose their jobs for bringing down a system that previously did work - albeit not 100% but managed with the constraints surrounding OOH GP services.
    I worked for our local OOH GP services both on Face to Face and telephone triage (I am an ENP) When NHS111 was introduced, my work colleagues - both doctors and nurses - recognised that this would never work long term due to the program being decision making and NOT decision support software. Last year in March I was made redundant, together with my colleagues! Not once were any medical staff working 'at the coal face' asked their opinion of this new system. After redundancy, I wrote to the DOH and my MP. Lord Howe wrote back, suggesting this be taken up with NHSE who initially tried to fob me off. I asked specific questions regarding the management of NHSD, NHSE, financial accountability etc. but being at the bottom of the pecking order never really got anywhere. I've moved on, got alternative employment outside of the NHS - and now I sit and laugh at the cock-ups and excuses made for an OOH system that is absolutely useless, AND how NHSE manages to survive when it is run by a bunch of twits who lie continuously.
    GP's - I salute you and wish you luck in an impossible situation.

  • GPs' role in the A&E crisis has been grossly overstated

    Paula Hawley's comment 01 Jun 2013 11:48am

    excellent commentary - as a telephone triage nurse who worked for OOH GP services, and have now been tupe'd over to NHSD, I despair at the stupidity of the general public as well as the politicians who have absolutely no idea of the complexities in providing OOH care.