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Brian Robinson

  • Government approves ‘historic’ rollout of revalidation from December

    Brian Robinson's comment 19 Oct 2012 1:35pm

    I didn't follow this very closely since I'm fully retired. My work was NHS, hospital-based psychiatry and I rather had the impression that 'revalidation' could almost go through on the nod, since colleagues could revalidate one another. For sure, a dossier of evidence has to be provided that one has kept up to date but how well does that correlate with being a good doctor? Is it yet another paper exercise, like some sort of kite-mark? Who guards the guards? Who validates the validators?

    And anyway, experience shows that so often yesterday's 'certain' knowledge of best practice is today's rubbish. I remain on the skeptical side. Can't help feeling that the whole thing was a panicky measure in response to a few bad episodes. Cf the dangerous dogs act?


  • It’s all Greek to me – and to them

    Brian Robinson's comment 10 Oct 2012 11:24pm

    ooops -- apols seek, not see


  • It’s all Greek to me – and to them

    Brian Robinson's comment 10 Oct 2012 11:23pm

    Do you recall that old rhyme --

    Dysdiadochokinesis is a word that will bolster my thesis
    that tis folly to see
    such perfection in Greek
    when confusion it only increases