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  • Jeremy Hunt: Government 'does not get fair credit' for NHS investment

    A non's comment 10 Nov 2016 4:17pm

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  • GPs see society's ills sooner than anyone else

    A non's comment 28 Jul 2016 10:49pm

    I'm uncomfortable with the general vibe of this article. There are a myriad of reasons why a majority of people in the UK voted for BREXIT. It's simplistic and actually pretty patronising to lump it all into a general 'people are fed up with experts' if anyone who was an 'expert' wouldn't have been quite so stupid? And if you find GP so 'low brow' perhaps you need to think a little harder about how you approach what your doing, you might find it ain't actually so simple if you made more of an effort to engage that enormous brain.

  • GPs to be protected from secondary care workload dump

    A non's comment 28 Jul 2016 10:31pm

    Anonymous | Other doctor28 Jul 2016 9:58pm
    What on earth are you going on about?

  • NHS looking to bring in GPs from India to alleviate recruitment crisis

    A non's comment 10 Apr 2016 9:52pm

    anonymous | Practice Manager08 Apr 2016 9:35pm
    Total twaddle! It never ceases to amaze how one can spend years of ones life perfecting the art of clinical practice, coming to understand the principles of how illness presents in primary care and how it might best be treated and/or refered-on, with sensitivity to the cultural context of the country in which you practice, for this approach to be generally agreed as desirable and evidence based by colleagues, research and science ...only to find all this sensible, good work brushed aside in an instant by some ignoramus in a Managment position who's read a few articles on healthcare Managment and got into government because s/he went to Oxford with someone else who who is in government...all to settle some political score or just aout of sheer dogmatic ignorance.
    Practice manger your comment is simplistic and wrong but just the sort of crap that is likely to happen because idiots control the NHS

  • America has been drafted in to save the NHS

    A non's comment 08 Sep 2015 11:49pm

    Only Donald Trump and his 100% genuine coloured comb-over can put the ASs back in USA

  • Patients to be allowed to self-refer for cancer diagnostics without going through GP

    A non's comment 17 Jan 2015 11:07am

    Hey let's transfer cancer referal to a computer algorithm based telephone service like 111. The call handler can run through the algorithm and if the person on the phone fulfils the criteria then they can be seamlessly forwarded to the correct investigation. Simples.

    Look we don't need GPs at all do we. The whole trust of primary care over the last decade has been protocol based - NICE, QOF, 2WW, 'exceptional funding' criteria

    What is this all saying? It's saying that the the managers who organise the service and the 'morons' (personal opinion there PULSE, not statement of fact, please don't censor my opinion) like Prof Thomas who advise them don't believe GPs have any thinking role at all and their input is of no value...except filling in a forms and following protocols.

    This whole period corresponds to a time where primary care crashed and A&E became over whelmed.

    I Wonder why!

    There was a recent fascinating study done in Oxford about the probability of individual jobs being automated and or computerised over the coming years. The use of algorithms etc, as increasingly implemented widely throughout primary care in general, is a prime example. It was interesting to note that they conclude that the jobs least likely to be automated involved complex skills of person to person interaction, mental health and health care. These are exactly the skills involved in primary care. Read the report here

    Despite this, the crazy idea persists that 'thought can be removed' from primary diagnosis and replaced by simple tick box rules. i.e. that primary care can be automated away.

    This is what this policy represents.

    Bring it on.

    Good bye Primary Care diagnosis and thought ....hello chaos.

  • 'I cannot sit back and watch an attack on our profession'

    A non's comment 28 Nov 2014 12:46pm

    I call on my collegues who support Shaba's letter to let her know...and please - why post support like this anonymously?

  • 'I cannot sit back and watch an attack on our profession'

    A non's comment 28 Nov 2014 12:42pm

    You have my complete support Shaba, you have done the right thing. Thank you.

  • Labour pledges £100m to reintroduce 48-hour target to see GP

    A non's comment 13 May 2014 2:46pm

    Ok so we see patients within 48 hours problem…but it will be at the expense of routine appointments - of cause it will

    Maybe we should forget looking after the chronically sick, diabetics, chronic respiratory disease, chronic mental health, child protection issues, elderly care, getting to know our patients, identifying cancer before its becomes a 48 hour crisis?…but hang on I thought thats what GPs were for??

    It might help A&E a bit…I doubt it though because the problem is a lack of capacity in the whole system - this doesn't address this at all.

    This proposal is simply a decision to sacrifice the care of the chronically sick for the benefit of people who want to be seen within 48 hours.

    Its a half assed attempt to address problems in A&E caused by a chronic lack of capacity in the system as a whole exacerbated by exploding demand.

    It reveals a complete lack of understanding by Mr Milliband.

  • PM announces major expansion of seven-day GP access pilots

    A non's comment 17 Apr 2014 7:57pm

    ....the NHS contract could stipulate GPs wear a tea pots on their head and make everyone sandwiches doesn't follow that anyone would be stupid enough to agree to do the job.

  • GPs to publish grid of 42 different Ofsted-style ratings in waiting rooms

    A non's comment 10 Apr 2014 7:28pm

    Good luck to you John and Jill..maybe this something more retires should consider doing when they go. All the best to you

  • 'Named GP' plans thrown into disarray as minister suggests practices can devolve care coordination to district nurses

    A non's comment 04 Feb 2014 10:05am

    DNs, like all those involved in primary/community care, are under strain dealing with ever increasing demand driven by the transfer of care from hospitals to the community. I really don't think there is any bad feeling between DNs and GPs..we are all in the same boat. As a GP the only thing I'd want to offer DNs is support and I'm sure the vast bulk of GPs feel exactly the same.

  • How Pulse will be changing in 2013

    A non's comment 22 Dec 2012 2:26pm

    iPad version soon please

  • Carving up the NHS

    A non's comment 19 Dec 2012 7:37pm

    What a fabulous idea! Self service surgery 'just like Tescos' ..I love it!