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  • We must convince graduates that general practice is 'exciting', says Ashworth

    Mini-me's comment 14 Nov 2019 11:23pm

    @Vinci Ho 7:53pm.

    Spot on....thanks for breaking it down for simple minds like me!

  • GP leaders to call for removal of home visits from contract

    Mini-me's comment 11 Nov 2019 2:33pm

    I moved from the toxic NHS a while ago and work in Canada. I have never heard of request for home visit, I see many 90+ year olds. If they are very I'll they go to emergency. If not, we have a few wheelchairs at the practice - relatives take one to the parking lot, get the patients in and wheel to the office. After the consultation the patient is wheeled back and relatives return the wheelchair. This has made it possible for me to plan my day and expect no disruption from home visit request. If a patient or relative feel an urgent appointment had become necessary on the day, just bring the patient, tell the reception what is the problem. A doctor is notified and will see if necessary.

    Whilst working in England, I can't count the number of requests for home visit when the reasons have been anything but medical - no cars/funds for transport (and you find cars parked in the yard or booze all over the house), relative cannot bring patient as expecting a delivery, snow outside. There have even been request not to come at certain times as hairdresser will be there.

    As said before by some colleagues, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand amongst others are by no means less developed than UK - if home visits were absolutely necessary and evidence-based they will implement it.

    As for the UK, it is no skin off the government's nose as general practice is an all-you-can-eat-buffet, the average Joe Blogg thinks this is the most evident way he can justify his 'taxes' (if he ever pays one).

    Unfortunately for GPs, for any meaningful change in our lot to happen, we would have to get rid of the dinosaurs and gong-seekers in BMA who constantly throw frontline doctors under the bus to fulfill their self-interests. I wonder if the profession would ever wake up to this reality.

  • The many disappointments behind this appointment

    Mini-me's comment 04 Nov 2019 11:33am

    Well said. The truth is the NHS is on life support. Someone will have to be bold one day to pull the plug.

  • GP's defection leaves the Government without a working majority

    Mini-me's comment 04 Sep 2019 12:25pm

    I happened to have met Dr Lee at Westminster at an event organised for small businesses in Buckinghamshire. He came across as a very principled man and I believe his defection is based on his principles. He is still a practising GP.
    It is a shame sound minds like him have been silenced in the Conservatives and he saw no other option but to defect.

  • GPs told to stop closing for half-days or risk losing £40k in funding

    Mini-me's comment 19 Aug 2019 4:21pm

    This is the same Nikita telling us about next phase in General Practice. Works 4days as cardigan and 1 day as GP. How about giving 1 more day to coal face GP work? I am sure her colleagues will appreciate that.

  • PM pledges £250m for artificial intelligence in NHS

    Mini-me's comment 08 Aug 2019 5:56pm

    Do you need AI to tell you wish patients are likely to miss appointments? Any regular doctor that has worked long enough a practice cant tell you this from his list! Maybe we should have the investment then and not the tech guys.

  • GMC was advised to appeal Bawa-Garba case to 'protect reputation of profession'

    Mini-me's comment 05 Aug 2019 4:39pm

    I think an ominous cyclone is encircling Charlie is called change of guards. His godfather, Jeremy Hunt, is dethroned and if BoJo is going to do anything to give impression that he is trying to sort this mess called mistrust between GMC and doctors then it is a marching order to Charlie.

  • Government consults GPs on solutions for greater flexibility in pension system

    Mini-me's comment 22 Jul 2019 8:45pm

    Can't believe the government is asking this! Why fix a system that was not broken in the first place.
    Folks...12 weeks bring us to the October deadline for Brexit. This consultation is just kicking the can down the road; at it least it will keep the doctors quiet whilst waiting for the report of the consultation. I suppose our dear SoS at DHSC is just warming his way to Boris Johnson's heart, after all he shifted his support to Boris Johnson.

  • Government selects GMC to regulate physician associates

    Mini-me's comment 19 Jul 2019 12:30pm

    @wm | Hospital Doctor18 Jul 2019 4:56pm

    I couldn't agree more. Also considering the picture today in the article about asthma meds, one couldn't help but see the same 'establishment mentality' in Pulse - the editors seem to have concluded on the demographics of who the expected PAs would be or the doctors likely to overprescribe meds. I do not think this negative portrayal from Pulse helps.....there you go for unconscious bias.
    Thanks am as I initially thought I was overreading things!

  • Hancock promises to fix pension tax problems by April 2020

    Mini-me's comment 10 Jul 2019 1:08pm

    April 2020? Of course, when he will no longer be in job by then just as Mrs May promised 5,000 GPs very soon. She is on her way out.

  • NHS England: PCNs must succeed or face 'being salaried to other NHS providers'

    Mini-me's comment 01 Jul 2019 9:56pm

    I honestly thought today was April 1st and not July 1st.
    In any case, DHSC and NHSE had always known the game plan with this PCN idea. The idea has just been voiced out for others to hear. Either the BMA was blindsided or our 'top doctors' could just not care less about sacrificing us to get their gongs.
    As already mentioned, less doctors are going the partnership route and with the older ones retiring, partnership model will ebb away. Just hoping we will understand our worth and not break ranks when we become salaried.....even the worst solicitor knows well enough not to undersell his services.

  • Howzat for a PCN

    Mini-me's comment 21 Jun 2019 12:12pm

    Hilarious, well written Tony.

  • NHS to investigate GP ‘fraud’ in retaining ghost patients

    Mini-me's comment 17 Jun 2019 7:54am

    @Curious 3:16pm

    Thanks...had option of Oz but family felt too far. I am going to Alberta.

  • NHS to investigate GP ‘fraud’ in retaining ghost patients

    Mini-me's comment 16 Jun 2019 10:06am

    @Mad John | Locum GP12 Jun 2019 8:39pm

    Welcome to Canada.....that's exactly what family practice is like. If you are keen to develop your practice you get proper structured training in anaesthesia, O&G, ER or enhanced surgical skills. Joy, excitement and fulfillment!

  • NHS to investigate GP ‘fraud’ in retaining ghost patients

    Mini-me's comment 16 Jun 2019 9:57am

    ashok Rayani @6:43pm.
    I can understand the sadness at coming back to this mess.
    Actually, for me I am now all packed and set to leave for good. Went to do a short locum in Canada at insistence of a friend - I loved it, best time of my life & career! This is why I got my experience of fee-for-service. I am going and can't see myself coming back.

  • NHS to investigate GP ‘fraud’ in retaining ghost patients

    Mini-me's comment 12 Jun 2019 1:08pm

    Can we just make life easy? Abolish capitation payment and pay doctors per service as done in some other countries.

  • RCGP drops gender dysphoria course due to 'unrealistic expectations' on GPs

    Mini-me's comment 09 Feb 2019 2:17am

    RCGP planning a new e-learning course on gender variance. RCGP has sold itself to the much is another pressure group paying for this?

  • Quarter of extended GP appointments unfilled as policy rolls out nationally

    Mini-me's comment 01 Oct 2018 1:22pm

    I agree with Prashant @7:04. I left in May for another country and have not looked back. The last 5 months have been bliss, even my greying hairs are turning black again!

  • BMA calls for specialist police unit to investigate medical manslaughter

    Mini-me's comment 16 Aug 2018 11:59pm

    The evidence said investigations can take up to three years, during which time ‘the doctor affected is under a great deal of stress and a NHS system that is already strained may be denied the services of that particular doctor’.

    These halfwits in the BMA think their main responsibility is to be guardians of the NHS; what is the DHSC for. Do they understand doctors in private healthcare can be charged for manslaughter too.

    I just wonder how many doctors still pay their subs to keep the BMA going or is it now being subsidised by NHS. With this group of ignorant colleagues, so-called 'top or leading doctors', the profession needs no enemies.

  • HEE deal with Caribbean medical school aims to recruit GP trainees

    Mini-me's comment 13 Jul 2018 10:41am

    Folks...don't come here! Have you heard of the Windrush generation? You will just be used and dumped.