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CAMHS won't see you now

Clive West

  • Have your say on CQC inspections...

    Clive West's comment 12 Dec 2013 3:51pm

    The survey is rubbish. Those doing most of the work towards CQC compliance are practice managers. If you tick the box on the first page as 'non healthcare professional', whch describes most PMs who are not qualified as Docs, nurses etc, you are chucked out of the survey.....

  • Unleashing my inner disco diva

    Clive West's comment 29 Oct 2013 9:26am

    Well done Tony; spot -on as usual. I resigned as our practice manager at the beginning of October, & am currently working my notice. I have simply had enough of the tsunami of shite from the cornucopia of quangos that has been created this last 30 months. You chop three heads off the hydra.... & six more come back at you. Too may plates spinning on too many sticks, & now some are sarting to crash to the floor. Add to this the chorus of unasked-for 'advice' from sanctimonius gits at NHS England & the CQC. I can't even relax on holiday without the knowledge that I may have to return at a moments notice if the CQC say they are coming round. What used to be a labour of love has become a job I would not wish on my worst enemy. As chair of our locality PMs group, I can tell you that a majority of my colleagues feel the same.

  • Delays, abandoned calls and an 11-hour wait for a call-back: Leaked document reveals the extent of NHS 111 performance issues

    Clive West's comment 12 Apr 2013 7:00pm

    There can be only one reason why the DoH have introduced NHS 111. The call handling centre is one of the costliest bits of OOH provison, so by offering a national service, it reduces the cost of market entry for the private sector providers who can then outbid local GP co-ops.

  • Investigation: Why has recruiting GPs become so hard?

    Clive West's comment 01 Mar 2013 8:56am

    It appears crystal clear to me that the DoH are deliberately trying to make the current model of delivery of primary care services unsustainable, so that the Govt can hand it over to the large commercial HPOs who's lobbyists they have promised it to. I joined the NHS straight from school in 1978, & now face the prospect of it not being there in any recognisable form as | get to the age when I will need it most. At least I will be retiring in early 2015, just in time to campaign vigorously to unseat my local Tory MP. The one I voted for in 2010...

  • What will 2013 bring for GPs?

    Clive West's comment 28 Dec 2012 10:13am

    The Tories will lose the 2015 election due to healthcare issues. Not a 2010-style loss, but a repeat of the 1997 rout. Cameron will deserve this for failing to get a grip on the gimps at the DoH. Michael Gove has realised that the biggest problem in the DoE is the civil servants, & is proposing to sack half of them. At the start of the 20th C, when Britain had an empire spanning a quarter of the planet, there were 4K civil servants. Now, to administer one nation, there are 400K+ of the blighters.