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David Turner

  • Dr Sarah Wollaston moves to the Lib Dems

    David Turner's comment 16 Aug 2019 6:45pm

    Glad to see she has left the 'nasty party', my respect for her has gone up.

  • A poor choice for a health minister

    David Turner's comment 09 Aug 2019 6:13pm

    To clarify:

    1) In general practice I have never had a woman presenting more than 12 weeks pregnant requesting a T.O.P.

    2) Late requests for T.O.P. ( ie 20 weeks plus pregnant) are very rare in my experience. I saw one or two as a gynae SHO, but they were always in women who had learning difficulties, had been sexually assaulted or were under age and in denial, or all three. How anybody would want to force a woman in those circumstances to proceed with an unwanted pregnancy is beyond me.

    3)As pointed out in one of the comments, there is already an effective 10 day cooling off period anyway. I have never seen a patient have a T.O.P. quicker then 10 days after consulting with me.To add another 10 days to that would be cruel and unnecessary.

    4) As for paying for terminations, all patients I have referred have gone to Marie Stopes International, which if I am not mistaken (I will stand correction on this) is a registered charity.

    5) I'm sure there are many 13-16 year old who abstain from sex, but this will be due to parental or religious views on pre-marital sex. I really can't see schools having much sway over the behaviour of teenagers pumped up with hormones.

  • GMC was advised to appeal Bawa-Garba case to 'protect reputation of profession'

    David Turner's comment 09 Aug 2019 10:25am

    Why has Massey not resigned? Anybody with an ounce of dignity, presiding over such a monumental cock-up, would have done the decent thing and fallen on their sword.
    I suppose bloated salaries and future gongs count more to people like him than the reputation of the GMC.

  • Fear and loathing in the appraisal process

    David Turner's comment 25 Jun 2019 6:20pm

    It is an utterly pointless process which robs patients of thousands of potential doctor consulting hours every year.
    Simple- we need GPS to stop being appraisers. The process is only possible because some GPs agree to take on these roles.
    So come on appraisers why do you agree to do the DOH's dirty work for them and put your colleagues through this pantomine every year?

    If you need to boost your income there is plenty of locum work out there, or do some undergraduate teaching-that is a worthwhile way to spend your time.

  • Bawa-Garba decision is a relief - but there are no winners

    David Turner's comment 10 Apr 2019 5:07pm

    Absolutely true.

  • 'Today is a red letter day in the history of English general practice'

    David Turner's comment 01 Apr 2019 5:27pm

    There is a clue in the date.

    We are paying for this via the back door other wise known as the global sum.

  • Networks are open to manipulation

    David Turner's comment 15 Mar 2019 9:53am

    I force myself to try to be positive about PCNs.
    However I have seen so many changes and reorganisations of health care provision in my career and so much of it has been for short term political gain, by providing sound bites for which ever health secretary and government happens to be in power at the time.
    I fear this may end up just being another of those projects which fades away in a few years when the money dries up and political priorities change.

  • We need support in delivering the antibiotics message

    David Turner's comment 06 Mar 2019 12:51pm

    We need to indoctrinate children from the age of 4 with the message: 'Antibiotics do not help viruses'
    This needs to repeated every day in classrooms around the country like a communist mantra.

    Secondly we need a few characters on soap operas dying from antibiotic induced anaphylaxis after taking an antibiotic they didn't need.
    These measures might influence Joe Public, the RCGP and Sally Davis are never going to.

  • Dr Sarah Wollaston quits Tory party over Brexit

    David Turner's comment 27 Feb 2019 4:32pm

    My respect for her has increased a notch for ditching the nasty party.
    Lets hope many more follow her lead and leave Rhys Mogg and all the other suit-clad,self-serving bags of organs to it.

  • NHS England 'reviewing and rebooting' appraisal and revalidation process

    David Turner's comment 22 Feb 2019 10:48am

    Appraisal and revalidation consume an enormous amount of time and tax payers money for little or no benefit. Why is the process itself not being appraised and revalidated?
    If a GP were as poor performing as 'revalidation' is as a process at weeding out poorly performing GPs, they would have been referred to the GMC long ago.

  • GPs must email patients instead of sending letters, says Hancock

    David Turner's comment 18 Feb 2019 5:51pm

    The man is ( not surprisingly) totally unaware of the world in which we work. I have worked in areas where huge numbers of patients do not have access to e mail as they are too poor to own a computer or smart phone, or are too old
    or poorly educated to learn.
    As usual, a wealthy Tory assuming everybody else lives the life of privilege he does!
    Go and get a proper job Matt, before you start telling other people how to do theirs!

  • Government medicine regulator launches major opioids review to cut prescribing

    David Turner's comment 14 Feb 2019 11:09am

    Just this week we had a patient come in requesting we prescribe long term dihydrocodeine as the pain specialist they had consulted had recommended this( there was a letter to back this up)
    What hope in hell have we as 'just GPs' of turning the tide on this opioid epidemic when 'the specialists'are recommending them ?

  • GPs urged to record today’s workload for Pulse’s survey

    David Turner's comment 11 Feb 2019 4:18pm

    So far today:

    18 patients and 2 phone consultations in morning clinic
    6 patients seen on home visit to retirement complex
    practice meeting for 1 hour
    prescriptions/paperwork/letters (approx 1 hour)
    phone call to coroner concerning sudden death

    12 patients booked in ( so far for afternoon clinic) and I will review all patients seen by our medical student
    Arrived this morning 0830 expect to leave 7pm-watch this space!

  • Small changes rather than high-tech solutions will reduce inequality

    David Turner's comment 08 Feb 2019 12:17pm

    I look forward to Dr Dave doing his bit for inequality by giving away everything he earns above average wage.

    '..... increasing the tax for the very wealthy....'

    That was my quote. GPs (well certainly not any I know, including myself) are not in this bracket. Most of us already pay high rate tax.
    I had in mind the likes of CEOs, Merchant bankers,Amazon and dozens of other obscenely wealthy individuals/corporations who pay nowhere near their share of tax, yet expect their workers to be educated and health cared for by the state, which is funded by the tax payer.

    I would also agree with you Stelvio that the reason SOME people are poor is due to idleness and being incapable of budgeting or saving and to improve that situation requires education and some reigning back of capitalism, which has forced consumerism into every nook and cranny of our everyday lives and unfortunately preys on those with the least impulse control in our society, who very often are also the poorest.

  • GPs can safely prescribe a years’ worth of contraceptives at the first consultation

    David Turner's comment 31 Jan 2019 3:43pm

    I agree a pragmatic approach is needed. For women who have been on c.o.c. many years with no problems, then this suggests in future we can give them a 12 month supply and not have to force them to come in for a review every 6 months.

  • NHS England's top GP resigns following Pulse comments

    David Turner's comment 06 Aug 2018 10:43am

    Rather cliched but, I totally disagree with what he is saying but would defend to the death his right to say it.

  • BMA backs second referendum on Brexit final deal

    David Turner's comment 06 Aug 2018 10:39am

    I have to say this is first time I have felt positive about BMA in many years!
    It may not make any difference, but at least for once, they are showing some backbone and standing up to this abysmal balls up of leaving the EU.

  • Why general practice should embrace the NHS App

    David Turner's comment 03 Jul 2018 11:46am

    Dear Mr O'Shaughnessy,
    instead of cheap, superficial, instant gratification crowd pleasing gimmicks, it would be nice for just once if you could focus on what is actually needed-proper long term investment in the premises and health care staff who actually make up primary care.

    I won't even start on the fact this sort of technology will be utterly useless to the many thousands of elderly, confused, non English speaking and non smart phone owning (yes, it may be hard for you to comprehend but some people are too poor to own a smart phone) patients.
    As stated above, general practice has always been way ahead of hospitals in our adoption of
    technology and we are not 'scared' of it, but in our lifetime there will be no technology that can replace a human listening to a chest, palpating an abdomen or performing a rectal examination.
    In case you didn't know and I suspect from your blog you are not aware, it is this sort of work which occupies most of our days, not staring at smart phones.
    Kind regards
    Dr David Turner
    ( A coal face GP,who is lucky enough to live in the real world)

  • At least 456 patients died after inappropriate opioid prescribing by GP

    David Turner's comment 20 Jun 2018 3:54pm

    ....seemed to point to him having had a massive stroke rendering him comatose and the opioids administered were to make him comfortable.....

    I listened to this news article and totally agree, it sounded exactly like this patient had another stroke then died peacefully, but seemingly we are not allowed to say this anymore because under the totalitarian regime in which we practice, nobody is allowed to just 'die' any more there must be somebody to blame for it and preferably a doctor.

    Also did anyone hear that Bishop? The man referred to doctors being debarred!!
    This man is to possibly stand in judgement over doctors and he doesn't even know the correct jargon, or maybe he really does think he is dealing with barristers?

  • At least 456 patients died after inappropriate opioid prescribing by GP

    David Turner's comment 20 Jun 2018 2:12pm

    Whatever the rights and wrongs and guilt or innocence of parties involved in this, one thing you can be sure of is the conclusions of any inquiry will include-tighter regulations of doctors!....brace yourselves!