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Gold, incentives and meh

Dr Spock

  • What GPs need to log for Pulse’s workload survey

    Dr Spock's comment 06 Feb 2019 10:29pm

    Might be helpful to have a ‘ready reckoner’ For completing the survey as the day goes on. I don’t always remember all the DN phone calls ‘just wanted to run this by you’, extra scripts / queries etc. Could a simple table be uploaded on the pulse website with information you are looking to capture, I can then print out & record during the day? Thanks

  • A war against the white stuff

    Dr Spock's comment 10 Feb 2018 11:56am

    just stirred big spoonful of raspberry jam into my bowl of otherwise evangelical porridge, homemade cappuccino with large spoonful of the stuff !! And yes I think I do shout at kids / wall / in car when working 13 hr day yesterday with last visit starting 8.30pm when on call meant to have finished 6.30pm... So perhaps for Lent (SMART objectives plus gives me a few days of eating pancakes ladden with the white stuff first) I shall try and abstain.Interesting article and reflections. Harvey Steinwein - I run 30 plus miles a week to stay vaguely slim, but like you down the sweet stuff with abandon.

  • Police 'to discuss' calls to prosecute hospital over Bawa-Garba case

    Dr Spock's comment 05 Feb 2018 10:27pm

    Well done BAPIO. I spent much of the weekend reading the law courts summary of the case, then made the mistake of reading a national "newspaper" with its well known balanced reporting (Daily Wail)... I hope some positive can come of this action to help the NHS and how the public perceives it.

  • Locum GP? Watch out for the new pension trap

    Dr Spock's comment 31 Jan 2018 1:08pm

    Hi Perhaps someone who understands these things better than me could help out ? Do these rules apply already ie from April 2017? The implication is locums / salaried GPs only need to start making changes to any income streams from now on, but I think the rules changed in April last year ie 9 months ago ???

  • GPs are providing Premier League performances on non-league budgets

    Dr Spock's comment 23 Sep 2017 11:42am

    So of course in response the obvious answer is to introduce 'Peer Review' of referrals, extra work & potentially high risk patient decision making at no extra funding & high cost. Coming to a CCG near you.

  • Annual hikes in GP indemnity fees to be reimbursed from April 2017

    Dr Spock's comment 28 Jul 2016 12:28pm

    I didn't feel the need to comment anonymously for above as nothing to be frightened about what I said. But Pulse wouldn't let me submit unless I changed to post as 'anonymously.

  • Annual hikes in GP indemnity fees to be reimbursed from April 2017

    Dr Spock's comment 28 Jul 2016 12:27pm

    Good news in principle if it comes to something. I've had no claims and no change in my clinical practice this year from a very part time out of hours salary role which costs me a quarter of my gross salary in indemnity fees. ( On the plus side, I barely pay any income tax as a result of this huge expense on a relatively low GP income)... MPS have put the fee up by £1000 for my next year - no obvious reason, except it is 'all unscheduled care' which is higher risk & they have increased the indemnity cost of this type of work. No surprise shifts aren't filled most weekends.. So NHSEngland that's a bit above inflation according to my maths, how & when will I be able to claim / reduce this cost please?
    Please Pulse do follow up on this issue, your website crashed when this breaking news feature popped up on my emails, it is a big issue for everyone in primary care.