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A faulty production line

Dr Sydney Bush

  • Should drug possession and use be legalised?

    Dr Sydney Bush's comment 13 Aug 2016 3:01pm

    May I be forgiven for this addendum to my previous comment. I have just seen this abstract Lipids. 2004 Dec;39(12):1207-13.
    Increasing homicide rates and linoleic acid consumption among five Western countries, 1961-2000.
    Hibbeln JR1, Nieminen LR, Lands WE.
    The modern diet overbalanced 6 omega acids has been found to create violent behaviour. In my previous note I suggested that statins could, thinking about the bearing of plasma cholesterol on mood. Now I suggest that we should challenge the labelling of Sunflower oil in "Ingredients." It WAS sunflower oil in the seed! In the clear bottle it is potentially very dangerous as also rapeseed and corn oils. A justifiable exaggeration to make the point might be to think of so called "Sunflower oil" as sucking the vitamin E out of one´s brain?

  • Should drug possession and use be legalised?

    Dr Sydney Bush's comment 13 Aug 2016 1:32pm

    Year ago I said governments should make all "recreational" drugs free on production of a drugs "passport" so that we could monitor people, counsel them and be aware of the danger in society. Having seen families wrecked, users become psychotic killers and a real danger to others, I have changed my view and would adopt the zero tolerance position. Drugs are too dangerous to innocent non-users. And that includes antidepressants, some painkillers, and even statins affecting the brain? Does anybody know why we all have different cholesterol levels? Do alcohol and tobacco cause people to go berserk? Occult scurvy causes depression. How many prescribe vitamin C as an antidepressant? It s asumed that the old RDA was adequate. But it was never claimed to satisfy the needs of more than 95% of people. The rest were simply ignored. In the UK that would be 3 million people, permanently borderline sick.
    In the USA, where all the police are armed and keep weapons at home, has there been a single case of an alcohol enraged policeman running amok in the last 100 years?

  • Is GP training fit for purpose?

    Dr Sydney Bush's comment 07 Aug 2016 4:31pm

    Chelation and Cardiology: Failed proponents of arterial health. CardioRetinometry® is the future.
    The obvious and 100% total failure of 60 years of advances in Cardiology, and billions spent on research to change the statistic of coronary thrombosis being the biggest killer, are now exposed. Cardiology has only succeeded in revealing `Chelation´ too, as of little benefit. They sink together. But there can be no doubt at all now, when one finally and properly understands time lapse retinal arterial photographs, that everyone thought they understood. There is now inescapable evidence from study since 1998, of 18 years of hundreds of retinal photographs. They all prove reversed or continued damaging by preventable arterial disease. This retinal evidence is fully accepted as being a 100% surrogate outcome predictor of coronary artery disease by cardiologists Michelson, Morganroth, Nichols and MacVaugh (the Ophthalmologist - SJB) Arch Internal Med Oct 1979. Vol 139 Pp1139-1141.) As the retinal arteries are healed, so too are the heart´s arteries in exactly the same way and at the same instant. For the first time, X-Rays are rendered not only dangerously obsolete, but even misleading. So many have died straight after cardiology´s “All Clear!” Now we expect very soon, to be able to follow within hours, the beneficial or damaging effects of different meals on the arteries! This is the future of preventive medicine for it means real life extension. The new 2 years university Doctorate in CardioRetinometry® (D.CardioRet) course starts Oct 2016. In it we teach the new, more specialised retinal evaluation, pathology, and nutrition not allowed in orthodox medical schools, to doctors, chelation practitioners, and Optometrists, who have never heard of the new diseases of `pernicious occult scurvy´ and `circadian atheroma´ discovered by Sydney Bush. For over 100 years, Optometrists and physicians wrongly believed they fully understood the retina and are now shown by CardioRetinometry® to have been completely wrong. Malpractice attorneys are gleeful that since 2005 physicians have not obtained "Informed Consent" advising patients that Pauling-Rath theory of arterial disease reversal had been confirmed, and a statement published on the Internet in British Medical Journal´s 2004 “Sydney J. Bush Rapid Response to Wong” and in, and that non surgical treatment might have avoided a heart bypass. The first $200,000 action will flood America, and bankrupt the dishonest surgeons and physicians who mocked the late, revered Double Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling who has the last laugh!

  • Proportion of GDP spent on NHS falls

    Dr Sydney Bush's comment 23 Jun 2015 11:31pm

    CardioRetinometry has been suppressed by the NHS and Pharmaceutically dependent journals. It is proof positive from in-vivo retinal photomicrography, that the retinal arteriolar reflex is NOT a "Healthy sign" as is taught in medical and Optometry schools. The "reflex" is NOT as others say, "from the blood column" or "arterial wall." It is from atheroma. The atheroma can be made to come and go by varying the dietary vitamins C and E. The myth of "arterial Reflex" is seen to defy Snels Law of reflection and the unblocking of vessels is seen to lead to increased blood flow, reperfusion of retina and Optic Nerve, and reduction of intraretinal hypertension with reduction of vascular tortuosity. END OF HEART BYPASSES! 700 new X-Ray cancers/annum to stop! No more stents! No more THROMBOSIS and stroke! All this is rejected by NHS and the government ignores the copies of my book "700 Vitamin C Secrets" that I sent to the Govt. ministers. YOU could pay MUCH less tax and stop worrying about having a heart attack!