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Mark Williams

  • GP leaders demand end to seven-day routine access scheme

    Mark Williams's comment 27 Nov 2019 8:23pm

    I have said all along that this was a stupid idea from the outset. We've just had to ring round the appointment book to try & shift people to Saturday so we aren't paying someone to sit & snooze. Not even thinking of trying Sunday. Why can't the politicians stop buggering it all up?

  • Patient died after being diverted to GP 'streaming' service in A&E

    Mark Williams's comment 26 Jul 2017 7:39am

    I find myself offended by the implicit acceptance in this that GPs can't deal with PEs. Having working in aGP unit attached to ED, we have DVTs / PEs routinely triaged to us, and took them through to final disposition, usually without admission unless necessary, and including CTPA. It's a very elusive condition and can be missed by ED just as easily. What's important is to have someone used to dealing with it, not who that person is.

  • Can I refuse to treat a dental abscess?

    Mark Williams's comment 26 Jan 2017 10:53pm

    3 stars; 2 each for the first two answers, but -1 for the wefty answer. We wouldn't treat a patient's cat, even if it was convenient for them; I know more about cats than teeth.

  • Council to 'publicly hold to account' practices with poor CQC ratings

    Mark Williams's comment 02 Nov 2016 9:54am

    Could this be the same council that refuses to pay GPs for a medical report which they requested, although they apparently have no problem paying eg a plumber to do a job for them?

    Yes, it could. And is.

    I could add more examples for some time here...

    I have moved elsewhere, council & PCT not without blame in this decision.

  • Referendum fallout

    Mark Williams's comment 04 Jul 2016 10:39pm

    I don't think I would accept referendum findings as "evidence" - referendums haven't had a good track record lately.

  • GPs’ CQC fees to increase more than six-fold within two years under new proposals

    Mark Williams's comment 03 Nov 2015 8:42pm

    I have seen them working - they make stupid demands & assessments, the guys on the ground know it's stupid but someone who hasn't been there tells them the party line - it's pathetic & a total waste of time, I have no faith in the process whatsoever. Having to pay for it - well, glad I don't... but I'd be up for 'Just say No' if I did!
    PS we got a good report, so it's not sour grapes..

  • PM’s Sunday GP opening plans should be ditched, suggests official evaluation

    Mark Williams's comment 30 Oct 2015 11:50am

    As someone else has said already, I could have told them that for free... Although, interestingly, I now work in a walk-in centre next to A&E & statistics show that our peak time (OOH & Walk-in combined) is actually late Sunday morning.... so the patients will contact us ad-hoc, just not book appointments, on Sunday?

  • GPs to work in A&Es and mobile care units as NHS England announces eight new 'vanguards'

    Mark Williams's comment 27 Jul 2015 8:43am

    Been doing this for >5 years here, it works well. Not as a bolt-on but properly integrated. There is a process at the door to stream arrivals to the right service, which worked well until the CQC came & damaged it.

  • GP beware - vascular

    Mark Williams's comment 02 Apr 2015 6:47pm

    Cases 1 & 2 are fair enough, but Case 3 we're not told she's "a known arteriopath" (just a background of IHD), nor is the discolouration mentioned until we get to 'clues' - I feel I'd have maybe noticed a cold discoloured foot? Obviously, yes, these are things to watch for, & as it's a vascular article ther's a major clue! Thank you.

  • DH slams brakes on 'traffic light' ratings plan after GP opposition

    Mark Williams's comment 26 Aug 2014 10:06am

    To Dr 5:33 - OK, get on with the naming & shaming then!!
    11:12: +1

  • You name and shame, I’ll open the floodgates

    Mark Williams's comment 03 Jul 2014 1:56pm

    I work in a walk-in centre; without referral rights, except for suspected cancers. Everytime someone comes to me because they couldn't wait 'til 3pm for their GP, & I refer it, that's a point off the GP. Should I just do it? Should I arrange the relevant test & send them back to the GP for The Point? These are the same sort of balancing acts, from a different seat - in fact, it depends on the individual presentation, just like everybody else - but this is clearly a way that these figures can be unjustly skewed, in amongst many similar. I don't get points (other than Brownie ones) either way, The patients may benefit more if I send the form off - but only by 24 hours, probably, and won't get a letter by someone who knows them. Measure that!

  • GPs told to specify counter-terrorism lead when applying for enhanced services contracts

    Mark Williams's comment 06 Mar 2014 0:25am

    Bwahahaha... This really makes the gov't anti-terror plans look worthy & sensible, oh yes... Are they really relying on GP's, who've already been told to trunk out on religion, to spot up potential converts? Perhaps we should all employ an archbishop (with a CBT, obviously) on reception? Or maybe a sniffer dog - we could nomimate him as the Prevent Pooch? Does it have to be a human we nominate?

  • No smoke without fire

    Mark Williams's comment 06 Jun 2013 11:55am

    I'm not convinced of the validity of 'harm reduction' anyway - Does QRisk ask how many they smoke? Do we write "light smoker so lung cancer unlikely" on chest X-Ray forms? No we don't. Giving smokers the idea that actually, just the odd 10 a day is OK, seems like a daft message - I'm with Copperfield on this one!

  • Hundreds of GPs gagged by CCG constitutions

    Mark Williams's comment 06 Dec 2012 8:05am

    I have yet to see anyone support hospital trust gagging clauses. We never had one in our practice agreement, when we had one. Why would we all rally round and support these new ones? What a daft idea, could only have come from somewhere like the NHS Commissioning Board or similar bureaucrats.

  • GMC warns GPs not to discuss personal beliefs with patients

    Mark Williams's comment 11 Oct 2012 9:36am

    A bit of a one-way street, of course - as usual... I've had patients give me items eg audio cassettes from the Jehovah's Witnesses - which I find quite offensive, actually. As a professional, I can quietly bin it, but it is important to remember the patient may not be in this position. The question is asked reasonably often - some of my work is in prison, an it's particularly common there, plus the small bored community means it becomes common knowledge in no time - especially if of interest! Those of us in small communities generally may not expect to keepp our beliefs or lack thereof secret, as such - but I don't see any reason to push ones views out, nor relevance to doing so. That doesn't preclude being aware how their religion affects the patient though - asking is not telling!
    Nice to see the GMC being right about something.