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  • GPs should not prescribe antibiotics for impetigo, says NICE

    All for one ?'s comment 17 Aug 2019 8:44pm

    More than 80% of the total world antibiotic use is by 2 countries in farming.These reactivate genes for antibiotic resistance that are millions of years old [ found in bacteria buried deep in permafrost long before antibiotic use by mankind], washed down through rivers into oceans and ship's ballasts and multiple ways of spreading. Our use of antibiotics is probably about 0.01 % of world usage.But we still need to be careful, even though we do not make any difference to global AMR genes.

  • GMC was advised to appeal Bawa-Garba case to 'protect reputation of profession'

    All for one ?'s comment 06 Aug 2019 8:06am

    Dr BG was found guilty for ' ignoring obvious deterioration' as stated by the expert. But, in actual fact, Jack improved under her care and was transferred to a general ward where he got an ACEI. He was unresponsive on admission and very ill around 10 am. Yet at 7 pm, he was well enough to be transferred to a general ward by ANOTHER clinician [ not BG].
    YET, DR BG was convicted for the following, according ti Sir Thomas QC prosecuting [ under expert witness advice] :
    ' Due to their neglect [ Amaro and BG], Jack Adcock's condition declined to a point of no return before transfer to a general ward.'
    I find this absurd as a prosecution statement, because Jack was unresponsive on admission and if he declined he would be moribund and could not be transferred to a general ward.
    The whole case is actually absurd and the expert witness is squarely to blame for that, for stating decline, when Jack actually got better.
    It is not the GMC is at fault, it is the expert witness who stated that a diagnosis of gastroenteritis in Jack who had vomiting and diarrhoea as negligent.
    I despair that no gastroenterologist has written to GMC or law society defending Dr BG's diagnosis and the expert witness has gone unchecked by the defence team.
    I even heard a professor in Hobart, Tasmania, state that had Jack remained under DR BG's care, he would not have got the ACEI, as she had rightly thought it contraindicated in V+D, and he would have gone home.!!
    A case could easily be made that it was because Jack was transferred from DR BG's care that he died!

  • Four in 10 GPs have reduced shifts over pension tax penalties, reveals BMA

    All for one ?'s comment 02 Aug 2019 8:22am

    Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise and we should all work less and more sensibly any way.

  • GPs being named a shortage occupation is not enough to stop the staffing crisis

    All for one ?'s comment 24 Jul 2019 6:47am

    Truth finder.Jack had been unresponsive on admission and had improved so much he was discharged to a general ward because he was so well by another clinician.
    Ye Bawa Garba is convicted for 'neglecting decline to a point of no return', according to the expert; which is completely the opposite of clinical reality. How did this ever happen and what can we do about this? Where was the defence team?
    No wonder no one wants to work as a doctor here in the UK. No one should in these GNM conditions.

  • Number of registered patients per GP rises to almost 2,100

    All for one ?'s comment 12 Jul 2019 4:56pm

    Truth finder is right. These ghostly figures are all fraudulent, they are just spooks from a quantum unreality.

  • It’s not up to GPs to sort out national recruitment problems

    All for one ?'s comment 04 Jul 2019 11:14am

    Yet the BMA ARM voted overwhelmingly for the new 5 year Contract with PCNs.

  • Practice asked to pay half a million in service charges for 'non-existent' services

    All for one ?'s comment 04 Jul 2019 11:07am

    Truth finder
    Sadly, Dr BG did work so hard covering so many doctors. This was used against her as she did not see the XR earlier because she was attending to other children with meningitis and sepsis, children that should have been dealt with by absent doctors.
    You don't get thank yous here in the UK, you get GNM instead.
    Why would any doctor wish to work in this insane country? Look at pensions. If you earn 1 pound more you pay 2 pounds back.
    The UK is becoming insane.
    NHSPS and Capita are examples of this madness.

  • Practice asked to pay half a million in service charges for 'non-existent' services

    All for one ?'s comment 04 Jul 2019 11:01am

    Also needs to be sued for fraudulent billing.

  • Doctors 'threatened with eviction' and left with 'no pension' due to Capita failings

    All for one ?'s comment 26 Jun 2019 6:56am

    I remember when Conference voted to ballot to resign. But GPC decided not to, so ultimately the GPC does not care.

  • Doctors paying extra £18,500 in pensions tax, claims BMA Scotland

    All for one ?'s comment 24 Jun 2019 10:36pm

    As Jonathan points out the tax charges are ridiculous and against all natural justice. You earn less money and less pension if you work harder. The UK is sadly becoming a country of ridiculous laws. Take Dr Bawa Garba's case her treatment of poor Jack is taken in isolation ie she did not see the XR till 3pm. The fact that she was attending to another child with meningitis and another with sepsis does not count. She is treated in court as if she was sitting watching TV and drinking tea. This is the UK.
    The much vaunted Francis report is another of these mindless aberrations.
    Mid- Staffs was a 3 star top rated hospital in the 90s. To save money [ 2 million], management cut nursing staff. Christine Hancock warned them that patients would suffer and die if staff were removed.
    So, when they cut staff and patients suffered as a result, what did they do ? Not replace the staff, that would be too simple. Instead, we have a legal chair report costing 13 million with 500 recommendations !!!.
    They saved 2 million on cutting staff and spent 13 million on a Francis report for a predicated [Hancock] outcome.
    They then spent another 40 million on compensation and shutting the hospital, which has become a by word for poor care.
    But hang on, this was a super hospital once.
    Pensions are on a par with this kind of madness.
    You earn less if you work harder!!
    So BMA, perhaps there is a moral to this story. Perhaps we doctors should look better at a work life balance and don't do that extra clinic or management because we will actually earn less.
    The BMA should indicate an ideal earning per year. Go above it at your peril.

  • Howzat for a PCN

    All for one ?'s comment 22 Jun 2019 8:57pm

    Not Kohli, then??

  • GP shortage is a 'make or break' issue in England, says think-tank

    All for one ?'s comment 22 Jun 2019 8:55pm

    Add complaints, GNM, litigation, pensions and CQC to this mix and there should be no GPs at all. But we guys are so foolish and silly for clinging on, hoping. What dopes !!

  • The real problem with 'ghost patients' is what's actually scary

    All for one ?'s comment 19 Jun 2019 10:32pm

    I find it utterly insulting that GPs are thought of as fraudulent over such a minor issue. I have ghost patients, but I do not have a foggy who they are. They belong in an unattainable dimension like Rumsfeld's unknown unknowns 'we don't know we don't know.'
    This is in the same category as those lazy GPs playing golf earning millions and Mr Hunt's penance.
    Should we really remain in such a system that is so utterly stupid and malicious ? I, for one, will be glad to see the end of GP land as it stands. If there are IQs out there who cannot tell the difference between fraud and happenstance than we should not be here.

  • Government rules out review of pension tax charges

    All for one ?'s comment 19 Jun 2019 5:21pm

    A blessing in disguise. Leave now and no worries about CQC, Appraisal, GNM, Pensions, Complaints, GMC etc.
    There is no pleasure as relief from pain.

  • I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

    All for one ?'s comment 17 Jun 2019 4:29pm

    I am not even sure how this can be done. Perhaps I am naive. Anyway, I have a few ghost patients unbeknownst to me. That is not fraud. It is the language of managers that is intensely annoying,
    to me, it is a resignation issue. If they say nasty things about us GPs knowing it to be untrue, then we should resign from GP land or get paid per consultation,

  • The full story on how practices are closing in record numbers

    All for one ?'s comment 14 Jun 2019 10:56pm

    Surely all this cannot be true. Is not the fraud office now investigating all the extra money we claim ' fraudulently' for ghost patient ? Are we not overpaid as a consequence ? In other words, are we not getting buckets for doing nothing for all for these ghosts.
    But methinks, it is GPs who are becoming ghosts.

  • NHS to investigate GP ‘fraud’ in retaining ghost patients

    All for one ?'s comment 12 Jun 2019 10:43pm

    Forget list sizes. Forget ghosts and ghouls. Imagine blaming GPs of fraud when I have no idea whatsoever who is registered or not registered till they make appointments. How is this fraud. And if we cannot keep GPs and practices are closing in spite of all these extra ghosts, how is cleaning up lists and reducing pay even further going to help ?
    High time we moved to payments per appointments.

  • GMC chief executive admits Bawa-Garba legal advice was wrong

    All for one ?'s comment 12 Jun 2019 10:32pm

    I can bet a penny to a 100 pounds, the lawyer was not covering 4 other lawyers.
    The price you pay in the UK for doing a kindness; selfless and altruistic extra work of all the missing doctors is complaint, GMC investigations, GNM and jail time.
    Imagine what a country this is now. You cannot walk away if you are overwhelmed by lack of doctors, you will be up before the GMC and struck off. If you stay and get overwhelmed you get GNM, jail and get struck off. Is this really once fair Britain???

  • Out-of-hours service shut due to not enough GPs ‘willing to work’

    All for one ?'s comment 12 Jun 2019 10:34am

    GNM, jail, loss of pension do you really want to be a GP in the UK.
    Loss of Pension for an accusation now, not even a conviction!!
    Run away please from this madness and lunacy. I have stayed too long.

  • GMC chief executive admits Bawa-Garba legal advice was wrong

    All for one ?'s comment 12 Jun 2019 10:26am

    In my opinion the criminal case itself is wrong, the worst judicial decision I have come across.
    To remind everyone Dr BG was convicted for GNM on the basis that ' She had neglected and ignored decline to the point of no return in Jack Adcock'

    But, in actual fact, Jack got better under her care from unresponsive and near moribund on admission at 1030 to jumping about at 1630 and so well that he was transferred to a general ward 39 at 1900.
    There was no decline under her care only improvement. Her criminal conviction is a travesty of British Justice.