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Robin Jackson

  • Labour policy review group to consider radical plan to ditch GPs' gatekeeper role

    Robin Jackson's comment 26 Sep 2013 6:04pm

    ...and will the last person leaving Britain please turn the light off?
    With this degree of utter bovine ignorance of how the NHS works, and GPs role in it, you can book me on the next QANTAS flight to Auz if this lot get in in May 15, thats if I can get a seat.

  • LMCs could face legal action over template letters for GPs to refuse benefit requests from patients

    Robin Jackson's comment 03 Sep 2013 10:53am

    Dr Carty's gratuitous insult to LMCs as "one trick ponies" displays his ignorance of the role of LMCs as statutory bodies that have been in existence for over 100 years.As a GP and Occ Health GPSWI for 30 years, I am well aware of the incontrovertible evidence that being in work is healthy, and conversely that being out of work (independent of cause) carries a significant added morbidity and mortality.As GPs, we should be supporting our patients into whatever employment, paid or voluntary, that meets their capabilities.We can do this within the Equality Act 2010 by recommending commonsense *GP" adjustments on the Fit Note.In this way, we should help and support our patients' needs rather than submitting to their wants.The WCA is far from perfect.Rather than waste time with argy bargy about appeal letters, we should be working to reform the WCA process.In the interim, I strongly support the LMC's attempt to ensure that GPs' time is spent on what we are actually resourced for.

  • Letter from LMC on refusing benefits requests

    Robin Jackson's comment 02 Sep 2013 5:58pm

    As a GP with 30 years experience in Occupational Health could I remind everyone of the incontrovertible evidence that being in work is therapeutic.We do our patients a gross disservice if we aid and abett their unrealistic expectations rather than guide and support them back to normal life wherever possible.

  • Leaked report casts doubts over NHS Direct’s ‘overall viability’ in wake of NHS 111 failings

    Robin Jackson's comment 05 Jun 2013 7:14pm

    "NHS Direct a failure"; next week another devastating expose': "Bears evacuate boewls in arboreal locations!"

  • Private companies slam 'divisive' BMA patient pledge plans

    Robin Jackson's comment 19 Oct 2012 12:05pm

    We should be mindful of recent GMC advice that we must not allow our personal opinions to interfere with our advice to patients.Whilst this was specifically aimed at religious convictions, surely the same applies with politcal convictions?Asking patients to sign political pledges in the context of the consultation transgresses our ethical duties to offer that patient the best choice of (publicly-funded) therapy.It would be helpful to hear a GMC view on this.

  • BMA debates plan to lead mass patient opt-out from privately provided NHS care

    Robin Jackson's comment 11 Oct 2012 10:41am

    BMA: Shame on you!Patients first, not politics.I totally support the NHS, but there are areas where private providers are giving excellent service where the NHS has been unable or unwilling to do so.
    As GP Exec member of a CCG, we are doing tremendous things for our patients now that we have real power.The reforms may not be popular with some politocos, but they are with our patients.