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All for one ?

  • Who has the right to decide who lives or dies?

    All for one ?'s comment 04 Apr 2020 7:24pm

    So many people who could live are dying. No one is coordinating anything. As you so rightly say, there is no statistical probability analysis. Just a blanket rule. So so sad for so many people.

  • NHS England: GPs will be funded to meet 'all extra costs' for Easter opening

    All for one ?'s comment 04 Apr 2020 9:42am

    I think we should qualify for a grant for small business. We have had to employ extra locum doctors and locum staff to cover extra work. Other business have grants. Do we qualify?

  • GPs and hospital doctors 'will die' without proper PPE, BMA warns

    All for one ?'s comment 03 Apr 2020 11:31am

    GPs forced to staff Covid centres with no extra pay!! We are down doctors and staff and paying out on locums. Where is the financial help for GP surgeries [ like small businesses ?] Who is responsible for PPE in hospitals and GP surgeries ? Who should have thought of this in January? Is it the doctor's fault or management's ?

  • Lack of PPE is becoming a scandal

    All for one ?'s comment 02 Apr 2020 5:54pm

    We can spend trillions on submarines, but no PPE. Who is responsible for providing proper equipment ? Proper staffing ?

  • We at the GMC understand the burden you are shouldering

    All for one ?'s comment 30 Mar 2020 12:07pm

    and that any concerns raised about your practice will take into account the extreme circumstances in which you are working.

    Dr Bawa Garba was covering upto 4 doctors at one time. No Consultant. No lab results.
    These are extreme circumstances for us doctors, but not for the GMC.
    Beware the GMC

  • How we worked out the GP numbers

    All for one ?'s comment 10 Feb 2020 9:50pm

    What are the total numbers, exactly? In 2023, will there be more or less?

  • Coronavirus advice issued to GPs as UK ramps up airport precautions

    All for one ?'s comment 31 Jan 2020 12:09pm

    Lock them all up. Who? The advisors, I mean.

  • Jeremy Hunt appointed chair of the health and social care committee

    All for one ?'s comment 31 Jan 2020 12:03pm

    Oh no!1 More penance. Anyway, i am leaving.

  • The career-ending Catch 22 decision

    All for one ?'s comment 31 Jan 2020 11:56am

    AMR genes are found in the permafrost and are probably millions of years old. They are activated mostly by farming. 80% of all antibiotics used on the planet is by 2 countries in farms and arrive in ship's ballasts. We GPs use only about .05% of the world' antibiotics.
    If you are worried about sepsis use it, remember Dr HBG

  • Why I resigned as a PCN clinical director

    All for one ?'s comment 16 Jan 2020 8:29pm

    Touted as wonderful by BMA at the ARM. The GPC cannot see that declining numbers of GPs is due to their inadequate protection of their workforce and their acquiescence to utter rubbish. The accountants are saying today that PCNs staffing will cost GPs more money for doing more work!!
    This is idiocy negotiated by the GPC !!

  • Ten top tips on frailty in general practice

    All for one ?'s comment 07 Jan 2020 9:03pm

    Thank you for this. Of course, we are only delaying the inevitable, but that is what we do.

    I thought for a moment you were writing about the frailty of General Practice itself!! and trying to delay the inevitable !!. I hope not and GP land will get better!!

  • GP acquitted of ‘assault’ after serving 15 months in prison

    All for one ?'s comment 05 Jan 2020 6:08am

    The poor child deteriorated suddenly AFTER transfer and administration of ACEI in another ward. He probably would have actually got better and went home if he had not been taken away from Dr BG's care.

  • GP acquitted of ‘assault’ after serving 15 months in prison

    All for one ?'s comment 05 Jan 2020 6:05am

    Dr Sellu. Dr Bawa Garba equally convicted for neglect of ' obvious deterioration ' when the patient actually improved from unresponsive to jumping about and transfer to a general ward.

    Not only was the accusation incorrect, it was the opposite of the truth. She was convicted none the less for a child who improved and was discharged from her care. This is UK justice. But unfortunately, there are thousands on thousands who still want to be doctors.

  • Revealed: Why you are earning less than your neighbouring GP practice

    All for one ?'s comment 23 Dec 2019 3:57am

    Personally, I look at profit per patient year, which is only about 51 pounds per year. [ 2000 patients x 51 = 102,000 ]. For about 25 contacts [ 6 consultations + 19 [ lab, scripts, letters etc]. 2 pounds per contact, each fraught with Gross negligence manslaughter].
    We are truly a vocation, as take home pay is just about half of that [ 28 x 2000 = 56000] take home, but only about 1 pound per contact.

  • All rise for NICE

    All for one ?'s comment 23 Dec 2019 3:45am

    You mean you did not refer to ENT?

  • Maths made simple for politicians

    All for one ?'s comment 10 Dec 2019 10:13am

    Are these new GPs needed to suffer the continuing, continuous penance and punishment imposed by Mr Hunt ?
    if you punish people and impose penances and other hellish Heath Robinson hoops, why would you wish to increase their numbers ? I do not understand. If we are a failed, miserable lot that need a lot of punishment, they should be glad to see falling numbers of such abominations, unless of course they are masochists guised as health secretaries.
    There you have it, GP land is purgatory, bordering on hell.

  • Tenth GP practice hands over contract to foundation trust

    All for one ?'s comment 11 Nov 2019 11:19am

    Unscepted is so right . Trust patients receive 25% more for admin alone. I think the extra funding provided would have sustained all GP practices that were taken over. But the NHS has always been thus. Some GP surgeries get 200 , others 120/ patient. Of course, there are likely to be some variation as say London vs Fermanagh, but profit per patient year can vary from 120 to 40 pounds. Trusts are all better paid per patient and perhaps while we may lose independence on the swings, we may gain workload controls, safety and stability on the hobby horses.

  • This election needs proper initiatives around GP workload

    All for one ?'s comment 11 Nov 2019 11:07am

    Jaimie, we GPs do not define safe workloads. It is pointless to keep saying 'excessive' without any definition of ' normal' is.
    We accept a Patient number based contract with no definition of appointments/ consultations per patient. So, if consultation per patient goes up threefold in 20 years and continues to rise year on year, but we continue to stick to the same patient number mantra rather than define workloads by appointment number, which we can quantify as safe then we can only blame ourselves.
    BMA ARMs through the years have decided against appointment based Contracts or even defining safe consultation/ day/week.
    I remember Clare Gerada [ I think ] saying she would not like to the GP's 50th patient that day, but did not stay to define what number she would like to be.
    I did maths once and it is still my hobby. I believe the Universe is mathematical. How many GPs we need [ eg 6000] has to be based on some mathematical concept of appointment numbers/ WTE GPs/ workload capacity to define a few parameters.
    The ball is not with the Govt. It lies with us.

  • Told you so

    All for one ?'s comment 01 Nov 2019 9:31pm

    I love the practice of medicine, it has become a cherished hobby and checkpoint inhibitors and MABs for malignant melanomas and blockers that affect b3 receptors and all this wonderful, magical profession we belong to; but I cannot stand the unfettered demands anymore and I and leaving with a heavy heart. When will the BMA, our Union, realise that unless you look after doctors by defining safety in workloads and conditions, then there will be fewer of them left?

  • A third of GPs have reduced their hours over the past year, says GMC

    All for one ?'s comment 01 Nov 2019 9:19pm

    At Cross roads
    So sorry to hear of your troubles. Retirement age of NI women GPs is 41, I believe.
    But in some ways, we GPs have ourselves to blame for this.
    We accept an unlimited patient number based Contract, instead of a limited appointment based Contract. W cannot accept something legally and then complain of workloads, when we do not define safe workloads.
    I have tried, times without number, in BMA , ARMs, LMC meetings to define workload safety and/or appointment based Contracts.
    The meeting have voted against these defined workloads every single time. I have given up. I may be wrong anyway in worrying about the health of GPs, burnout, litigation, Gross negligence manslaughter all due to workload issues [ as in Dr BG ], because the numbers of GP trainees is increasing.